How To Stop Bullies In Their Tracks


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  • Bullying is a huge problem worldwide and one of the most serious issues facing educational institutions today because it can lead to violence. By implementing a bullying prevention, parents should encourage their children to talk to and seek guidance from trusted adults. Let them know that this especially important if they feel uncomfortable, threatened, or harmed in any way. As a way of helping everyone especially the parents, who still find it quite hard to manage issues like this, I found this great application which featured a safety app which gets me connected to a Safety Network or escalate my call to the nearest 911 when needed, it has other cool features that are helpful for your kids with just a press of a Panic Button. Check it here:
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How To Stop Bullies In Their Tracks

  1. 1. ==== ====For the greatest protection against Bullying, check this ====My little girl is only four years old, so bullies have not yet been much of a problem. (Except for onebigger boy at the park one day who made her cry, but we never did find out just what he said)However, as someone who also teaches martial arts and self-defense, I recognize the problem ofbullies. In fact, I agree with Dr. Phil McGraws first line of the foreword he wrote, "Bullies havebeen a huge problem for as long as there has been any kind of society." Therefore, I enjoyed JayMcGraws "Life Strategies For Dealing With Bullies" very much. I provided me with furtherinformation for my teaching and writing, and I also have this great book on the shelf when mydaughter gets a bit older. It will be a book we read and discuss together.I like that this book teaches the reader how to help themselves, but also how to get help whenbullied. No one should be intimidated, harassed, and especially physically abused, and thosedoing such things need to be stopped. This book has plenty of good advice on how to do just that.The book is written so a younger person can understand it, but due to the serious topic, it is agood read for adults as well, especially those of us that are parents or work with kids. I especiallyliked that Jay McGraw emphasized that we must put a stop to bullying, and that starts with thereader.The first chapter starts with a description of what bullying is. I was surprised to see that a year2000 source claimed that more than five million students in grades six through eleven wereaffected by bullying. Readers will also find out there are many ways to bully, and in chapter twothe focus is on e-bullying, something not around when I was a kid. Computers and technologyhave changed the way things are done, including bullying.Chapter three discusses the whys of bullying and why people do it. I think this is important to knowas one starts to confront bullying. Chapter four goes into the damage bullies can do, up to kidskilling themselves. Reading this chapter I sure dont want any of these things to ever happen to mylittle girl. Chapter five helps the reader recognize when they are being bullied. Believe it or not, butsome bullying is not as recognizable and obvious, but can still have harmful effects.Chapter six is a great chapter if you think your child might be bullying others. It focuses on if youare a bully. With so many people being bullied, that means a lot are bullying. This is a goodchapter to help recognize that and cut it off before it gets worse.Chapter seven got into what I was really looking for, taking on bullies and what kids can do. Thischapter is very good at helping the reader realize they have worth, and then it provides strategiesto deal with bullies. When I grew up the advice for facing bullies was to stand up to them and popthem one and they would then leave you alone. This in fact does work, and has worked for people.However, I much prefer McGraws "Fight Back Without Fighting" methods. The remind me of
  2. 2. Bruce Lee in "Enter the Dragon," the art of fighting without fighting. With that said, I still believethere are times when physically fighting is appropriate. McGraw does not agree with me, but thenhe is not a martial artist and self-defense instructor. And there are times when someone must beable to stand up to bullies physically too.The eighth chapter deals with bystanders. You might not be the victim of bullying, but as the title ofchapter eight says, there are no innocent bystanders. This is a good chapter for anyone whoknows of someone being bullied. Remember, this book is aimed at a younger audience, to actuallyhelp kids being bullied. So chapter nine focuses on educating parents. It tells kids how to ask forhelp. Chapter ten lets kids know what they can ask schools to do. And finally, chapter elevendiscusses forgiving a bully.I feel this is a very important book on a very important topic. I like that it is aimed at the youngeraudience, and would be very good for 9-13 year olds to read. Each chapter includes journalexercises that kids can at least think about and figure out for themselves what they can do, andwhat they will do.This is a timely and much needed book. Five stars because he is addressing a very importanttopic. It provides tools to deal with bullies in a very direct no-nonsense approach. I recommend itfor anyone who has kids that are being bullied, or for those kids who are bullies. It should also beread by those that work with kids and are in positions to help stop bullies and bullying. Stopbullying in its tracks, and start with Jay McGraws "Life Strategies For Dealing With Bullies."Alain Burrese, J.D. is a mediator/attorney with Bennett Law Office P.C. and an author/speakerthrough his own company Burrese Enterprises Inc. He teaches people to live with the warriorsedge through his writing and speaking on a variety of topics focusing on the business areas ofnegotiation and success principles as well as self-defense and safety topics. He is the author ofHard-Won Wisdom From the School of Hard Knocks, several instructional dvds, and numerousarticles. You can find out more about Alain Burrese at his websites andhttp://bennettlawofficepc.comArticle Source: ====For the greatest protection against Bullying, check this out:
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