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Chain Lubricants from Project Sales Corp


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Chain Lubricants from Project Sales Corp

  1. 1. MOLYKOTE® TECHNOLOGIESFor Chain LubricationDistributed in this region byProject Sales Corporation28 Founta PlazaSuryabaghVisakhapatnam 530 020Telefax: 0891 2590482
  2. 2. Table of Contents INTRODUCTION MOLYKO TE TECH NOLOGIE S Molykote® M 30 Chain Lubricant Molykote® Polygliss Molykote® CO220 Molykote® Omnigliss Molykote® MKLn Chain Lubricant Molykote® 321 R Molykote® 1121 Molykote® 1231 LN Molykote® S1500 series Molykote® P40 Molykote® L-1460 FG Molykote® L-1468 FG SELEC TION MATR IXES By Problem Definition By L-E-T-S Conditions HINTS ON REPAIR AND MAINTEN ANCE BIBLIOGRAPHY
  3. 3. M O L Y K O T E ® T E C H N O L O G I E S F O R C H A I N L U B R I C A T I O N Brief Description of Machine Component Molykote® Book, Published by Dow Corning GmbH, Munchen C hain drives are used to transmit forces and motion between parallel shafts. They are used whenever spindle/shaft spacings have to be bridged which cannot be achieved with gear wheels or with belt drives because of unfavorable space or transmission conditions. Chain drives are preferred to as “positive envelope drives”. One or more sprockets are “enveloped” by an endless chain. They offer slip-free power transmission. If properly designed, they combine the advantages of a positive belt-drive with those of a positive gear wheel drive. Any shocks, which can endanger service reliability, are largely absorbed by chain drives, unlike spur gears, where elastic couplings have to be used. The mechanical efficiency of chain drives is ŋ = 0.93 to 0.99. A varietyof types of sprocket chains are used as drive chains or load chains for power transmissions, such as: Heavy duty roller chains; closed pitch or precision roller chains; flat top crate conveyor chains; ‘duplex’ or ‘triplex’ roller chains; malleable iron link chains; inverted-tooth or silent chains. Because of its versatility, the roller chain should be seen as the most important. Tribotechnical Design of Chains When lubrication is carried out with oils or greases, chains will operate in the mixed- friction range; with power transmission takes place both via the lubricant and the solid- body contact. For good tribological design, it is therefore important to keep wear caused by mixed-friction as small as possible, by using suitable lubricants. The lubricant must also meet secondary requirements relating to adhesion and oxidation resistance, in addition to the primary requirements.
  4. 4. M O L Y K O T E ® T E C H N O L O G I E S F O R C H A I N L U B R I C A T I O NPractical ApplicationVarious methods can be used to apply chain lubricants. This include:Manual Application; Drip-feed application; Splash lubrication in oil bath; Forced-feedcirculatory lubrication; Oil/air lubrication (spray lubrication); dry lubrication with anti-friction coatings.Minimising wear using specialty lubricantsIn the case of heavily loaded chains drives, high viscosities are used to minimize wear.Molykote® provides a The base oil viscosities are important. In addition, solidcomplete range of lubricants (mos2; colloidal graphite) are also used as additives.specialty lubricants for The service temperature of the lubricant must be considered asall chain applications one of the main criteria. Because of the greater proportion ofmixed friction, the decrease in viscosity at higher temperatures means greater wear onpins and bushes, and considerably limits the service life of a chain drive. Mineral oilsare not used elevated temperatures since gumming (resinification) occurs as low as 120degree C, which can affect chain flexibility. Synthetic oils with favourable viscosity-temperature properties are therefore used at high temperature ranges.
  5. 5. M O L Y K O T E ® T E C H N O L O G I E S F O R C H A I N L U B R I C A T I O NMolykote® TechnologiesDispersions Molykote® dispersions are finely divided solid lubricants suspended in lubricating fluids. They are preferred where it is necessary to apply solid lubricants in liquid form to units inoperation or to otherwise inaccessible points.Anti-friction Molykote® anti-friction coatings are similar to a lubricatingCoatings paint and contain a select blend of molybdenum disulphide and other solid lubricants dispersed in resinous or inorganic binder/solvent. They cure to form a dry, solid lubricant coatingthat is bonded to the surface. Dusty environment and inaccessible parts, which arelubricated for life, are ideal applications for anti-friction coatings.Greases Molykote® chain greases are fortified with molybdenum disulphide to provide effective lubrication under extreme load conditions. Molykote® grease formulations are available withmineral oil or synthetic oils. They contain adhesion improvers, corrosion inhibitors,solid lubricants and solvents, which assist penetration into critical areas such as linkpins.Oils Molykote® has an extensive range of chain oils in mineral and synthetic bases. Viscosity grades are available from 26 mm²/s to over 4000 mm²/s. They are available in food-grade and non-food grade formulations. Molykote® synthetic formulations contain thermally stableoxidation inhibitors and extreme pressure additives, and combine these with theirexcellent high temperature performance. They can be applied manually with brush,spray gun, or automatic lubricators using drip, jet or spray.Aerosols Molykote® aerosols are easy to use maintenance sprays available for quick lubrication of inaccessible points. They combine the Molykote® advantage of delivering solid lubricants in an easy touse spray can with carrier oils or solvents and high performance additive formulations.They provide excellent chain link penetration and adhesion and lubricity afterevaporation of the carrier oil or solvents.
  6. 6. M O L Y K O T E ® T E C H N O L O G I E S F O R C H A I N L U B R I C A T I O NMolykote ® Products Available for ChainLubricationDispersion Molykote® M30 is a high temperature lubricant comprising colloidal molybdenum disulphide in a non-carbonizing synthetic carrier. It provides oil lubrication upto +200 degree c at whichtemperature carrier fluid evaporates leaving a very effective dry lubricating film, whichoperates upto 450 degree C. The product is black in color due to MOS2 and is used forlubrication of chains operating at high temperatures. The viscosity of the product at 50degree c is 86 cst. Due to its non-resinification tendency, the product replaces mineraloils in application where high temperatures form carbonaceous deposits with mineraloils. The product is available in 1 ltr, 5ltr, 20 ltr packs.Aerosol Molykote® Polygliss is an adhesive chain lubricant for use at temperatures upto 160 degree C and is available in an easy to use spray cans. The product has a base oil viscosity of 2260 cst andcontains adhesion improvers making it ideal for high speed chains. Polygliss is alsoresistant to hot water, cold water, salt water, and other alkaline solutions with a saltspray resistance of over 480 hours as per DIN 50017. The product has a capability towithstand high pressures and is used for chains, especially those, which are open to theinfluences of weather.Oil Molykote® CO220 is a light colored chain lubricant based on synthetic oil with the addition of thermally stable oxidation inhibitors and extreme pressure additives. It provides anadhesive and protective lubricating film upto temperature conditions of +230 degreeC. The product has a very low evaporation rate and resists hardening and build up athigh temperatures. Brownish transparent in color the product has a viscosity of 220 cstat 100 degree C and 36 cst at 100 degree C. With a flash point of 250 + degree c,Molykote CO220 is used for oil lubricated chains operating at high temperatures.Aerosol Molykote® Omnigliss is a low viscosity (44cst) extreme pressure lubricating oil exhibiting excellent penetrating and water repelling properties. This light amber product has a servicetemperature of 80 degree C on the high side but contains corrosion inhibitors, whichgives it very high corrosion protection capabilities exceeding 720 hours as per DIN50017 or no rust after 30 days. The product contains white solid lubricants and givesan AWM OK load of 20000N. The product is currently available in a spray formmaking it ideal for applications, which are not equipped with grease nipples, or oilingholes.
  7. 7. M O L Y K O T E ® T E C H N O L O G I E S F O R C H A I N L U B R I C A T I O NGrease Molykote® MKLn is a mineral oil chain grease with solid lubricants dispersed in a safe, non-toxic and non-flammable solvent which assists penetration into critical areas such as linkpins. The product provides long-term chain lubrication and reduces friction and wear,operating noise and increases the service life of the chains. Molykote Mkln hasexcellent adhesion after evaporation of the solvent with a viscosity over 4000 cst,excellent temperature resistance with over 160 degree C and is resistant to hot and coldwater. The product is used for high-speed chains and precision chains of all sizes. Theaerosol version contains environmentally safe propellant, and other pack sizes include1 kg, 5 kg and 20 kg containers.Anti-friction Molykote® 321R is a room temperature air drying anti-frictionCoating coating with high load carrying capacity and excellent adhesion to smooth surfaces of all metals. The product air dries in about 5minutes and provides dry lubrication at very high temperatures and loads. Chainmanufacturers use Molykote 321R to treat pins and bushes to prevent fretting andincrease the reliability and service life of chains. The product has excellent resistance tomany fuels including hydrazine and is suitable for dry lubrication of chains in dustyenvironments. It comes in 400 ml spray cans and bulk packing for dipping, brushingand centrifuging applications. The recommended dry film thickness is 5 to 20 microns.Grease Molykote 1121 is a mineral oil grease with high viscosity base oil of 900 cst for all hollow pin chains, providing effective lubrication upto 160 degree C. The product has excellentresistance to steam, many acids and alkalis and provides excellent lubricity. Molykote1121 contains solid lubricants and is use by filling the chain pin with the grease andrelubricating by a grease gun. The product is black in colour, has no drop point due toits inorganic thickeners and is available in 25 kg bulk containers.Grease Molykote 1231 LN is a high viscosity (4300 cst at 40 degree C) semi-fluid high temperature lubricant for initial lubrication and relubrication of chains operating under high pressures. Theproduct is resistant to heat ageing and water. A very flat viscosity/temperature curveprevents rapid run-off leakage from hot lubrication areas. The product has a syntheticoil base and is temperature resistant upto +180 degree C and reduces wear underconditions of extreme load. Molykote 1231 LN is used for all types of chains, especiallychains with solid pins, i.e. chain bolts without any grease nipples such as hightemperature clamp stenter chains in the textile industry.
  8. 8. M O L Y K O T E ® T E C H N O L O G I E S F O R C H A I N L U B R I C A T I O NOil Molykote S 1500 series is a new line of high technology chain oils introduced recently with the highest temperature resistance and lower friction than comparable synthetic oils.One of the effects of the temperature in a lubricant is its oxidation. The resistance of alubricant to oxidation can be measured by TG Analysis test. Molykote S-1502 from thenew line shows a 300% better resistance than other high quality synthetic chain oils.Another important effect of the temperature in a lubricant is the evaporation. TheASTM D 972/97 can measure this. The better resistance of the new Molykote chainoils can represent a reduction of more than 600% of the evaporation.The SRV ASTM D-5707 test measures the co-efficient of the function of a lubricant.The new additive package of the Molykote® S-1503 and S-1504 allows a reduction ofthe co-efficient of friction from a 0.10-0.12 of other competitors’ synthetic oils to 0.04.Molykote S 1500 series of oils can be used with brush, spray gun, drop-feed oiler orconventional metering devices, and are available in 5ltr and 20 ltr cans.Oil Molykote S-1500 is a semi-synthetic oil for lubricating metal chains at high temperatures upto +200 degree C, providing longer lubricating intervals. The product has a viscosity of 90-100 cst at 40 degree C, is yellowish transparent in color and contains a mixture ofmineral/synthetic oil, corrosion inhibitors, EP additives, and oxidation inhibitors.Oil Molykote S-1501, S-1502, S-1503 are mixture of synthetic oils for lubricating metal chains at even high temperatures at +250 degree C. They have very low evaporation rate and longerlubrication intervals at very high temperatures (upto 250 degree C). Transparent andwith different viscosity index available, these products contain friction improveradditives, corrosion inhibitors, EP additives, and oxidation inhibitors. For detailedspecification of each product, please get in touch with us at Project Sales Corp, Phone0891 2564393, Fax 0891 2590482. Molykote S-1504 is a synthetic gel for lubricating metal chains atOil/Gel temperatures upto 250 degree C with a CFC free solvent that evaporates giving the oil a viscosity of 2650-2950 cst at 40degree C. The product has very low evaporation and provides very long lubricatingintervals at very high temperatures. The product is thinly applied to the dry chain witha brush. Let the solvent evaporate for approximately 30 minutes before reassemblingor putting the chain in operation.
  9. 9. M O L Y K O T E ® T E C H N O L O G I E S F O R C H A I N L U B R I C A T I O NGrease/Paste Molykote P 40 is a grease paste combining the advantage of easy application of grease with the corrosion protection and high temperature capabilities of solid lubricant pastes. Theproduct is ideal for application for normal and stainless steel chains, which havepremature wear due to heavy loads and corrosion due to wet environments. MolykoteP 40 is a synthetic based product with inorganic thickener making it ideal for any greaseapplication chain requiring very high temperature resistance and long-term lubrication.The base oil viscosity of the product is 900 cst at 40 degree C, and it contains adhesionimprovers which resist even splash water. Available in 400 ml spray cans and 1 kgpacking, the product is excellent lubricant for chains operating in very hightemperatures, open corrosive environments or where splash water is likely.Oil Food-grade Molykote L-1460 FG and L-1468 FG are high performance industrial lubricants for chain applications where H1 designation is required for incidental food contact not to exceed 10 ppm.These products have wide service temperature range and are available in synthetic andsemi-synthetic formulations. They help food and beverage installations reduce overallmaintenance costs by providing longer lubrication intervals and resist breakdown evenin the presence of water and steam. Molykote FG chain oils are SAE 30 grade oils witha viscosity of 66 cst at 40 degree C. For more information on these new products,please get in touch with us at Project Sales Corp at 0891 2564393, 2590482.
  10. 10. Selection MatrixesThe L-E-T-S matrix represents the primary lubricant requirement relating to the reduction ofwear caused by mixed friction. In addition, secondary requirements have to be met,depending on the application. Oxidation resistance and adhesion must be taken into accountto a greater extent in lubricant applications involving chains. Product Viscosity Temp. Range High High Environmen Low Friction at 40ºC (ºC) Loads Speeds tal Influence (mm²/s) Molykote M 30 133 -40 to +450 Excellent Good Good Molykote Polygliss 2260 -20 to +200 Good Excellent Good Good Molykote CO220 220 -10 to +250 Good Good Good Molykote Omnigliss 26 -30 to +80 Good Good Molykote MKLn 4000 -25 to +160 Good Excellent Excellent Good Molykote 321R - -180 to +450 Good Good Good Molykote 1121 900 0 to +160 Good - - Good Molykote 1231 LN 4300 -10 to +180 Good - - Good Molykote S 1500 100 -10 to +200 Good Good Molykote S 1501 130 -25 to +250 Good Good Molykote S 1502 150 -30 to +250 Excellent Good Excellent Molykote S 1503 220 -20 to +250 Excellent Good Excellent Molykote S 1504 2800 0 to +250 Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Molykote P 40 900 -40 to +1200 Excellent Excellent Good Molykote L1460 FG 66 - - - - - Molykote L1468 FG 65.8 - - - - - Not recommendedBy Problem DefinitionPlease see attached file for selection matrixes included here in large font for better visibility. 8
  11. 11. Hints on repair and maintenanceThe service life of a chain can be increased considerably by using suitable lubricants underdifferent service conditions and observing the requisite relubrication periods. The principle causeof chain failure is excessive wear, resulting from improper lubrication or inadequate maintenance.If when checking the state of wear of the chain links, the chain has been stretched by more than2-3% of its initial length, it must be changed, otherwise differences in pitch will be producedbetween the links which can no longer be absorbed by the sprockets. Additional stresses andfriction moments are thereby generated, increasing the stress on the chain.A very dirty chain must be cleaned, to allow penetration of the lubricant. Suitable solvents such as1.1.1-trichlorethane or white spirit, or Dow Corning OS2 cleaner for precision chains, are used forthis purpose. After cleaning, the chain is dried with a lint free cloth.If the chain has to be fully lubricated, it must be removed, thoroughly cleaned and then immersedin chain greases, anti-friction coatings, high viscosity chain oils, etc to achieve complete lubricantpenetration.If dipping process is used, the dipping process should take place in such a way that the chainrollers are at right angles to the bottom of the dipping tank.Synthetic chain oils have a longer life at high temperatures, have greater oxidation stability andleave fewer combustion residues and decomposition particles.In drip-feed, the quantity of oil dependent on chain speed should be approx. 4 to 10 drops perminute. The quantity of oil must be increased for temperatures in excess of 60 degree C,In case of heavily loaded chain drives, high-viscosity lubricants are used to minimize wear. Inaddition, solid lubricants are used as additives.High centrifugal forces, such as occur at pinion and sprocket (reversing points) with fast-running chains, call for appropriate lubricant adhesion. Thin oils are thrown from the chainmuch more quickly than thick oils.BibliographyMolykote® Book, published by Dow Corning GmbH, 1991.Molykote® Catalog, Dow Corning Australia, Published 1990.Molykote® High Performance Industrial Lubricants Catalog Form # 71-0103J-01, Published 2002.Contact us atProject Sales Corp, 28 Founta Plaza, Suryabagh, Visakhapatnam 530020, AP. Phones: 08912564393, 5566482, Fax 0891 2590482, mail to 9