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Lmt Catalog22111

LMT Tile Mural Color Brochure

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Lmt Catalog22111

  1. 1. LMT TILE MURALSContemporary tile market, saturated with a great variety oftile products, reflects the centuries-old experience of mankindin this field. This experience is an inexhaustible source forcreating tile art.The founder of LMT Tile Murals, El-Notan Abramov, is aprofessional artist. His professional and creative vision isformed on the basis of the European art school. In his muralsEl-Notan combines experience from the world heritage witha modern vision, that allows his works organically integrate intothe contemporary home environment. The exclusive designand quality of El-Notan’s art puts LMT Tile Murals to the levelof high-end products.RELEASE DATE: 02.21.11 LMT TILE MURALS
  3. 3. Abstract 1This mural is a unique interpretation of glass mosaic.The elegancy of this design allows a wide variety of useparticularly in contemporary interior. © LMT Item # 1046 Detail View
  4. 4. Abstract 2 A depth of this light and shade composition creates the effect of relief. This mural is a great decorative piece for any interior applications.© LMTItem # 1045 Detail View
  5. 5. Abstract 3Combining the complexity of light, color and texturewith a simple geometric arrangement, creates acontemporary atmosphere in an interior. © LMT Item # 1040 Detail View
  6. 6. Abstract 4 Since ancient times the art of mosaic was a refined material for interior decoration. This mural is a modern mosaic interpretation for a contemporary space.© LMTItem # 1044 Detail View
  7. 7. Abstract 5The green color of this texture arrangementbrings a feeling of freshness, harmonyand rhythm into any kitchen interior. © LMT Item # 1041 Detail View
  8. 8. Abstract 6 This mural is a composition of frosted glass texture and color variation. This contemporary style backsplash design will fit any kitchen interior.© LMTItem # 1042 Detail View
  9. 9. Abstract 7The dynamic horizontal arrangement with a combinationof different shades of blue color brings elegance to thiscomposition. This mural could be used in a wide varietyof applications, particularly in modern interiors. © LMT Item # 1049 Detail View
  10. 10. Abstract 8 The sweeping lines of this image reveal the natural beauty of glass. The freshness of blue color allows for a variety of interior applications.© LMTItem # 1050 Detail View
  11. 11. Abstract 9This mural is a composition of gradient textured squares,enriched with color and black seams. It gives the muralan impression of stain glass. © LMT Item # 1051 Detail View
  12. 12. Abstract 10 This contemporary style composition is designed in muted earthy tones that would fit in any modern interior.© LMTItem # 1052 Detail View
  13. 13. IceThe mystery of ice formation and its endless texturevariation inspired this mural design. It creates unusualimpression of a wall of ice blocks. © LMT Item # 1039 Detail View
  14. 14. Fire and Ice This composition was inspired by the magic of fire and ice. A little stroke of fire in the icy wall bring enchantment to your kitchen.© LMTItem # 1043 Detail View
  15. 15. Leaves 2This mural is composed of a variety of green leavesthat organically accompany wooden cabinets andcreate comfort and harmony in the modern kitchen. © LMT Item # 1038 Detail View
  17. 17. Peppers El-Notan has always been fond of peppers because of their brightness, color and form. He intentionally enlarged the scale of the peppers in order to help the viewer see all the nuances of color and form of this wonderful vegetable.© LMTItem # 1019
  18. 18. PineappleThe contemporary graphical solution of this mural wasinspired by the exotic nature of pineapples. The unusualcolor interpretation along with the richness of this tropicalfruit in its form and texture gives a powerful modernexpression to the mural. © LMT Item # 1024
  19. 19. Toucans The image of these exotic birds comfortably sitting on the tropical palm conveys a feeling of tranquility and a connection with nature. The dynamics of colors in this composition add to the decorative effect of the mural.© LMTItem # 1015
  20. 20. Chili PeppersSince ancient times dried vegetables have beenused for cooking and also as a natural decorationfor the kitchen. A combination of different colorsof chili peppers and ornamental tile on thebackground of this mural creates an impressionof an inviting gourmet kitchen. © LMT Item # 1014
  21. 21. Bottles 2 In these bottles, El-Notan illustrates the beauty of simple forms and lines through subtle and delicate construction of the composition. A little touch of color nuances organically add to the composition. An impression of consistency and balance comes from this mural.© LMTItem # 1020
  22. 22. PearsThe natural shape of a pear has a completesculptural form. El-Notan uses this characteristic ofpears to create a composition reminiscent of a groupof sculptures. Aside from this sculptural eminence ofpears, El-Notan was also inspired by the rich andsaturated colors of this fruit. © LMT Item # 1029
  23. 23. Branches The theme of nature always plays a major role in El-Notan’s artwork. In this piece he uses one small fragment of nature and fills it with deep emotional content. This impression of a window brings freshness of nature to the kitchen.© LMTItem # 1023
  24. 24. Glass BottlesGlass has a characteristic of unexpected color andtone effects depending on the surrounding lights.In this mural the translucent glass bottles of differentshapes reflect light onto each other which creates anunusual harmony of light and shade. This sharp contrastof the bottles adds dynamic depth to the kitchen. © LMT Item # 1021
  25. 25. Parrots Nature has not been sparing with her colors to this tropical bird. The image of a parrot is a complete decorative element. The composition of this mural is based on the rhythmical interaction of the shape and color or parrot feathers and palm leaves.© LMTItem # 1016
  26. 26. Fruit Vase 1Folk art reflects joyfulness and optimism of people.In this folk art style composition El-Notan expressedhis rapture of this kind of art. A warm feelingof old country from this mural. © LMT Item # 1009
  27. 27. Vegetables The appearance of fresh vegetables is always welcomed in the kitchen. This colorful still life of nature gifts symbolizes the fertility and harvest.© LMTItem # 1006
  28. 28. LeavesNature is an unsurpassed creator. In this mural,El-Notan focuses on the perfection of a leaf.The composition of these simple elements personifiesthe beauty and harmony of Mother Nature. Theseleaves bring an uplifted spirit to any interior. © LMT Item # 1028
  29. 29. Antique Vase 2 The art of ancient Greece has been admired through the ages. The elements of Greek art are often used by contemporary designers and architects. In this piece, El-Notan brings to light the idea that the proper use of ancient motives can incorporate into any kitchen style.© LMTItem # 1025
  30. 30. FruitsThe image of a fresh fruit arrangement symbolizesthe timeless art of still life. The abundance ofdifferent fruits in this composition personifies thebeauty and wealth of nature. © LMT Item # 1011
  31. 31. BATH MURALS
  32. 32. Bird of Paradise We often see this favorite plant in houses and offices. In his composition El-Notan brings a piece of nature into your home by organically blending the image of this spectacular plant into the bath area. This mural is available as a corner unit and as a flat panel.© LMTItem # BA1032FLATItem # BA1032CORNER
  33. 33. DolphinsIn this interpretation of aquatic world life, El-Notancreates a picture of harmony and dynamics in thiscaptivating space. The dolphins playing around in thesunlight coming through the water adds a livelyenergy to the composition. This mural is availableas a corner unit and as a flat panel. © LMT Item # BA1034FLAT Item # BA1034CORNER
  34. 34. Ocean View The romantic spirit of an ocean adventure is El-Notan’s idea for this mural. El’s design creates an illusion of a bathroom with an ocean view. This mural is available as a corner unit and as a flat panel.© LMTItem # BA1031FLATItem # BA1031CORNER
  35. 35. WaterfallLooking at the waterfall creates ones feeling ofrapture with the power of nature. The image of thisgrandiose phenomenon naturally and perfectlyemerges into the bathroom environment. This muralis available as a corner unit and as a flat panel. © LMT Item # BA1036FLAT Item # BA1036CORNER
  37. 37. Dolphins This composition is a fragment of underwater life. You almost feel as if you are interacting with these bright, happy and gorgeous creatures. This mural is available as a corner unit and as a flat panel.© LMTItem # SH1035FLATItem # SH1035CORNER
  38. 38. Tropical GreensIn this masterly performed composition of tropicalgreens, El-Notan highlights the perfect naturalstructures of the leaves. The light and shade playadds a mosaic effect to the mural and createsan illusion of sunlight coming down. This muralis available as a corner unit and as a flat panel. © LMT Item # SH1033FLAT Item # SH1033CORNER
  39. 39. Waterfall Looking at the waterfall creates ones feeling of rapture with the power of nature. The image of this grandiose phenomenon naturally and perfectly emerges into the bathroom environment. This mural is available as a corner unit and as a flat panel.© LMTItem # SH1037FLATItem # SH1037CORNER
  40. 40. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCEA tile mural is a piece of art that also offers protection The LMT GLASS TILE MURALS are installed with afor kitchen stoves or sinks and bath or shower areas. variety of readily available brands of mortars.LMT GLASS TILE MURALS are original artworksspecifically designed for kitchen and bathroom interiors. An INSTALLATION MAP and list of Recommended MortarsLMT TILE MURALS products are offered in the following are supplied with each LMT GLASS TILE MURAL to helpcategories: Decorative Tile Panels, Kitchen Murals, insure that you are getting (or doing) a proper installation.Bath Murals, Shower Murals. This unique, hand-printedtile murals are signature editions. LMT GLASS TILE MURALS are designed for both interior and exterior installation. However, if exposedThe technology of Dye Sublimation is used to produce to direct sunlight for a period of time, tiles could fade.original LMT GLASS TILE MURALS. Dye Sublimation isa process wherein special inks, under extreme heat LMT GLASS TILE MURALS can be cleaned with anyand pressure, turn into a gas and chemically bond to household, non-abrasive cleaner using a soft cloth orthe coating of the tiles, thus dying them. This process sponge with absolutely no damage to the surfaces.produces brilliant, permanently protected, highdefinition quality images.Murals are applied on 6” x 6” pebbled surface glasstiles. This new ANSI- ASTM-COMPLIENT GLASS TILErepresents a breakthrough in the longevity of tile. Theouter side of the tile has a skid and scratch-resistantsurface, suitable for floors, kitchens, baths andanywhere else, for that matter. Images are appliedto the underside of the tile to permanently protect theimages from wear and abrasion.
  41. 41. DECORATIVE TILE PANELS SHOWER MURALSAVAILABLE SIZES AVAILABLE SIZES Available in any size of 6” increments. FLAT MURALS CORNER MURALS 84”h x 30”w 84”h x 60”w 84”h x 36”w 84”h x 72”wKITCHEN MURALSAVAILABLE SIZES 24”w x 12”h 48”w x 18”h 24”w x 18”h 48”w x 24”h BATH MURALS AVAILABLE SIZES 48”w x 30”h 30”w x 12”h 48”w x 36”h FLAT MURALS CORNER MURALS 30”w x 18”h 30”w x 24”h 54”w x 24”h 72”w x 60”h 108”w x 60”h 54”w x 30”h 72”w x 66”h 108”w x 66”h 36”w x 18”h 54”w x 36”h 78”w x 60”h 120”w x 60”h 36”w x 24”h 54”w x 42”h 78”w x 66”h 120”w x 66”h 36”w x 30”h 60”w x 24”h 42”w x 18”h 60”w x 30”h Custom sizes based on 6”x 6” tiles are available upon request. 42”w x 24”h 60”w x 36”h All mural sizes are based on a multiple of individual 6”x 6” tile size. 42”w x 30”h 60”w x 42”h 42”w x 36”h 60”w x 48”h
  42. 42. ABOUT EL- NOTANEl-Notan Abramov: Internationally Known Muralist El-Notan Abramov’s professional All this allowed El-Notan toEl-Notan Abramov’s professionalon the All thiscreate a unique collection of the tile and creative vision formed allowed El-Notan toand creative of the European art school. In create murals. The creation of new murals basis vision formed on the a unique collection of the tilebasis of the European art school. In made his professional career El-Notan murals. The creation of new new and experimentation in murals art works primarily for interiors. The and experimentation inpriority of LMT Tilehis professional career El-Notan made technology is the new works of El-Notan were publicized technology isfor a priority of LMT Tileart works primarily for interiors. The Murals the successful progressworks of El-Notan were in different countries in Art Magazines publicized Muralsin business. In line progressEl-Notan for a successful with this and displayed in museums. Before in include themesEl-Notanin Art Magazines in different countries plans In line with this and stylesand displayed in museums. Before to the imigrating, he was twice invited plans to include themes and styles into from antique to contemporaryimigrating, he1991 and 1997, to do master from antique toMural collection. into all this US, in was twice invited to the LMT Tile contemporary WithUS, in 1991 and 1997, to doand universities workshops in college master LMT Tile Mural that they must incorporate murals is collection. With all this all over the US. the image of the contemporaryworkshops in college and universities murals is that they must incorporate American Kitchen.all over the US. the image of the contemporary American art and architecture, American Kitchen. new technologies and new mediaAmerican art and architecture, significantly influenced El-Notan’s technologies and new mediasignificantly influenced El-Notan’s art.