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Workforce Solutions Pdf


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Leading end to end recruitment company

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Workforce Solutions Pdf

  1. 1. Workforce Solutions started operations early 2008.  We believe that the quality of a candidate is not defined by his qualifications alone,     But also by his ability to succeed within the particular organization for which he is  hired to work.  Workforce Solutions has been the hallmark of quality recruitment because of our  consistent focus on finding the right candidate to match the employer's environment  and culture, as well as the job itself. The goal is to find a place for each candidate  where they can find not just a job, but a place to belong and grow. We find the best  people for all types of jobs and industries at both the staff and professional levels. We  believe in TAT (Turn Around Time) and we set TAT according to the criticality of the  requirement and ensure delivery on time.
  2. 2. Our Vision and Mission Our Vision To be our clients' trusted partners on a long term basis To enable our clients to contain and reduce their operating cost To help our clients retain existing customers and generate new ones To add value in every transaction we have with our clients To outgrow and outpace our competitors through the talents of our people. We endeavor to realize our vision by Building, enduring, trust based relationships with our clients Going extra mile to exceed our clients’ expectations Encouraging our clients to focus on their core business activities Maintaining a strong and stringent focus on quality Recruiting, training and retaining skilled and motivated resources. Our Mission To be one of the regions leading companies in outsourced recruitment solutions through outstanding service delivery, specialized recruitment knowledge and solid partnerships with our clients.
  3. 3. Our Team All our recruiters have completed a bachelors’ degree All our recruiters have formal training in computers All our recruiters undertake a 4-week training on the recruitment and resourcing process We provide our recruiters with the superior training on recruitment industry, recruitment methodology, Internet and job board searching, CV screening and candidate profiling. Our team performs at a level that consistently exceeds our client’s expectations We provide our recruiters with an environment that is comfortable and convenient fort heir individual needs. We drive continuous improvement through our quality assurance and continuing education.
  4. 4. Why Workforce Solutions? Access to a large pool of talent mainly from premier companies. Dedicated Headhunting team. Dedicated team to provide Quick Turn Around Time (TAT). We have a huge database of candidates in different domains ranging from Software,KPO,NON IT & Management graduates from more than 50 reputed colleges in India. Guaranteed quality of service. Access to top-notch consultants for IT and management training. Direct access to fresh talent from leading institutions across the country. Competitive pricing and value for money services. Localized services for each region to overcome geographical restriction in sourcing the right talent.
  5. 5. Executive Search SEARCH APPROACH • Competition for top employees is fierce, and it's going to get more difficult as boomers start to retire en masse. The companies who can hire executives quickly and effectively define the difference between hiring the talent they choose versus hiring the talent no one else is willing to employ. • For any organization, the successful recruitment, retention and management of talent can be the difference between success and failure. • For the business operating across borders, nothing is more critical. In today's increasingly competitive world, leaving mission-critical positions open for longer than absolutely necessary is unacceptable. • The lost productivity and opportunity costs are staggering. That is why we at Workforce Solutions have developed a Strategic approach for getting better talent into your organization more quickly • Emphasize on the client requirement, with respect to the organizational setup, market trend,
  6. 6. •A Strategic Approach towards bringing the right candidate from the appropriate target companies/industries, utilize our network of executive contacts to build our database with references that would best suit the requirement. This would serve as comprehensive list of Candidates we target for the client. •Establishing connection with the candidate once we have narrowed down to best of the lot, communicate with the candidate of the opportunity and check their interest for the same. •Reviewing of the candidate’s profile, career aspirations, competency, suitability and ability to adapt with respect to Ethics & Work culture of the client. •Assist the client in thorough reference checks on the candidates who have been shortlisted for hire before a formal offer has been made. If necessary, we could also help conduct background checks on candidates through relevant agencies. • Negotiate or assist the client in negotiations on the compensation for the candidate and joining date formalities. Post Joining Follow – ups with the client and the offered candidate till the joining date.
  7. 7. Recruitment Solution A trusted advisor delivering tailored recruitment solution Workforce Solutions is owned and managed by a group of highly experienced HR  professionals, our dedication to customer satisfaction has brought us to the forefront  in recruitment business. We stay ahead of competition by our diligence and our  devotion to service. Better quality of service and price competitiveness has helped us  to stay in a commanding position. Advantage of size and ability. Workforce Solutions can handle any volume of recruitment orders generated from  your entity to suit the needs of your business. Our recruitment agency is prepared and  fully staffed to focus on your entity’s growing needs for talented candidates. Our  honest and straight forward approach ensures that there is a best fit match for you  and the candidate, which promotes a low employee attrition rate. Recruitment experts Workforce Solutions has years of experience and expertise in identifying the best  candidates for the job you are seeking to fill. Our recruitment experts will outline and 
  8. 8. Our Expertise ‐ IT Recruitment Our Team comprises of people who have immense experience in the   field of recruitment and staffing. We have been working with Product Development companies who are  trying to set up their base on Indian soil, by providing manpower  solutions.  Workforce Solutions has been named as the best service provider by  various product development companies, for fulfilling many of the  critical requirements for Technical, Techno – Functional, Techno‐ Commercial and Top Management arena.
  9. 9. Flexi Staffing Workforce Solutions is one of the leading Staffing Company in India, We are one of the most experienced manpower staffing company. We offer staffing for KPO,IT, Non IT, ITES and also we are into manpower outsourcing, global manpower recruitment and contract to hire. We are capable of providing dedicated And highly skilled IT professionals including CAD engineers, Web developers, Web Designers, SEO, Software Developers, Online application developers, graphic designers, CAD Drafters, GIS Engineers and others. Our main aim is to provide the right candidate to our clients. As defined a number of companies focus on Indian Manpower for their high professional skills, flexibility and dedication.
  10. 10. THEMED PARTY, PROMOTIONS AND OUT DOOR ENTERTAINMENT WORKFORCE SOLUTIONS boasts of a wide range of product  category specific expertise. Folk performers, singers, MC’s,  Hosts and hostesses, models, DJ’s, choreographers and  any other specific requirements can be met.  From fantastic fire works to road shows to concerts to virtual  reality we cater to a variety of outdoor entertainment  that can be packed in the event to give it the bang.  
  11. 11. ACTIVATION We are one of the few groups in our sector today offering the quality service that is totally professional that our clients expect. We have taken the view for several years that our clients need much more than this, hence our capability to deliver a complete service. Activation is a direct medium to reach out to the desired TARGET AUDIENCE giving them a TOUCH AND FEEL of the your product and services and in the present competitive market we look into our client’s interests as our own, enabling us to serve customers as expected by our client’s.
  12. 12. MEDIUMS OF ACTIVATION Road show- a. Canter activity/ LCV b. Bike brigade c. Mobile activity/ display d. Jeep activity e. Pluck card activity f. Human banners Mall activity School contact program College promotions Corporate activities Pub promotions In-store activities Retail outlet activities Cross brand promotions 1. Out door/ mall branding
  13. 13. PRODUCTION • Stage set up and management including signage’s (  indoor and outdoor ) • Audiovisuals set‐up. • Post event analysis and feed back support. • Fabrication and designing of stalls.
  14. 14. Thank you for your attention! We will be happy to answer your queries If you have any queries please mail/contact us Day No :  +9180 41648397 Mobile No : +919590945566 This presentation is strictly confidential to the recipient, may not be distributed to the press or any other person, and may not be reproduced in any form. Matters discussed in this presentation may constitute forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements include statements concerning plans, objectives, goals, strategies, future events revenues or performance, and underlying assumptions and other statements, which are other than statements of historical facts. The words “believe,” “expect,” “anticipate,” “intends,” “estimate,” “forecast,” “predict”, “could”, plan”, “project,” “will,” “may,” “should” and similar expressions identify forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements include statements regarding: strategies, outlook and growth prospects; future plans and potential for future growth; liquidity, capital resources and capital expenditures, financing needs, plans or intentions relating to acquisitions, our competitive strengths and weaknesses, growth in demand for our products; economic outlook