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scmGalaxy.com is dedicated to software configuration, build and Release management. This covers CVS, VSS (Visual Source Safe),Perforce, SVN(Subversion) MKS Integrity, ClearCase,TFS,CM Synergy, Best Practices ,AnthillPro, Apache Ant, Maven, Bamboo, Cruise Control and many more tools.

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Why Scm

  1. 1. Why SCM www.scmGalaxy.com scmGalaxy Author: Rajesh Kumar [email_address]
  2. 2. Have you come across? Pramod, Project Manager 1 Pramod, The current build cannot be used for UAT. It throws severe exception Greg The Client Stakeholder 2 Greg, It was working y/day. Don’t know what changed. Let me check and get back to you
  3. 3. Pramod, Project Manager Urmila Developer 1 Urmila, Prakash is on leave today. Can you check in his code for the build? 2 Sure Pramod, I will look into it. 3 Pramod, I am not sure which one is latest as Prakash has about 15 version in here and names don’t follow version number.!! About 9 of them have the same update date stamp Have you come across?
  4. 4. Have you come across? 1 Guys, how are you doing with the issue on the cluster deployment? 2 Still trying to break our head, boss! 3 We need to get into another discussion. Greg has asked us to report on what changes have gone into Monday’s build. I need your help for the report !! 4 Oh no! Can’t that wait? 5 Sorry guys !! We need to discuss this first as Greg has asked for the report by 5 in the evening and we have just 1 hr to prepare it.
  5. 5. Have you come across? 1 Guys, I heard you have finally cracked the cluster problem!! Congratulations !! What was it? 2 It’s a silly mistake boss!! An old version of the code was over-written which did not serialize the property files. 3 How did the old version get in there? 4 Prakash was trying to debug some problem last week from on-site and he fixed the problem in the old source and pushed them!!
  6. 6. Have you come across? Pramod, Project Manager 1 Pramod, I am happy to tell you that as of y/day we have a new customer for the product Greg The Client Stakeholder 2 Greg, are they going to use the same version of the product that is under testing now? 3 Nope! They have specific customization needs that differs from what we have now!! 4 That sounds tough. Our current version is in testing and bug fixes are on. How do we support both the activities? 5 Exactly! It is difficult and I am hoping to get help from your CMMi level 5 process. Do talk to your other project teams internally and layout the process quickly.
  7. 7. Software Configuration Management - Definition <ul><li>“ A discipline applying technical and administrative direction and surveillance to: identify and document the functional and physical characteristics of a configuration item , and control changes to those characteristics, report change processing and implementation status , and verify compliance with specified requirements” </li></ul>Source: IEEE
  8. 8. Software Configuration Management Management & Planning (SCMP) Figure 2: Breakdown of topics for SCM Source: IEEE Software Configuration Management Software Configuration Identification Software Configuration Control Software Configuration Status Accounting Software Configuration Auditing Software Release Mngt & Delivery
  9. 9. www.scmGalaxy.com Thank You ! Author: Rajesh Kumar [email_address]