Planning for and Validating a DDoS Defense Strategy


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Best Practices for DDoS Mitigation Service Testing and Validation

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Planning for and Validating a DDoS Defense Strategy

  1. 1. CONFIDENTIALwww.prolexic.comPlanning for and Validating a DDoS Defense
  2. 2. www.prolexic.comPlanning for and Validating a DDoS DefenseStrategy• DDoS attacks can cost businesses:• Sales• Customer loyalty• Search engine rankings• An attack on an unprepared business can resultin several days of downtime• Having a solid DDoS response plan as part ofyour company’s business continuity plan isessential2May 2013
  3. 3. www.prolexic.comBest Practices for DDoS Mitigation ValidationWith the DDoS mitigation service active• Verify that all applications are performing properly• Verify all routing and DNS is working• Generate a few gigabits of controlled traffic tovalidate features of the service, including:• Alerting• Activation• Mitigation3
  4. 4. www.prolexic.comBest Practices for DDoS Mitigation Validation• Validate your on-premise monitoring systems• Test small levels of traffic without scrubbing andwithout any DDoS protection• Identify stress points on your network• Conduct baseline testing and calibrate systems toremediate vulnerabilities• Schedule validation tests on a regular basis(yearly or quarterly)• If network issues arise during testing, makemodifications4
  5. 5. www.prolexic.comBest Practices for DDoS Mitigation Validation• Based on the test results, develop a mitigationplaybook as part of an incident response plan• This plan ensures that everyone in theorganization knows what to do and expect whena DDoS attack hitsDownload the full report from Prolexic for more informationabout best practices to ensure your DDoS mitigation service canprotect your business.5
  6. 6. www.prolexic.comEstimating the Cost of a DDoS Attack• Forrester Consulting hasfound that an onlinecompany loses anaverage of US $220,000per hour during anunmitigated DDoSattack6
  7. 7. www.prolexic.comBe Prepared: Test and Validate• Every company that does business online is vulnerable toDDoS attacks• Talk to your DDoS mitigation provider before an attackhappens• Test and validate your DDoS mitigation service regularly.Download the full report for more information about how to testand validate a DDoS defense plan.7
  8. 8. www.prolexic.comCreate an Operations Plan for DDoS Attacks• In addition to testing and validating your DDoSmitigation service, develop a strongoperational plan for activation andcommunication in the event of a DDoS attack8
  9. 9. www.prolexic.comDownload the Free White Paper• Download the white paper Planning for and Validating aDDoS Defense at• The white paper includes:• Detailed enterprise case studies that show theconsequences of inadequate preparation• What to include in your anti-DDoS playbook• A best-practice case study of DDoS attack readiness• How to validate your DDoS defense9
  10. 10. www.prolexic.comAbout Prolexic• Prolexic Technologies is the world’s largestand most trusted provider of DDoS protectionand mitigation services• Prolexic has successfully stopped DDoSattacks for more than a decade• We stop the largest attacks that exceed thecapabilities of other DDoS mitigation serviceproviders10