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Hairdressing furniture


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At Direct Salon Equipment, you’ll find Australia’s most innovative & competitive range of salon furniture at unbeatable everyday low prices. Over 200 items to choose from with several ranges to make Direct Salon Equipment your “One Stop Shop”. Whether you need a one off item or a full salon refurbishment, DSE is there for you. Our staff have been professionally trained only to give you free expert advice but more importantly honesty & our main aim is for you to pass the word around and share the experience you received at Direct Salon Equipment.

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Hairdressing furniture

  1. 1. Australias Wholesale Salon EquipmentMonday to FridayStrictly By Appointment Salon Equipment - HairDressing
  2. 2. Australias Wholesale Salon EquipmentMonday to FridayStrictly By Appointment UsWelcome Hairdressing/Beauty Professional.Direct Salon Equipment (DSE) is your ultimate source of Furniture and Equipment forhairdressing & beauty salons Australia wide. Our world class furniture and equipment isunsurpassed in quality, design and value. Our mission is to offer the most beautiful andexclusive salon furniture and equipment at the most convenient price, direct from themanufacturer to the Salon Professional.Our head office in Melbourne is located just 15 mins from the CBD & allows us to ship ourproducts to you, our valued customer within one business day. We welcome you to visit ourshowroom located at Unit 20, 25-27 Hocking Street, Coburg North, (strictly by appointmentonly) where you will find the finest selection in design furniture for your salon.Our complete confidence in our product allows DSE to offer you a 12 month warranty on allitems we manufacture. This offer excludes electrical items which are instead backed by a 6month warranty. As always, when you order a DSE product, you pick the colours, size, accentsand options. We do the utmost to make it to your specifications & needs.Our experienced sales & design team can assist you in the lay out of your floor plan thatmaximizes space, incorporate new services such as styling chairs, wash basins,styling wall units,front counters & more. This complimentary service ensures that we can turn the sometimesdaunting task of creating a new salon into an enjoyable experience.Whether it be the purchase of a minor refurbishment or maybe even a complete fitout for yoursalon, DSE can also provide a broad range of finance alternatives to meet your needs. Newequipment can be the lifeblood of any salon. Why buy this equipment outright when you canhave the cashflow and tax benefits associated with leasing the equipment you need? Terms &Conditions apply.We look forward to assisting you in turning the salon of your dreams into a reality.Kind Regards,Managing Director
  3. 3. Australias Wholesale Salon EquipmentMonday to FridayStrictly By Appointment Children’s HairEasily with SalonChairs for KidsA hair salon business, although it canbe quite profitable, it can be a bit of achallenge sometimes. One of thechallenges that you will encounter iscutting a childs hair. With this kind ofproblem, there are some tools andequipment that you can set-up inyour salon in order for the service togo smoothly such as salon chairs forkids.You just can help it. Children willalways be children so they will whine,cry, shout, and scream some more.You have to understand that parentsbring them to a salon because theycannot do it themselves. They areentrusting to your hands theirchildren so you have to keep yourpart of the bargain. But how can youwhen they are always movingaround, wiggling? That is why youneed to look for the right salon chairfor kids.In order for you to cut a childs hair,you need to be very careful. You haveto get their attention and gain theirtrust. Now since they are children,they will be attracted to colorful andfun things. You can choose salonchairs that they will like such as onethat is designed like an airplane forthe boys to enjoy or a throne fit for aprincess, some animals, vehicles, andcartoon characters, something thatwill entice them to sit still while youcut their hair. These chairs come indifferent styles and colors that willsurely appeal to younger customers.You also need to consider not just thedesign but also the safety andcomfort of the little ones. The chairmust have an adjustable gas lift andsome straps to keep them in place.We do not want them falling off theirseat, do we?The most important factor in workingon kids is your staff. There will be
  4. 4. Australias Wholesale Salon EquipmentMonday to FridayStrictly By Appointment who are well-behaved butexpect that there will be those whoare hard to control. Some would bevery afraid for their hair to be cut bystrangers. Your staff must be able tohandle different personalities, makethem feel comfortable while they arein your establishment, and keep theirattention all throughout the session.After the haircut, give these littleones a treat at the salon receptiondesk to let them know that they havebeen a good little boy or girl. Onceyou have done this, more and morecustomers will visit your salon justbecause of a few satisfied ones. Somake sure you have the proper hairsalon supplies and equipment andknow how to please your customersall the time.Exude Beauty withthe Right Hair andBeauty SuppliesBeauty is art. We all seek it and wewant to experience it in everythingand in anything that we do. That isthe reason why the beauty industry isa booming one. Having a salonbusiness can almost guarantee ahuge success in the owner’s part. Ofcourse, this is not just an easybusiness. A lot is at stake here andyou have to do your part as well. Tobe able to run this kind of businessmeans having the right hair andbeauty supplies, as well as hiringtalented stylists and beauticians.Owning a hair and beauty salonbusiness does not only mean havingan attractive place or a strategiclocation. There is so much more thatyou need to think about if you wantyour business to thrive and gainconstant flow of customers.Remember that people are alwayswilling to spend their time andmoney just to look good and to feel
  5. 5. Australias Wholesale Salon EquipmentMonday to FridayStrictly By Appointment It is your job to make sure thatthey don’t regret that.One of the reasons why you canguarantee that this type of business ishere to stay is the growth ofpopulation worldwide. This simplymeans any salon business willcontinue to do well as more andmore people want to look and feelpresentable. This also means that youneed to cater these people so youmust acquire the needed hair andbeauty supplies in order to offer thebest service there is.Here is a list of things that you needin your establishment to offer theright assistance to your customers.1. Stools, sofas, and chairs2. Mirrors3. Hair and Hands Washing Area4. Reception Desk, Tables, and OtherFurniture5. Hair Dryers and Blowers6. Towels7. Hair Scissors and Cutters8. Razors and Blades9. Capes10. Water spray11. Hair Steamers12. Trolleys13. Shampoos, Conditioners, andOther Hair ProductThese are not a complete list but it’sa good start. Then you can do yourown research and find out what arethe other necessary things that youshould have in order to gain yourclient’s trust. Once they haveexperienced a good service from youand you have treated each and everyone of them like they are the mostimportant customer, then they willsurely come back and see you againfor another treatment. To get these,you can get salon supplies online andget them at a much lesser price.Getting ThreeThumbs Up With TheBest HairdressingSuppliesKeeping your clients pleased andsatisfied is the ultimate way of beingable to keep your beauty salon
  6. 6. Australias Wholesale Salon EquipmentMonday to FridayStrictly By Appointment competitive. You can gettheir three thumbs up easily if youinvest on the right kinds ofhairdressing supplies. This short posttalks about a few tips in looking forthe best.Where to shop?a. You can either shop from theinternet or from actual retail stores.b. Actual shops allow you topersonally review, assess, andscrutinize the products beingfeatured. You may also get to testthem with the help of salesrepresentatives.c. Online sites are more convenientsince you no longer have to travel toactual stores. Most of the time, theyalso provide more affordable deals.d. The downside of online shopping isthe fact that it does not allow you toevaluate the merchandise well. This isthe reason why you have to be extracareful in picking credible sites.e. Only buy from online shops thatyou are already aware of and thosethat carry brands that are known tobe reputable.f. Be careful in handing out yourpersonal and credit details forinternet payments. See to it that thesites are secure before doing so.Secure ones usually have the imageof a sealed lock and unbroken key.Their URLs also start with “https://”rather than just “http://”. Theadditional “s” stands for secure.How to get the best ones?a. Always spend time in reviewingexpert ratings and client testimonialsconcerning the supplies that youneed.b. If you are unsure about theproduct quality, you can always get asample first before buying in bulk.c. To avoid wasting money on thethings that you do not need, be sureto be aware of the types of
  7. 7. Australias Wholesale Salon EquipmentMonday to FridayStrictly By Appointment required for the kind ofservices that your salon provides.d. Also keep in mind how manyclients your stylists may be able tocater at a time. This will guide you inthe quantity of merchandise topurchase.e. Pick the items that have a reliableservice warranty. This usually costsmore but it will keep your toolssecure on a long-term basis.f. Be aware of the return andexchange policies in case issues arisealong the way.g. Ask whether there are options forroutine maintenance and upkeepservices for equipment such asfurniture and electronic devices.The right hair salon equipment canenable your stylists to perform theircraft at their best. This would leadyour business to having satisfiedclients and more stable sales. Followthe tips and guidelines listed above toguide you in your shopping choices.