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Chameleo - The Intriguing Case of Human Identity


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This was my degree project with Microsoft (Seattle). For more information please visit -

Published in: Design, Technology, Business
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Chameleo - The Intriguing Case of Human Identity

  1. 1. click to begin The Intriguing Case of Human Identity Rahul Sen MA Interaction Design Degree Project
  2. 2. Options please click on an option 1: Show me the main Movie. (approximately 13 minute film) 2: Just show Chameleo on the Device. (4 short movies giving a glimpse of Chameleo on device) 3: Take me through the presentation. (a ‘clickable’ presentation + and a 13 minute film) 4: Take me to my Website/ Blog (learn more about my work, process and adventures)
  3. 3. (Interaction) Design: Making great stories come true.
  4. 4. My Story is set in the near Future.
  5. 5. This Future promises to be Complex, Social and Open.
  6. 6. To anticipate this Future, lets flashback to 2009. skip...
  7. 7. To anticipate this Future, lets flashback to 2009. skip...
  8. 8. A lot of positive changes are happening today.
  9. 9. Toward a Hyper-Networked Future
  10. 10. We are entrusting money to the Cloud.
  11. 11. There is great value in sharing experiences as actionable information. Dopplr is one of the many ser vices we will see emerging in the years ahead that will make our generation far more aware as a community. It is building the inevitable path toward a 7th sense. I Share, Therefore I Am.
  12. 12. Everyone is a potential celebrity.
  13. 13. Everyone is watching and being watched.
  14. 14. Like Today, the Future will not be Perfect.
  15. 15. Sometimes, the Future even seems scary.
  16. 16. Cell Phones, TV and Elvis were scary too!
  17. 17. We are shaping our Tools; Our Tools are shaping Us.
  18. 18. Our Tools empower Us, They are also our burden to bear.
  19. 19. Our Tools are affecting our Identity.
  20. 20. I tried to understand Identity today.
  21. 21. In the ‘Cloudy’ Future Mashed up Identity is likely to be Blurred Scalable Open Everywhere All of the above
  22. 22. The World People Community Friends Family You Form Possess Interact Transact Co-exist Time Access Place Identity? Package Proximity Reputation
  23. 23. Earlier generations built reputations over years. Back then, we were consumers of media. Today thanks to our Social Media Tools - Identity is shaped by the content we create, edit and share. THIS MAKES IDENTITY MORE TRANSIENT. Identity: Consumers to Co-creators.
  24. 24. I tried to glimpse into the Future.
  25. 25. I tried to imagine our Identity in the Future.
  26. 26. I also met some People from the Future.
  27. 27. In this future, we were all Superheros.
  28. 28. Like Superhero’s, we wore Masks.
  29. 29. ‘Smart’ windows New accessories that into the Cloud informed us We used Super-Tools.
  30. 30. Identity Game: We are what we create, edit and share.
  31. 31. A Butler to manage our multiple Identities.
  32. 32. This Butler would ‘tune’ the Table for Us.
  33. 33. Let’s me know my Identity Status at a glance.
  34. 34. Let’s me decide what role I want to play.
  35. 35. Let’s me tune my Identity flow.
  36. 36. A Service to help manage Identity
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