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How To Get A Job: It Has Nothing To Do With Passion


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NC State 11/9/2010

Published in: Career, Business
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How To Get A Job: It Has Nothing To Do With Passion

  1. How to Get a Job (It Has Nothing to do with Passion) Laurie Ruettimann ● @lruettimann ●
  2. • Have a Skill orTwo • Demonstrate aWork Ethic • Take Pride inYourWork • Tell A Better Story • Rethink Passion ThingsYou Should Do to Get a Job
  3. Have a Skill orTwo “An ability that has been acquired by training.”
  4. Demonstrate aWork Ethic Show up mentally and physically.
  5. Take Pride inYour Work • Zero Defects • Right FirstTime • Constant Pursuit of Knowledge • Drive to DifferentiateYourself • Make Notable Contributions • Don’t Work for Free
  6. Tell A Better Story Because your story sucks…
  7. A FinalWord About Passion