About the Office of Learning Technology (2014)


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News and information about the Office of Learning Technology for AY 2014-2015

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About the Office of Learning Technology (2014)

  1. 1. and Blackboard Learn 9.1 Update from the OLT
  2. 2. Dr. Anastasia (Staci) Trekles, OLT Director and Clinical Asst. Professor TECH 206 - x5734 Lab and student workers, TECH-298 (hours vary) Reach all of us at pncolt@pnc.edu - we’ll get back to you ASAP
  3. 3. Looking to integrate technology into your course in some way? Face-to-face, hybrid, or distance courses can benefit Consider the many options available, in addition to BlackBoard: https://www.pnc.edu/dis tance/tutorials/ Looking for instructional support or design help? Review our workshop archive: https://www.pnc.edu/dist ance/workshop-materials- archive/
  4. 4.  Updated in May 2014 – several new features!  Email in BlackBoard – CHECK with students to be sure they receive your emails – refer them to Helpdesk (x5511) if they are not  New workshops and more available online at http://www.pnc.edu/distance
  5. 5. Our student support page: http://www.pnc.edu/distance/student-support/ Online course available to all students available in BlackBoard under “PNC BlackBoard Orientation” from My BlackBoardTab
  6. 6. http://www.pnc.edu/distance  Lots of tutorials, help, advice, and more Online course under “PNC BlackBoard Training” from My BlackBoardTab – available 24/7 to all faculty http://help.blackboard.com  Excellent collection of tutorials on demand for nearly any task
  7. 7. A holistic and personalized approach to professional development in online/blended learning and teaching Work with a Faculty Guide, receive help and formal feedback on course quality ANY course qualifies – new, existing, traditional, online, hybrid Faculty get to know one another better across disciplines
  8. 8. • Inform students (in syllabus) • May affect: • Assignment submissions • Testing windows
  9. 9. New instructors can have a delay in access due to Human Resources processes – if you cannot log in at http://www.purdue.edu/onepurdue your account is not active yet 120-day password change requirement - reset your password anytime, even from off-campus, at https://www.purdue.edu/apps/account/A ccount
  10. 10. Course availability – ALL instructors MUST make their course(s) available to students for the term. Course copy –You may copy a master course or previous Learn course from one semester to the next See https://www.pnc.edu/distance/learn-tutorials/ for video and text guides!
  11. 11. Announcements  Can be moved, edited, release and expire automatically Email in BlackBoard  CHECK with students to be sure they receive your emails – refer them to Helpdesk (x5511) if they are not Alternative communication tools  You can use a “Q&A Forum” (already built into your course) for general questions  Invite students to ask “open” questions so that other students may benefit  Leave email for personal/grade-related discussions between student and instructor
  12. 12.  Weight grade columns  Color code  Anonymous grading  Inline document grading for assignments  Improved discussion, wiki, blog, and journal grading interface
  13. 13. Early warning system and Retention Center  Find out who is struggling and send notifications  Typically there is 5-8% point gap between the retention rate of on-line students as compared with traditional on-campus classes.  Online students tend to receive lower grades and drop their classes at a higher rate.
  14. 14. Use timing, randomizing, no backtracking, and forced completion as settings on tests Trade high-stakes objective tests for portfolios, discussions, projects Show examples of what good work is and what is expected Require student presentations (even online – through Adobe Connect, Skype, Google Hangouts) Use SafeAssign to check for plagiarism in written work For more: http://www.pnc.edu/distance/cheating
  15. 15. Important to ensure that your students are able to access all of your content Videos may need captions and/or transcripts Check with publishers - provide alternate resources where possible Learn more: http://www.pnc.edu/dist ance/web-accessibility
  16. 16. Workshops and Webcasts Walk-in Assistance Technology Mentorship Program Social media Web-based Video Tutorials/PDF Guides Check our calendar: https://www.pnc.edu/dist ance/olt-calendar/
  17. 17. Dr. Anastasia (Staci) Trekles, OLT Director and Clinical Asst. Professor atrekles@pnc.edu pncolt@pnc.edu File a ticket at http://services.pnc.edu Call us at 785-5734 Visit us in TECH 206 and TECH 298