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  • statistics show that immigrants who learn to read and write earn 20% more than immigrants that do not.
  • But when millions lack the ability to read or write, they are unable to attain the self-sufficiency they need to lift themselves out of poverty. Microloan resources that could help them start businesses require basic math, reading, and writing skills to keep records and grow their businesses
  • 18+ our youngest learner is 19 our oldest is 73, when you learn to write in English or read, not everything keeps pace. so just because you can read at one level doesn’t mean you can write or spell at that same level.
  • Must speak English, doesn’t have to be great, but you and the tutor need to be able to communicate
  • the council provides each learner with a tutor who will work towards your goal.
  • meet for at least 1 hour a week with tutor. can meet
  • you and your tutor decide what day and time works the best for your schedule. Maybe it is Monday’s at 2:00 or Fridays
  • tutoring takes place at public places like libraries, school, mc donalds etc.
  • we do not charge for our services – no cost to learner
  • at no cost to learner. We provide the books
  • some of the things are learners can now do that they couldn’t before are:voteus citizensdrivers license
  • some of the things are learners can now do that they couldn’t before are:voteus citizensdrivers license
  • can you spell, do you know the alphabet? Need to find out what you do and don’t know.
  • In order to figure out what type of materials you need we must assess or test you to see what areas you are strong in and what areas you need help with. We look at what level of reader you are, what you can spell, how well you can write and can you sound out words. We try to help with reading, writing, spelling and working towards new life skills.
  • Assessment is a big word for test or a way for the council to see what your strengths are and where you need help.
  • this is a little harder
  • next step up
  • next step up
  • farther yet
  • not bad, but still needs work.
  • why do some people leave or do not come to see us? What can get in the way of learning or your education?
  • last year our learners accomplished

    1. 1. Learn to Read and Grow { Literacy
    2. 2. Make more money  more involved in the community  involved in your child's educations  have a say in government  protect your rights  use a computer  get a job  buy a home  have a voice!  Why should you learn to read?
    3. 3.  Many people, especially women are denied the chance to learn. This puts you at risk. In South and West Asia, only one in two women can read or write, compared to seven out of 10 men. Why should you learn to read?
    4. 4.    Escape Poverty In Sub-Saharan Africa, 47.5 percent of the population lives on less than $1.25 per day. Millions lack the reading skills needed to get out of poverty. ½ a hamburger for $1.25 Why should I learn to read and write?
    5. 5. We teach adults to read, write and spell.
    6. 6. Need to speak passable English
    7. 7. One to one tutoring
    8. 8. Meet in public for 1 hour a week
    9. 9. You and tutor set up a time that works for each of your schedules.
    10. 10. Meet at libraries, school, public places
    11. 11. FREE – no fee to participate
    12. 12. We provide the books.
    13. 13. vote in elections become U.S. citizens get a license to drive Adults gain new life skills
    14. 14. find jobs or better paying jobs visit with teachers at school go to college Adults gain new life skills
    15. 15. find better deals understand movies and TV Adults gain new life skills
    16. 16. What skills do you have?
    17. 17. Assessments
    18. 18. Assessments
    19. 19. Assessments
    20. 20. Assessments
    21. 21. Assessments
    22. 22. Assessments
    23. 23. We work on spelling and writing.
    24. 24. We work on spelling and writing .
    25. 25. Barriers to learning
    26. 26.         6 people became citizens 5 people got drivers license 10 people got jobs 5 got higher paying, more fulfilling jobs 3 got to vote 1 person obtained a CDL license (drive a truck) 80% obtained new life skills 5 people started college Success
    27. 27.    www.siouxfallsliteracy.com call us at 332-2665 or 332-BOOK 629 S. Minnesota Ave. #201 How to contact us
    28. 28. questions