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Man Overboard Detection


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Man Overboard events continue to be a common occurrence in the cruise industry and other related markets. The presentation provides an introduction to the problem, and presents a Man Overboard Detection System as a solution.

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Man Overboard Detection

  1. 1. THE PROBLEM Man Overboard Events on Cruise Ships since 2005 268 *Cruise Junkie
  2. 2. THE PROBLEM 22.3 Number of people who fall overboard every year *Cruise Junkie
  3. 3. THE PROBLEM Percentage that are rescued and survive 13.8% *Cruise Junkie
  4. 4. THE PROBLEM *Cruise Junkie Typical stopping distance for cruise ship 1 mile
  5. 5. THE PROBLEM *Cruise Junkie 7 miles 12:00 Miles a ship moves if it takes 15 min to confirm a MOB
  6. 6. Detection Time for Man Overboard System < 1 sec
  7. 7. Actual Man Overboard Test
  8. 8. Click Here to see the VIDEO!
  9. 9. TheTechnology …Video Analytics using Thermal Cameras Ship’s Bridge Systems
  10. 10. TheTechnology …Rapid Detection & Instant Notification Ship’s Bridge Systems
  11. 11. Avoidance of Normal Activities Varied Weather Conditions Hundreds of Hours of On Ship testing Warm and Cold Water Validation Proven from Multiple Deck Heights Real and Simulated Falls
  12. 12. Low false alarm rate 1 2 3 4 5 6 IMMEDIATE VIDEO event validation MORE ACCURATE GPS/EVENT alignment Adaptive background (rain, waves, wake) Positional jump location – fore / aft REAL-TIME Video and alarm recording 7 Integrated wIth “OSCar” nOtIFICatIOnS
  13. 13. TIMELINE Cruise SHIP TESTING Cruise Passenger Protection Act of 2015 COAST guard evaluation ISO STANDARDS Committee Cruise Passenger Protection Act of 2010 Man overboard Detection Industry deployment (Pending) 2010 2015 20??
  14. 14. THE “O” FLAG Or calling “OSCAR” is used to alert Man-Overboard (MOB) Quick Facts
  15. 15. OSCAR Accordingly, water rescue training dummies are named “Oscar” Quick Facts
  16. 16. WILLIAMSON TURN One of several maneuvers made when an “OSCAR” is issued Quick Facts
  17. 17. Man Overboard Detection Click Image to learn more about the product
  18. 18. Borders Seaports / Airports Bridges Utilities Transit Military Bases Cargo / Rail Intelligent Video Surveillance
  19. 19. Want to learn more? White Papers Video Overviews CAMERA AUTO FOLLOW Allows the camera to automatically follow the intruder so your security personnel can coordinate a response AUTO-THREAT ASSESSEMENT Did you know the addition of a tracking system can be used to automatically acknowledge alarms created by friendly assets? CAMERA PERIMETER DESIGN Remembering a few key tips can go a long ways in ensuring your camera-based security design meets its objective. COUNTING Video analytics can achieve counting accuracy’s over 95% with a substantial savings in installation costs. CLASSIFICTION For any video analytic, it can be restricted to a “Class.” This allows segmentation type: human, car, truck, boat, unknown. SERVICE DURATION Car Counting / Service Duration reports start of service, end of service, service duration and evidence images for entry/exit.