Opportunity analysis


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Opportunity analysis

  1. 1. Opportunity Analysis –Project PhoenixVenture Lab Entrepreneurship CourseNovember 20, 2012
  2. 2. Objectives• Introduce project phoenix, our team• Recap mission/vision and our value proposition• Present findings of customer interviews• Discuss modifications to business model based on customer feedback• Share results of market sizing• Next steps
  3. 3. Who We AreSupriya Kurpad Prasad Parigi • Highly experienced IT Professional with• 2yrs exp as Associate Consultant , Software incredible experience acquired over the years in Development with Oracle Financial Services diverse areas encompassing Global Business• MBA Marketing Delivery, Enterprise Software• Microsoft Internship in Technology Marketing Development, Customer Engagement• Currently working at Product Manager of • 4.5 years of experience in Leading EMC Wisdomleaf Technologies Documentum Product (Enterprise Content Management)Expertise: Product Marketing, Business Dev. Expertise: Web technology, Database Design.Nikhil Swaminathan (Team Lead) Rahul Joseph• 4 years of experience working for consumer • ~2 years consulting experience with Deutsche electronics startups. Post DHL• 2 years of experience as a Product Lead working • 2 years experience as a management trainee between Development and UX roles. with the Maersk group• 3 years experience as a Software Developer for • B.A. in Math, MBA with a concentration in Android and BlackBerry phones. Marketing & Strategy • Passionate about Education & TechnologyExpertise: Computer Engineer, Product Expertise: SCM, Key Account Management, SalesDevelopment, HCI, Learning Mgmt. Systems. Force Excellence, Org.Strategy
  4. 4. ContextBackground Our Philosophy Our SolutionProject Phoenix arose out of the Project Phoenix will focusteam’s vested interest in heavily on pedagogy i.e. Develop a “socialchanging the education system in the process of learning & learning platform”India. Currently it: teaching, towards creating that: an environment where: • Is interactive and– Is entirely rote-based & didactic • Teachers will assume a inclusive mentorship role with– Follows a one-size fits all • Closely monitors their students approach student activity • A 360 degree model will through the year– Hinges on standardized testing be followed where teachers further develop • Provides their methodolgy based customised and We believe, technology on students response to direct metrics tobacked by the right conceptual the content teachers & parentsthinking can play a major role inimproving the quality &“stickiness” of education
  5. 5. Value Proposition Provide an + Student news feed shows latest1 activity on the site engaging platform for students to + Phoenix engine provides student with interact statistics about usage and performance + Customizable widgets can be added by the student e.g. announcements, calendar etc. Teacher feed displays advanced statistics Teachers get +2 to aid the teacher directed metrics about their Report generator allows the teacher to + classroom generate custom reports Lesson plan allows the teacher to + view/modify her course outline Dashboard gives a snapshot of child’s Parents are +3 recent activity able to view + roadmaps of Parent-Teacher Forum provides a medium student data for parents & teachers to interact
  6. 6. Opportunity Analysis Framework Validate hypotheses by conducting customer interviews 1Size market given thenew value proposition 3 2 Modify business model based on customer feedback
  7. 7. 1 Feedback from Customer Interviews - Teachers Interviews Conducted Reactions Number of Interviews: 5 We see the need and the value in Several concepts would be easier to explain with Customer Segments bringing technology into the visual aid and through experiential learning. targeted: classroom • 4 Teachers of various subjects from Classes 5 Such a product would be a We’re skeptical about having the time to create to 7. morale booster to our efforts in content but will be more than willing to share • Lecturers of Engineering teaching children provided content. Subjects such as Microprosessors, Electr onics and Computer Students whose parents are Students are not very responsive in class Networks. Attentive to their progress and such a forum might help increase Perform better than those frequency and interest in their interactions whose with lecturers Parents are less involved Time constraints are a concern. Syllabus has to be covered as scheduled. Use of Not all students might use such a such tools might slow down the process of forum productively. Their activities covering chapters. must be moderated
  8. 8. 1 Feedback from Customer Interviews - Students Interviews Conducted Reactions Number of interviews: 5 A platform to interact with other students online Bringing technology into the Customer Segments would help share ideas and collaborate on classroom will help us better targeted: assignments. understand subjects. • 3 Engineering Students  1 First-Year Bringing technology into the Undergrad classroom will help children Cost is not a concern. Were ready to pay for a  1 Senior learn to apply the theoretical better learning experience. student concepts they learn.  1 graduate student. I would not like to receive too many This platform would help parents access • Two school students SMS and email updates. Frequency material used to teach children in school  1 class 5 Of updates should be at my and get a better understanding of what is student discretion. ebing taught  1 class 10 student Though this platform will help better I would not like to monitor activites of understand concepts, I am skeptical it My children on the forum. Id trust them to will result in better use it for beneficial discussions.Younger marks/performance, considering school children might need guidance. current exam structure
  9. 9. 1 Feedback from Customer Interviews - Parents Interviews Conducted Reactions Number of interviews: 5 A platform to interact with teachers as and when Bringing technology into the required rather than one scheduled Parent Customer Segments classroom will help children Teacher annual meeting will help monitor the targeted: better understand subjects childs growth better. • 3 parents of current Bringing technology into the engineering students. classroom will help children • 1 parent of a Grade 10 Cost is not a concern. Were ready to pay for a better learning experience. learn to apply the theoretical High School student. concepts they learn. I would not like to receive too This platform would help parents access many SMS and email updates. material used to teach children in school Frequency of updates should be at and get a better understanding of what is my discretion. ebing taught I would nto like to monitor activites of Though this platform will help better My children on the forum. Id trust them to understand concepts, I am skeptical it use it for beneficial discussions.Younger will result in better school children might need guidance. marks/performance, considering current exam structure
  10. 10. 2 Modified Business Model Business Model Item Original Modified Value Proposition Parents will be able to Parents will be provided monitor student activity on relevant metrics such as the portal. lesson plan, student assessment etc. but most student activity/interactions are private. Customer Segments Teachers, Parents, Teachers, Parents, Students, Administrators Students, Administrators, Tutors, Individuals Revenue Stream Subscription/Freemium Introduced the possibility of a tiered model. Basic + Premium Plan. Key Partners Tech Companies, Schools Addition of Colleges, Enterprise, Vocational Learning Centers
  11. 11. 3 Market Sizing Total Addressable Market Serviceable Market: • Estimated private spend on K-12 • Schools in India, where + higher education in 2012 : ~ students have access to a $24 billion computer/internet at home • The market for ancillary • Schools in India, with the education is 12% of the whole : ~ appetite to invest money on $ 3 billion tech solutions • Market for ICT of this whole is Top 10 % of Urban households estimated at $ 1 billion (per (in terms of consumer spending) market reports) account for 33% of total private • Market for ICT is comprised of spend Interface tools (pcs, tablets etc.) & Classroom tools We assume top 10% of urban (hardware,software) households fulfill the criteria • Assuming ICT market is spread listed above evenly across the two categories, market size for classroom tools is ~ @ 500 million Serviceable market = • Assuming equal distribution 33% of Total addressable market across hardware & software, ~ $ 83 mn market for software ~ $ 250 mn HIGH LEVEL ESTIMATE Source: Indian Education Sector Outlook by Technopak Advisors;Anand Rathi Education Sector Report; ICT in Education Sector Report 2012 by research & markets
  12. 12. Next Steps 1 Build a higher quality prototype 2 Create a marketing page 3 Finalize opportunity execution plan 4 Create personal business plan