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CIO Scoreboard Overview


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Learn how the CIO Scoreboard helps CIOs obtain the necessary dollars for IT initiatives through clear, visual communication with the CEO and/or Board

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CIO Scoreboard Overview

  1. 1. The CIO Scoreboard Empowering CIOs through IT Security Strategy and Risk Management
  2. 2. Visualization is the Key What if in 10 seconds you could explain to the business the current stat of your IT Security program…
  3. 3. Visualization is the Key
  4. 4. Board/CEO Reporting Level Output from this
  5. 5. IT Security & Risk Management Flow
  6. 6. CIO – Opinion Management Security Vendor HW and SW Internal &/or External Audit Internal Staff Regulator FFIEC, HIPPA, PCI, etc Integrator Whose Opinion Do you Follow? Media Gartner/Think Tank
  7. 7. Language Security is Verb and not a Noun
  8. 8. Hustle Curve for Compliance
  9. 9. Transparency
  10. 10. Human Error
  11. 11. 50+ Security Domains with Complete Transparency
  12. 12. 50+ Security Domains
  13. 13. Risk & Criticality Assignment
  14. 14. Risk Rating
  15. 15. Common Language
  16. 16. Visualization is the Key
  17. 17. Point in Time Analysis
  18. 18. Overview of Process Methodology Three Stages 1. Risk assignment – actual Technical Security Reality State 2. Criticality assignment – the order in which the business should/needs to do things due to technical fundamentals, true audit issue, actual threat risk 3. Gap review - the technical reality of where you are compared to where you need to be
  19. 19. The CIO Scoreboard allows you to: • Measure and analyze the current state of IT Security Risk in your company • Demonstrate and prove IT Security execution • Develop and show a roadmap of investment needed to fix weaknesses and problems within the enterprise