ENG 102 - Course Overview - Summer 2013


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ENG 102 - Course Overview - Summer 2013

  1. 1. Professor: Alicia BoltonOffice Location: Room 192C (Grand Strand)Room 123 (Georgetown)Office Hours: TR 10:00-12:00 (Grand Strand)MW 12:00-2:00 (Georgetown)Office Phone: 843-520-1412E-mail: alicia.bolton@hgtc.eduprofbolton@live.comText: 1-484-536-6814 (standard rates apply)Facebook: facebook.com/profaboltonTwitter: twitter.com/profaboltonWebsite: D2L course page
  2. 2. • is starting their first semester here at HGTC• loves to read• hates to read• has the same major as you• has served in the military• didn’t get the exact schedule they wanted this semester• has had a class with you before• has children
  3. 3. Contacting Your Professor Office hours – no appointment needed, just stop by E-mail/Facebook best way otherwise Reserve right to take up to 24 hours to respond (48+hours on weekends/holidays and if draft is sent orquestion is complex) Do not interrupt class with personal questions Will read drafts but are stipulations—see syllabus
  4. 4. Required Materials Textbook: Literature: Reading, Reacting, Writing. 8thedition. Notebook and writing utensil(s) for taking notes (yourpreference – pockets recommended) Loose-leaf paper for in-class work and tests (can tear outof notebook) Access to and knowledge of a computer word processor aswell as WaveNet and Desire2Learn Flash drive and/or online storage unit (Dropbox.comrecommended) Account with Turnitin.com (free—will discuss in class) Dictionary (strongly recommended) Different colored highlighters or pens (recommended forannotating)
  5. 5. Syllabus Quiz You must take and pass the Syllabus Quiz on D2Lbefore you can access the rest of the D2L content. Accessing content on D2L will be crucial to your successin the course, so take syllabus quiz ASAP.
  6. 6. Course Requirements/Grading 4 essays (approximately 12-14 typed pages cumulative)= 400 points (40%) “drafting” assignments for essays = 70 points (7%) 2 group projects = 250 points (25%) Reading responses (x 8) = 80 points (8%) Exams (midterm and final) = 200 points (20%)
  7. 7. Essays Due by 5:00 p.m. on due date listed on syllabus Must be submitted via hard (printed) copy AND intoTurnitin.com Essay “turned in” when TurnitIn timestamps it OR when itis in professor’s hands Late papers are penalized 30 points per day, includingweekends and holidays Both copies must be submitted within a week of the duedate (MUST turn in one copy on due date; have week to getthe other one in) Turnitin.com version and hard copy MUST match
  8. 8. “Drafting” for Essays Each essay will require additional work to be turned inprior to the essay – due dates on syllabus Most are worksheets to print and fill out Details will be provided for each If you’re in class on due date and don’t have it, nocredit is given – no exceptions If you’re absent on due date, consult syllabus for policy
  9. 9. PeerMark (Peer Review) Will be completed on Turnitin.com Must submit draft by deadline (on syllabus) in order toparticipate Cannot be made up for any reason Keep up with due dates – listed on syllabus (andTurnitIn) Will discuss further in class
  10. 10. Group Work Will be placed into permanent groups for semester Will complete in-class activities and two projects withthis group Details on projects will be discussed later in semester Some time will be allotted to in class to work onprojects, but time outside class may be required If someone isn’t participating, another group membermust let me know; otherwise, all group members willreceive the same grade
  11. 11. Reading Responses Due in D2L Dropbox before class starts on due date(s)listed Prompts, guidelines, and rubric on D2L No excuse for not turning in on time—expecttechnology glitches, plan for emergencies, etc. 3 lowest grades are dropped
  12. 12. Attendance Policy Can miss 3 days without penalty (no “excused”absence) Missing 10 minutes or more of any class meeting = halfan absence Must be prepared for class and pay attention duringclass to be marked presentSee full attendance policy on syllabus.
  13. 13. Classroom Policies No cell phones, electronic devices, laptops, etc. Respect your fellow students (especially in discussion)Failure to comply with policies may result in dismissalfrom class, loss of points, and/or further action asdeemed necessary by the professor, who also reserves theright to add to these policies if problems arise during thesemester.
  14. 14. Other Policies Plagiarism – first offense results in zero on assignmentand meeting with professor; subsequent plagiarismmay result in withdrawal from the course (potentiallywith a “WF”) and further penalties. See Student Handbook for full college plagiarism policy No extra credit (except maybe a few bonus points) Check WaveNet and D2L regularly – it’s our officialmeans of communication!
  15. 15. It is your responsibility to obtain, read, and understandboth the Instructional Package (IP) for this course aswell as the syllabus, both of which can be found on D2L.