801 Mission & Evangelism mid semester 2013 14


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Mid semester exam, LTCi Siliguri

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801 Mission & Evangelism mid semester 2013 14

  1. 1. Mission & Evangelism (801) Mid Semester Exam page 1 of 2 ! ! Mission & Evangelism (801) Mid Semester Exam % ______ xxxxx March 2014, 0900-1100 Final Mark____/80 Use only the space given for each answer. This exam is looking for clear, concise answers. Use lists and bullet points where appropriate. You must use your Bible in this exam - Biblical references are expected to be used in answering each question and their use will result in higher marks being awarded. Student’s Name:_______________________________________________ ! There are 6 questions, each worth 20 marks - select and answer only 3
 ! 1. Imagine you are speaking to a non-believer in an Indian village setting. Explain to them what the good news of Jesus Christ is. (20 marks) ! 2. “Mission arises primarily out of the nature not of the church but of God himself. The living God of the Bible is a sending God.” John Stott Quote five different verses and for each use it to show a different aspect of God’s heart and desire in mission. (20 marks) ! 3. A friend at church states that Matthew 28:18-20 proves that every Christian should be involved in Evangelism. Outline what you would say to them in order to help them understand those verses more fully. (20 marks)
  2. 2. Mission & Evangelism (801) Mid Semester Exam page 2 of 2 ! ! ! 4. Coleman suggests that selection and association were very important principles in raising up evangelists to spread the good news of Jesus Christ. Imagining you are pastor of a church describe either how you would select potential people to train, or what you would do in associating with the people you have selected that would ensure their life is changed. [Do not answer both parts!] (20 marks) ! 5. Select a character from the Bible and describe their life in mission and evangelism. (20 marks) ! 6. “The church at Antioch, as described in Acts 11:19-31, is the best example of a mission minded church in the Bible.” Explain the qualities of the church in Antioch that prove the above statement is true. Quote appropriate Bible references in support of your answers. (20 marks)