My Career Plan to Become a Teacher


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My Career Plan to Become a Teacher

  1. 1. My CareerPlanMy job I would like to be is aTeacher.
  2. 2. What qualifications are requiredfor your job?The qualifications I will need for my job is.. Step 1: I will need to receive a diploma in high school for a college enrolment. Step 2: To teach in a public school, I must complete a bachelors degree program. Step 3: Most academic programs in education include the courses necessary to apply for state teacher certification. Step 4: I can gain such certificates from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, which offers certificates in a variety of subjects, from math to music.
  3. 3. From which institutions can yougain these qualifications?
  4. 4. Universities
  5. 5. What are the entry requirementsfor the qualifications?I need to know… Maths, Science, Reading and Writing. Able to talk to the children in a calm voice. Know a bit about teaching. children and physical activity, community involvement, communication skills and other personal qualities
  6. 6. How long do you need to study togain these qualifications?Here is how long the courses is …. Bachelor of Education (graduate entry) - 1.5-2 years Graduate Diploma of Education - 1 year (equivalent to a teacher certificate program) Masters of Teaching - 1.5 years
  7. 7. How much does it cost to study forthese qualifications?The cost will be…In the range from 10,142.07– 17,163.50, dependingon your choice of degree.
  8. 8. How much and what kind ofexperience is usually preferred for yourchosen job? You will need to know a lot about Maths, Science, Reading and Writing. You will have to be able to handle situations quickly. Know a bit about teaching before going for qualifications. You will have to be able to do physical activity, community involvement, communication skills and other personal qualities.
  9. 9. What school subjects would help you inyour job/or in tertiary educationneeded to get that job?I need to know… Maths. Science. Reading. Writing.
  10. 10. Name three companies in theManawatu Region that offer yourchosen job. The places are….
  11. 11. How big is each company? Kelston Girls College = 62 teachers. Hummingbirds Early Childhood centre = couldn’t find. Ruahine Kindergarden = 10 teachers.
  12. 12. How many positions in yourchosen job does each have? Ruahine Kindergarden = 3 stops open. Hummingbirds Early Childhood Centre = couldn’t find. Kelston Girls College = couldn’t find.
  13. 13. If there are no companies in our region,where would you have to go to doyour chosen job?I would like to go to England and work at Skegness Junior School or Skegness senior school. I have connections in the schools that are joined together.
  14. 14. Where could your career take youglobally?My career as a teacher would take me around the world, teaching in different countries and states.
  15. 15. What impact could technologyhave on your career?Technology would make teaching completely different because all teacher would work at home while teaching and talking to children. This can change the whole perspective of teaching.
  16. 16. What is the salary range for yourchosen job/s?A three year Diploma of Teaching qualification, I will start ofwith $34,847 each year. My pay will rise each year for sevenyears going to $55,621. The longer I work the more money Iget paid.
  17. 17. Why have you chosen this job?I have chosen becoming a teacher, because I love working with little children and gives me joy working with them. I would like to see how I can make learning fun and easy so they can understand and get good job when they are older.
  18. 18. What strengths and interests do youpossess that will help you achieve yourgoal?My strengths are: I have a calm voice, this will help me talk to the little children and be able to give information clearly so they can understand the work they have to do.My interests are: Seeing the way little children can express themselves through there work and contribution to the class.
  19. 19. What contacts do you have tohelp you on your journey?People that will help me on my journey are: Miss Gorrie Miss Wilkinson Miss Thompson Mr Cribb
  20. 20. Interview With an AdultQuestions: How has teaching changed for you from when you first started till now? How has Roslyn School helped you on your career as a teacher? Did the technology change the way you teach now from without the technology then? Do you enjoy working as a teacher and why? Have you got any tips to help me on my journey to become a teacher?
  21. 21. I hope I can become a teacher later in my life. ©