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18 Plus - Aadhaar based age verfication


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18Plus - An Aadhaar based age verification developed during Aadhaar Hackathon June 2015

Published in: Technology
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18 Plus - Aadhaar based age verfication

  1. 1. The need to protect the young…
  2. 2. • Age verification methods are absent or prone to fraud • Current methods subject to data snooping, privacy invasion • No common and easy way to verify age in the digital and physical world • No verifiable audit trail
  3. 3. – A powerful yet simple age verification service • Less < 15 seconds to verify someone is older than 18 • Privacy never compromised • Remember only phone number, not Aadhaar # • Best Assurance of persons age
  4. 4. How It Works.. • Register with Aadhaar & mobile number • Authenticate with fingerprints • Get Verified !!
  5. 5. Benefits Easy age related compliance (For liquor stores, theatre owners, other services restricted by age) For parents, law enforcers Of young adults just come of age
  6. 6. One Question One Answer Many Services
  7. 7. Built by 18Plus Team
  8. 8. HTTP://18PLUS.IO Available at