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SharePoint Trends

  1. 1. Intranet Trends Sharepont 2010 Jorge Ramo López
  2. 2. SharePoint is…Current Main SomeStatus Trends Samples
  3. 3. Current Status (2011)Evolution of SharePoint version deployments
  4. 4. Current Status (2011)Why I use Sharepoint in my company?
  5. 5. Current Status (2011)Most Challenging issue in your sharepoint deployment Agile development Usability Governance
  6. 6. So...What’s Next?
  7. 7. 5 main trends UsabilityProductivity Social Media Extenders Governance
  8. 8. UsabilityKeep It Simple, Sharepoint!! Avoid huge menu options, > Use a simple & clear menu > Flow Navigation MCMT > Link your menu to your target > Group on 4, 5 elements own > Contextual links > Hubs > Quick Links > Smart Icons
  9. 9. UsabilityImprove the interface People Search AgendaMaterial Flow Easy Training
  10. 10. ProductivityIf we think in.. Information Design Productivity How to increase Productivity Avoid Lack of time doing repetitive processes ? Model actual workflows Automate not real value tasks Improve your process development and deployment Less people need to do more work.. Move & Centralize Processes in your intranet!
  11. 11. Productivity How to improve processes Connect External SystemsWhen We Should use Nintex? Sharepoint Nintex / BPM. Designer Workflow Enterprise Workflows Managers Service Bus Easy Approval Agile Modeling Tool Easy Deployments No need to code Track process status
  12. 12. SearchUse Search, don’t waste your time!Content Search Win7 Connector Related searches Launch in Office Web Apps People Search Federated results Refinement panel
  13. 13. Social MediaSharepoint Goes Social
  14. 14. Social MediaEngage people
  15. 15. ExtendersSharepoint Media Manager > Enhance new apps around sharepoint > Control your media content through your sharepoint.
  16. 16. ExtendersSharepoint Site Wizard Site Profiling> Site provisioningupon your needs
  17. 17. Governance Keep your sharepoint under controlPrioritize & PlanDefine 1 Min Targets per Phase 3 MaxDefine Strategic Teams Tactical Technical
  18. 18. GovernanceKeep your data under control... Avoid Diogenes Syndrome Document Sets