Overcoming EHR Implementation Barriers


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Overcoming EHR Implementation Barriers

  1. 1. Overcoming Barriers to EHR Implementation July 12, 2012
  2. 2.  Starting the EHR selection processGoals for  Educating your employeesToday and physiciansIdentify barriers and how to  Anticipating changeovercome them  Preparing for implementation  Attesting for meaningful use  Training
  3. 3. CEO Panelists Kerry Noble Ann Fagan Cook Doug LaffertyPemiscot Memorial Parkview Hospital Plumas District Hayti, Missouri Wheeler, Texas Qunicy, Calif.
  4. 4. Participating  All people, except presenters, are automatically mutedin the  If you are having audio problems, you can switchWebinar from VoIP to telephone at any timeTools to Contribute  Use the Q&A tool on your panel  Polls during presentation  Webinar is being recorded and will be posted on Prognosis’ website  Contact information will be provided
  5. 5. Overcoming Barriers to EHR Implementation
  6. 6. Selection ProcessHow to start the process to lead to success
  7. 7. Create Your Criteria Determine your hospital’s needs Weight your criteria Examine your workflow Think about your future Find a long-term partner
  8. 8. Creating the Right Culture Building an environment for acceptance
  9. 9. Culture Shift Plan for change Eagle I newsletter — regular communication What this means to your organization
  10. 10. Getting Team Buy-in Education and discussions go a long way
  11. 11. Getting on the Same Page Talk with your team:  What does an EHR do  How will it impact your workflow  Enhancing patient care What concerns do your employees have
  12. 12. Implementation Success is just beginning
  13. 13. Installing Success Priority focus Partnership with vendor What this means to your organization Choose the right leaders Never loose sight of critical items
  14. 14. Meaningful UseIncentive funds, enhanced patient care just around the corner
  15. 15. Preparing to Attest Weekly meetings with steering committee Pulled reports and tracked where we were at No surprises — we knew our deficiencies All dedicated to success
  16. 16. TrainingExcellence is an art won by training
  17. 17. Leading to User Adoption Understand your users Prepare for lack of computer knowledge Identify who has previous experience with EHRs Find super users who are willing to do it Give yourself plenty of time
  18. 18. OverviewIdentify your criteria Prioritize implementationPrepare for a cultural change Keep eye on the prizeEducate your employees Assess your training needs
  19. 19. Questions and Answers
  20. 20.  Kerry Noble knoble@pemiscot.orgContactInformation  Ann Fagan Cook annc@parkviewhosp.org  Doug Lafferty dlafferty@pdh.org  Melanie Thompson mthompson@prognosishis.com
  21. 21. Thank You