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Technology professional development action plan


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Technology professional development action plan

  1. 1. EDLD 5352 Instructional Leadership: Technology Link March 20, 2011 Lamar University Lauren Nadon Board of Trustees Determines funding needed for providing technology. Controls policies that effect technology throughout the district. Determines policies to be governed on campuses in regards to technology use. Superintendent Educational leader and executive officer of the district. In charge of day-to-day operations of the district and oversees implementation of Board policies regarding technology. Reports to the Board of Trustee with recommendations for technology budget development.Assistant to Superintendent & Board of Deputy Superintendent of Curriculum & Trustees InstructionOversees the implementation of Board policies at Oversees the implementation of all curriculum andthe district level. Makes recommendations for instruction. Makes recommendations to thebudget regarding technology. Reports to the Superintendent. Has the ability to implement technologySuperintendent and Board of Trustees. programs at the elementary level. Proposes financial assistance for campuses to use technology. Director of Technology Director of Elementary Instruction Makes recommendations to the Assistant Oversees the integration of technology in the delivery Superintendents based on technology needs and enrichment of instruction on the elementary throughout the district. Oversees the Instructional campus level. Provides campus principals with Technology Department. Offers professional guidance and identifies areas of needed development for integrating technology into improvement. Makes recommendations to the instruction delivery and enrichment. Deputy Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction based upon campus technology needs. Campus Principals Coordinator of Elementary Instructional Technology Develops a vision that incorporates the implementation of technology at the campus level. Controls the budget Under the supervision of the Director of Technology. to ensure proper funding is allotted to instructional Responsible for allocating initiatives for instructional technology. Oversees the campus technology technology integration systems, identifing and department. Evaluates the technology being communicating research on emerging technologies, implemented within the curriculum by classroom and overseeing technology staff development. teachers. Head of the SBDM team and ensures the implementation of the CIP.
  2. 2. Campus Elementary Instructional Curriculum Site Based Decision Making Technology Facilitator Specialists TeamReports directly to the Coordinator Assist teachers with curriculum, Team consists of teachers,of Elementary Instructional assessments, and classrooms administrators, and communityTechnology. Facilitates campus needs. Models instructional members. Responsible for settingprofessional development through strategies and lessons to goals for each school year. Teamsupporting campus teachers with classroom teachers. Provides makes decisions on howinstructional technology. They work technology resources that could instructional technology needs to bedirectly with the curriculum enhance current teaching implemented. They revise the CIPdepartment to assist in the methods. Provides mini staff plan and Technology Plan to ensureintegration of instructional development sessions for grade accurate implementation oftechnology. Oversees the campus level teams on current needs technology throughout thetechnology specialist. Makes relating to instructional curriculum. Suggest professionalrecommendations to the principal for technology integration. development needs to assistimproving the use of technology. teachers with successfulOversees the implementation of the implementation of instructionalSTaR Chart. technology. Campus Elementary Technology Specialist Elementary Teachers Oversees technology support on the campus Teachers are responsible for level. Maintains the technology devices on the delivering curriculum to students while campus level. Troubleshoots teacher’s utilizing technology for differentiated technology needs and difficulties. Models the instruction. They report to the campus use of technology to assist teacher’s principals and work collaboratively to technology needs. Provides technology successfully integrate technology into communication between the district and the classroom. campus levels. Elementary Campus Elementary Students Stakeholders Students are responsible for learning and using technology to enhance Stakeholders are individuals that are learning. They collaboratively access directly and indirectly involved with information with peers. They need to the educational environment. They let teachers know if their individual make learning a priority. They help learning needs are being met with the provide funding and build partnerships with the integration of current level of technology integration. instructional technology. Make recommendations about technology needs for the campus.
  3. 3. The Principals Role in Implementing and Monitoring Technology The face of education is changing rapidly with the integration of technology. Theprincipal, as the head leader of the educational organization needs to change and keepup with the rapid pace of change. Technology should not solely be adopted but adaptedto assist the needs of the campus and stakeholders. It is the responsibility of theprincipal to be up to date with emerging technology and trends that need to be attendedto through professional development opportunities. Technology needs to be incorporatedon the campus level as outlined by the Board of Trustees under the supervisor of theDirector of Technology. Proper implementation of technology through instruction is vitalfor student academic achievement in the 21st century. Students will not be self-learnersand productive citizens of the evolving digital society without technology integration.Principals should model the use of technology with alignment to the campus vision andestablished goals. Encouragement is crucial for teachers to take risks in stepping out oftheir comfort zones to integrate technology. The principal is responsible for findingfunding to support teacher innovations of technology use within the classroom.Overseeing and advising the Site Based Decision Making team is vital in achievingtechnology goals developed in the Campus Improvement Plan. Stakeholders should beinvolved in the progression of technology within the educational setting. Activeparticipation and involvement will create a community bond and support system forschool staff members.
  4. 4. Professional Development Plan Goal #1: Provide resources at each campus to conduct classes via videoconference and participate in interactive projects and field trips. District Goal #2: Facilitate collaborative projects between schools and the global community. Goals: Goal #3: Provide timely staff training and tech support for technology integration into the delivery and enrichment of instruction within the core curriculum. Goal #1: All students will have the opportunity to use technology through project-based activities that reinforces the core curriculum while becoming proficient in all technology application TEKS Campus Goals: Goal #2: Students will have the opportunity to participate in interactive projects and study trips via videoconferencing. Goal #3: Faculty will integrate technology into core curriculum instruction and enrichment. Objective #1: Staff will participate in ongoing staff development sessions focusing on theProfessional integration of web 2.0 tools.Development Objectives: Objective #2: Staff will utilize instructional strategies for technology integration into the delivery and enrichment of core curriculum instruction. Description of Activity Outcomes Responsibilities Time Frame Activity • Identify the purpose • Teachers will • Campus August 2011- and importance of acquire knowledge Administrator October 2011 the STaR chart. on the purpose and information • Campus • Analyze STaR chart gained from Technology data and identify analyzing data Facilitator trends needing to be sources. addresses. • Campus STaR Chart Technology Specialist • Site Based Decision Making Team • TeachersWeb 2.0 Tools • Identify current web • Develop and • Campus August 2011- 2.0 tools and the maintain the Administrator October 2011 educational value integration of web attached. 2.0 tools within the • Campus classroom. Technology • Provide an overview Facilitator of the available web 2.0 tools. • Campus
  5. 5. Technology Specialist • Teachers • Model use of web 2.0 • Create buy in with • Campus August 2011- tool within a teachers through Administrator May 2012 classroom to enhance exploring current the core curriculum teacher • Campus instructional deliver implementation of TechnologyWeb 2.0 Tool and enrichment. web 2.0 tools. Facilitator Classroom Integration • Campus • Explore web 2.0 tools • Expand knowledge and identify possible of technology and Technology integration within the resource repertoire Specialist classroom. through web 2.0 tool explorations. • Teachers • Provide teachers with • Acquire knowledge • Campus August 2011- current strategies and of strategies used Administrator October 2011 tools for integrating to engage students Effective technology within the 21st • Campus technology century. Technology integration • Critique the Facilitator strategies integration of • Analyze peers inwithin the core technology in a their integration of • Campus curriculum variety of videos technology into Technology demonstrating the lesson deliver and Specialist use of learned enrichment. strategies. • Teachers • Assist teachers with • Assist teachers in • Campus August 2011- integrating developing lessons Administrator October 2011 technology into a rich with technology current unit or lesson integration. • Campus Lesson being taught within Technology creation by the classroom. • Allow teachers to Facilitator applying develop a greater technology • Collaboratively comfort level with • Campus integration identify areas of the use of Technology strategies strength and areas of technology to Specialist needed improvement. enhance instruction delivery within a • Teachers collaborative setting.Wiki/Blog for • Learn how blogs can • Identify the positive • Campus August 2011- Teacher meet the needs of aspects of a wiki Administrator May 2012Collaboration teacher collaboration. and blog in regards to teacher and • Campus • Identify positive and student Technology negatives for using a collaboration. Facilitator wiki or blog for teacher collaboration. • Identify the • Campus importance of Technology • How can a wiki or collaboration with Specialist blog be integrated the integration of into the classroom for technology into the • Teachers student
  6. 6. collaboration? classroom. • Review emerging • Keep teachers • Campus October 2011- technology that will aware of the Administrator May 2012 enhance the learning emerging experience for technology that • Campus students they will be seeing Technology in the near future. Facilitator Emerging • Identify ways for Technology • Campus possible • Allow teachers toResearch and Technology implementation of the identify ways they Tools Specialist emerging technology can incorporate and use the new technologies to • Teachers improve their instruction delivery and enrichment. • Identify and explore • Provides teachers • Campus May 2012 areas of strength and the opportunity to Administrator needed improvement reflect in a for the upcoming collaborative • Campus school year regarding setting. Technology technology Facilitator Future of integration. • Gives teachers the opportunity to • Campus Technology • Share personal collaborate on Technology Integration testimonials of ways to improve Specialist technology technology integration within integration in the • Site Based their classroom. upcoming year. Decision Making Team • Teachers • Post experiences and • Reflect on areas of • Campus August 2011- ideas on the school strength and areas Administrator June 2012 wiki needing continuing professional • Teachers June 2012 • Post reflections on development. individual teacher Evaluation blogs • Critique and analyze the past • Complete “Project year of technology Tomorrow” survey integration professional • STaR Chart development.
  7. 7. Evaluation of Action Plan Evaluation Description of Evaluation Responsibilities Timeline Teachers will post monthly • Campus Monthly responses to a technology Administrators review integration topic connected to the Campus Wiki current campus needs. • Campus Technology Facilitators • Teachers Teachers will post monthly • Campus Monthly reflections on their integration of Administrators review Classroom technology into the delivery and enrichment of instruction. • Campus Technology Teacher Blogs Facilitators • Teachers Evaluate the current use of • Campus August 2011- technology integration within Administrators May 2012 Teacher Lesson teacher lesson plans to connect to the 21st century learner. • Campus Technology Plans Facilitators • Teachers Campus administrators will conduct • Campus Administrators August 2011- random classroom walk-throughs to May 2012 Administrative • Teachers observe current technology Walk-Through integration within the instructional setting. Campus administrators will conduct • Campus Administrators August 2011- a classroom observation. They will May 2012 evaluate the classroom teacher’s • TeachersPDAS Evaluations integration of technology to enhance the delivery and enrichment of core curriculum instruction. Teachers will complete the “Project • Campus Administrators April – May Tomorrow” survey. 2012 “Project • Campus TechnologyTomorrow” Survey Facilitators • Teachers Teachers will complete the STaR • Campus Technology April 20122011-2012 STaR chart survey on their current Facilitator Chart competencies and use of technology within the classroom • Teacher