Ford Line Of Sight Dealer Conference Digital Advertising Presentation by Ralph Paglia


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In January 2008 Ford Motor Company conducted an experimental conference with a small number of specially selected and invited dealers. Dealers were selected for their outstanding leadership and innovations which were reflected by their retention of market share for the Ford Brand. This "Ford Line Of Sight" Dealer Conference Presentation was delivered by Ralph Paglia to introduce the FLMDA Program for Dealers and the value of Digital Advertising to these leaders amongst the Ford dealer network...

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Ford Line Of Sight Dealer Conference Digital Advertising Presentation by Ralph Paglia

  1. 1. Ralph Paglia Director – Digital Marketing ADP Dealer Services Digital Marketing & Advertising Strategies for Ford Dealers
  2. 2. “ Publisher” Viewership <ul><li>Explosion of online content </li></ul><ul><li>Advertisers can’t find shoppers </li></ul><ul><li>Publishers can’t find advertisers </li></ul>Offline Media Trends Similar to Web Ad Trends  Repeat Strategy in Selected Areas
  3. 3. ACTUAL RESULTS CASE STUDY SNAPSHOT <ul><li>Buying Radio Spots in Phoenix, we ran 4,961 Thirty Second commercials at a total cost o f $10,635 resulting in a cost per spot at less than $2.15 each … The equivalent average cost per spot buying the same Dayparts and reach through local radio media salespeople would have been over $25 per spot. How can that be? </li></ul>
  4. 7. When we check on Albuquerque, acting like we work for Rich Ford, we find 24 Radio Stations have provided Google with direct inventory access …
  5. 8. So, what would be available to Rich Ford if we wanted all the inventory we could get, running Radio Spots 24 hours a day, bidding on a CPM basis…
  6. 9. Running Radio Spots 24 hours a day, paying $1.59 on a CPM basis, we would get 8,042 spots at a $10,611 total, comes out to $1.32 per Spot
  7. 10. What if we Ran Rich Ford’s Radio Spots ONLY DURING PRIME DRIVE TIME, Monday through Friday, paying on a CPM basis… On 24 Albuquerque & Santa Fe Radio Stations? How Many Spots can we get, and at What Cost?
  8. 11. Running Radio Spots ONLY DURING PRIME DRIVE TIME, on 24 Radio Stations in Albuquerque/Santa Fe market, paying on a $2.13 CPM basis, we would get 3,335 spots at a $8,932 total campaign cost, which comes out to $2.68 Average Cost per Prime Drive Time Spot
  9. 12. Normally we would check the box “I already have an ad” and then upload our 30 second radio spots to be pushed directly into each stations rotation software and then broadcast… But, I still need to get the spots (and permission) from Dennis!
  10. 13. We saved the campaign and only need Dennis Snyder to supply the 30 second spots he wants to run so we can upload them into Google’s system and pull the trigger…
  11. 16. Back to the Campaign Summary Screen, we see that Google will let us bid on local newspaper advertising…
  12. 17. Google Print Ads… Let’s see if we could save Rich Ford any money on buying newspaper display ads.
  13. 18. In this initial starting section, we are going to see if any newspapers in Rich Ford’s market area have signed up with Google...
  14. 20. We Select the Newspaper section we want
  15. 21. Next, we select the size of Newspaper Ad we want to run, In this case we know that Rich Ford likes to own the whole page
  16. 22. Now, we bid on the Saturday full page ad And, we bid on the Sunday full page ad…
  17. 23. In this example, $951.85 on Saturday (we “low balled” the newspaper bid) At $1,324.92 for a Full Page, we low balled the Sunday bid as well.
  18. 25. Next, we enter a short description, then save the campaign.. .
  19. 26. Just like the Radio campaign, we get a summary description and links to edit the Newspaper campaign later on.. .
  20. 27. In less than an hour, we set up Online Display Ads, Search Engine Ads, Radio Ad Campaigns on 24 stations, and a Saturday/Sunday F ull Page Newspaper Ad Campaign.
  21. 28. Automotive Digital Marketing Looking Forward = Follow the User
  22. 31. Campaign paused to resolve complaints to OEM from competing dealers
  23. 32. Ford Dealer Display Advertisement placed on site
  24. 33. Ford Dealer listings on Google Maps… “Local Business Results”
  25. 34. Sponsored Links (Paid SEM Ads) are listed at top and right side of search results page…
  26. 35. Organic (free) web site Links are listed in the middle/left/lower section of the search query results page…
  27. 36. In Dallas, TX we are using Digital Marketing to assist CBS in driving tra ffic to to support their TV, Radio and Outdoor .
  28. 37. Going Forward, It’s a “Video Web” “ Video accounts for a 60% share of Internet traffic and that number will soar.” “ This is the most exciting time you could ever enter marketing; the world has been turned on its ear. I call this the ‘I’ll decide, not you’ generation.” John Hayes, CMO, American Express ( Fortune , October, 2006)
  29. 38. Expect to See Common Themes in New Digital Marketing Offerings <ul><li>Familiar online advertiser facing interface (AdWords) </li></ul><ul><li>Timely & accurate measurement/reporting </li></ul><ul><li>Flexible targeting </li></ul><ul><li>Efficient pricing </li></ul><ul><li>Automated workflow </li></ul><ul><li>Marketplace for producers & consumers of creative assets </li></ul><ul><li>Extensions for third parties </li></ul>
  30. 39. Google Offers the Most Complete Digital Marketing Platform for BOTH Online and Offline Media Buying Connect with Consumers When They Go Beyond Sites with Google’s Products Connect with Consumers When They Research and Pursue Passions with Google’s Content Network Connect with Consumers When They Search Online with Google’s Search Solutions
  31. 40. What is Digital Advertising? Search Engine Marketing and Optimization Behavioral and Geotargeted Ad Network Placements Eye Catching Display Advertising Content Microsites and Landing Pages that convert click-throughs into showroom visitors, phone calls and web leads Keyword-rich URL’s pointed at Deep Links into specific web site content Chevy- F Placement of Dealer Ads into Online Advertising Networks
  32. 41. <ul><li>Assign a Credit Card for Dealership DM use… </li></ul><ul><li>Go to and create an account for dealership </li></ul><ul><li>Go to and get a no-charge Search Marketing Analysis sponsored by Ford Digital Marketing Team… A Ford DM Team specialist will review results with you. </li></ul>Ford Digital Marketing Calls To Action:
  33. 42. Ralph Paglia Best Practices