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Working effectively with legacy code chapter1


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Working effectively with legacy code chapter1

  1. 1. Working effectively with legacy code ­ chapter 1 ­ 2010.12.23 geek—cafe, koduki
  2. 2. What is legacy code ?
  3. 3. not object oriented ?
  4. 4. NO
  5. 5. not beautiful ?
  6. 6. NO
  7. 7. nothing test ?
  8. 8. YES
  9. 9. If tests are written,an awful code is refactable.However, even a wonderful code is difficult change if there is no test.
  10. 10. 1. Changing Software.
  11. 11. Four reasons to change software 1.Adding a feature 2.Fixing a bug 3.Refactoring 4.Optimizing
  12. 12. Change reason and type Adding a feature Fixing a bug Refactoring OptimizingStructure change change changeNew Function changeFunction changeResource changeTest Code change Change
  13. 13. Points to change● What should I change?● How can I confirm the change is correct?● How can I confirm anything is not broken?
  14. 14. These are very difficult.So we fear the change.
  15. 15. Risks by not changing● the code becomes complex.● skill down for changing software.● fear of changing grows more and more.
  16. 16. To Be Continued  Chapter 2.