Free marketing plan sample of telehealth services, Tunstall, by


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Free marketing plan sample by marketing plan now:
A plan for telehealth services, Tunstall

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Free marketing plan sample of telehealth services, Tunstall, by

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. A new market for Telehealth Marketing plan 2010TRAN DanielleWIENDL BenediktPILLA Jessica TeleHealthCare Solutions
  3. 3. Company’s profile world’s leading provider of telehealthcare solutions• Costumer: over 2.5 million people• Base: Whitley (UK)• Operation area: 30 countries (Map)• Employees: over 1000 people• Business Objective: Providing people with long term health issues with solutions to control their health condition 1
  4. 4. Analysis of the current situation in the UK (PEST Model)Political EconomicalNext General Election: May 2010 both -Recession can lead to find new ways toparties in the UK support telehealthcare save money like telehealthLess use of transport; more support over the -Innovation fund £220m over 5 years is PEST ANALYSISphone fits the Carbon reduction strategy supplying telehealthSocial (Main Environment) Technological-9.7m people are 65+, by 2025 13m -UK population has a growing acceptance to technology-18.5m people have a long term limiting -Growing use of iPhone & blackberry for-24% of adults over 16 were classed as obese health-People with Diabetes 1996 1.4 m; 2009: 2.5m. By 2025 estimated 4m 2
  5. 5. Market Analysis Porter’s five Forces Model Grade 1-10 Weight 0.1 - 1.0 Result out of 10 Barriers of entry and exit: low 2 0.1 0.2 Substitutes: others product & 6 0.4 2.4 Relation doctor-patient Bargaining power of customers 7 0.2 1.4 Bargaining power suppliers 2 0.3 0.6 Level of market competitiveness = 1.0 4.6International Business Trends: - Economical Crisis leads to cost reductions - Tunstall saves health care costs in substituting personal with its product Competitors Analysis CSF Matrix Weight Tunstall Our Result Docobo Their Result Critical Success Factors: 1 – 10 Grade 1 - 10 Grade 1 - 10 safety & quality Product Quality: high 8 8 64 7 56 Service Quality: good 8 8 64 7 56 Value for money 3 6 18 5 15 Design 2 6 12 1 12 158 139 Direct Competitors - Docobo Indirect Competitors - Broomwell - Honeywell - Intel - Bosch 3 - TeleCare
  6. 6. Market segmentation• Segmentation by NeedsDecision makers within the health care sector• National Health Service• SHA Strategic Health Authorities• PASA Purchasing And Supply Agency (executive agency of the Department of Health)• Office of Government Commerce (OGC)• Procurement groups• Social Services/ care authorities• Local Authorities- nurses, GP’s (General Practitioners)• PCT trust (Primary Care Trust)• Community Matrons• Commissioning board members Associations (for elder people, for diabetes...) Individuals 4
  7. 7. Marketing MixProduct PromotionHelps people living with a long term condition - Direct marketingControls their vital signs at home - ExhibitionsIncreases the quality of life for patients with: - Conferences attendances- diabetes - Publicity- COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) - Case studies / evidence- CHF (Congestive Heart Failure) - Brochures / leafletFunctions: - Telehealthcare Time ( Tunstall’s Magazine) - taking their own blood pressure - temperature Place - pulse rate - Agentsadvantages : - avoiding doctors and hospital visits - wholesalers - reducing of healthcare costs - direct - central buying Price - buying group - Weekly package price: £3 to £6 - internet purchasing - mail order 5
  8. 8. SWOT AnalysisStrengths: Weaknesses: -Resistance to change and innovation-Successful outcomes and evaluations -Difficulties with mainstreaming &-Fully trained workforce sustainability of projects and pilots Focus & knowledge of health sector-50 years heritage with a strong brand intelecare market: USP ( Unique Selling -Small scale telehealth projectsProposition)Opportunities: Threats:-Innovation fund -Swine flu-Focus on outcomes, self care & -Recessionmanagement of Long Term Condition -No additional funding-Personalised services: ESP (EmotionalSelling Proposition) -Perception that technology cause social isolation-Innovation during difficult economic times -Lower awareness in health sector 6
  9. 9. Positioning map High Quality • • Docobo • Honeywell • Bosch • BroomwellLow Price High Price Low QualitySources of Information:Interview of Melanie Godley – 06/ 11/ 09(Telehealth Manager at Tunstall Marketing Department) 7
  10. 10. ANSOFF - ModelWe have decided to choose New Market Development Strategy.Target: Implementing Telehealth into the French market - Already big success with Telecare - High potential market - Close geographical situation to the UKObjectives: To implant our product into France - Become a well known reference in the health sector - Increasing the awareness level of the product - Make a profit with our product 8
  11. 11. Market segmentation• DGS (Direction générale de la santé)• DHOS (Direction des Hopitaux et de l’Organisation des Soins)• “Conseil régional”• “Communautés d’agglomérations” (group of municipalities)• Municipalities• Doctors• Hospitals• Pharmacy• Associations• Individuals 9
  12. 12. Marketing mix• Product • PriceWe don’t change the product monthly package price: 20€ to 25€• Place • Promotion-Agents -Exhibitions-Internet purchasing -Conferences attendances -Publicity in specialized health- Pharmacy magazines- Doctors -Presentations of telehealth in-Hospitals associations - Case studies/evidences - brochures 10
  13. 13. Marketing Objectives as a result of the SWOT: TOWS STRENGHTS WEAKNESSES OPPORTUNITIES SO: A key aim is to WO: Use the small scale promote telehealth through telehealth projects to telecare channels and build show it is a specialised on supplying integrated and customerized care pathways. service THREATS ST: Swine flu can lead us TW: Swine Flu has the to innovate and create potential to jeopardise new solutions for this any events organised type of diseases and delay projects so purchase doesn’t occur until the end of the issue.Position: To reduce the perceptual gaps, we have to invest incommunication marketing. We hope to become better than Docobo interms of pricing. Due to having the best result for our brand towards theconsumers. 11
  14. 14. Sale Forecast of Product for 2010 in FranceStarting from 2009 we expect to sell21000 product on a 2 year period .We expect to improve profit whichrepresenting 3%.Pessimistic Forecast:North of France: 20 000South of France: 18 000Realistic Forecast:North of France: 22 000South of France: 20 000 12
  15. 15. Yearly Action Plan & Marketing budgetPossibilities of co-positioning:• Non profit organisations fighting against diseases and maladies• Co operations with doctors medicines hospitals and pharmacies• High technology companies like Samsung who could implement our commodity in their product• Collaborating with health insurance companies and creating package deals.Maintaining our current market position• Sponsoring charity organisations like Telethon (France)• Supporting events fighting against diseases• Promoting the World Diabetes Day on November 14 13
  16. 16. New pricing strategy starting in 20111 year 25 € per month2 year 20 € per month3 – 10 year 15 € per monthCreating a new package deal1 Doctor visit + the Telehealth equipment 99 € per monthAdvertising and Promotion• Direct Marketing: sending brochures to French house holds with people who are older than 70• Participate at Medical Congresses and Fairs• Publishing adverts in health magazines and websites• Issuing a mailing to doctors medicines professors of the health care sector• Indirect Marketing: Recruiting 4 Promoting Agents for 4 regions 14
  17. 17. Enhancing Service Marketing principlesCompany standards to enhance the quality, acceptance and the brand awareness of our product in France• Communicate always clearly and friendly with the costumer• Don’t be intrusive to the client• Always respect the costumer’s private life• 24h repairing service• Guaranteed delivery in 48h• 24h Free Service Number• Keep the medical data of the patient confidential 15
  18. 18. GANTT SCHEMEWhat Who When DetailsMailing Campaign Marketing Until 1th of February Brochures for all the(Brochures) Communication 2010 French Households Manager with people over 70Mailing Campaign Marketing 3 weeks in advance Target Group: Health(email) Communication of the Congress of professionals Manager the 15th AprilRecruitment of 4 Human Resources Until the 1th of June 2 for the North ofSales and Promotion Department 2010 France 2 for theAgents South of FrancePublishing adverts in Marketing Until the 1th of Le magazine de lahealth magazines Communication October 2010 santéand websites Manager www.sante- 16
  19. 19. Marketing yearly BudgetYearly Budget: 1250 000 €Assumption: approx. 40 % = 500 000 €Ressources Amount Dispenser Expenses AmountTunstall 400 000 € Tunstall Salaries 300 000 €Partners 50 000 € Advertisement 50 000 €BNP PARIBAS Bank 50 000 € Trade Fairs 50 000 €(Short Term loan) Research 50 000 € Unexpected expenses 50 000 €Total 500 000 € Total 500 000 € 17
  20. 20. Control Procedures and Criteria of Success Control Bodies Control Tools (How) Succeeding Criterias (what) (who) Management Auditing Tools; Controlling Reasonable use of the Accounting Tools budget (Controlling) Independent Survey Surveys to determine the Level of the brand Agency perception of Tunstall in the awareness in the population population Customer Service Counting the amounts of Level of complains warranties and complains. Quality of after sales service General Comparison of the amount of Efficiency of our sales team Management sales with the forecast outcomesMilestones 2010 (when) Launching of Telehealth Mailing of Brochures Congres/Forum Recrutement of 4 Agents Journée Mondial des Diabetic (World Diabetics Day) / BPCO Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May. Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec. Mailing of emails 18 Publishing adverts