U3637 4192 Pt 3


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U3637 4192 Pt 3

  1. 1. My Car
  2. 2. My Car A B
  3. 4. My Hubby
  4. 5. “ Five things you could do to make our relationship better are 1. Don’t wait to the last minute to do things and then take all your stress out on me 2. Don’t stop me from doing things I need to do 3. Fight fair, no more yelling and hitting 4. Be more cooperative 5. Be more active” – Dusty
  5. 6. Since talking to Dusty about his grievances within our relationship, I have tried to put more of a personal emphasis on being more respectful to my partner. We live our lives in such close proximity to each other, that he has become an extension of myself, and in times when I don’t have respect for myself, or a positive self image, Dusty has become subject to the same circumstances. At the same time however, he would never subject me to his own bad mood, a quality I have often commented on admiring. It’s always hard to confront our own double standards, but I am grateful for the opportunity to rectify them.
  6. 7. My Animal Friends
  7. 8. My Animal Friends
  8. 9. My Attitude My moods have been so erratic lately. I’ll feel motivated, and then, before I know it, I’m laying in bed again. My attitude has been like that too, I’ll feel alright, and then I start to feel bored, then I become irritated because I’m bored, and then I’m angry that I’m irritated… My mom thinks I need a hobby. Go away I don’t feel like coming out today Let’s go outside and play
  9. 10. A big component of happiness is peace. I have always had a nervous restlessness that at times is incapacitating, but learning how to spot this feeling, and prevent its onset has been helpful in my obtaining happiness. Over the past month I have found that gardening, playing with my dog,planning ahead and exercising can be helpful in preventing my anxiety.
  10. 12. What I learned… To be grateful , take the time to bask in the joy of really living , love like everyday is my last day