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Poq Mobile Slideshow


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Poq Mobile Slideshow

  1. 1. Michael Langguth Co-founder Poq Studio Mobile – Commerce Platform
  2. 2. Brick-and-Mortar Stores eCommerce mCommerce Brick-and-Mortar Stores eCommerce mCommerce 2011 – Actual % 83.2 11.2 1.8 2015 – Estimate % 70.8 CHANNEL REVENUE % SPLITS RETAIL IS CHANGING
  3. 3. IT’S THE BIG DEBATE IT’S THE BIG DEBATE Do you need a mobile app if you already have a mobile website?
  4. 4. WOULD AN APP BENEFIT YOUR BUSINESS? THE POQ STUDIO CHECKLIST o Significant income from online sales or a multi-channel brand with a growing proportion of sales online. o A loyal customer base. o A high proportion of web visits from one mobile platform (iOS or Android).
  5. 5. ALREADY GOT A MOBILE WEBSITE? WHY WOULD YOU NEED AN APP? We think this is the wrong question to ask. The right one is: Do your customers want to shop from you using a mobile app?
  6. 6. ALREADY GOT A MOBILE WEBSITE? WHY WOULD YOU NEED AN APP? According to Econsultancy, 85% of consumers prefer apps to mobile websites.
  7. 7. THE BENEFITS FOR CONSUMERS Apps are immersive, with your product images filling the full-screen. They are faster, smoother to use, load right from the customer’s homescreen, and give brand updates in the form of push notifications.
  8. 8. THE BENEFITS FOR RETAILERS: o A new marketing channel. o Target your most valuable customers. o More features available. o Better conversion rate.
  9. 9. APP VS MOBILE WEB: WHAT DO CONSUMERS THINK? There are two separate audiences. APP “Because I’ve got the apps that I tend to look at regularly, that’s where I’d start. I’d go to my shopping folders, start looking and just click through and start shopping“ MOBILE WEB “I prefer the mobile web because I'm often on other websites and it's easier to switch between web pages than to go in and out of different apps.”.” Quotes from consumer interviews conducted by Poq Studio
  10. 10. APP VS MOBILE WEB: WHAT DO RETAILERS THINK? “A mobile site is quick and convenient for shoppers, who will maybe download your app one day. An app is for your brand advocates, where the key is loyalty and engagement“ Caroline Rolfe, eCommerce Director at Belstaff
  11. 11. o made 50% of their $100m online revenue through their mobile and tablet apps o Free People increased total sales by 10% with an iPhone app in the first week of launching it. SUCCESSFUL MCOMMERCE APPS US BRANDS ARE SHOWING THE WAY
  12. 12. o A whole new sales channel – in-app sales. Our data shows no cannibalisation of other mobile sales. o More than 100% increase in their mobile conversion rate - Up from <1% to >2% CASE STUDY MODA IN PELLE – IPHONE APP
  13. 13. o A way to reach super-fans – 400% increase of sessions after push-notifications. o High mobile retention - 30% of downloads become monthly active users. CASE STUDY MODA IN PELLE – IPHONE APP
  14. 14. MCOMMERCE INSIGHTS FROM THE POQ MOBILE PLATFORM o The peak time to shop for fashion on mobile in London is 10.45pm – at home!
  15. 15. MCOMMERCE INSIGHTS FROM THE POQ MOBILE PLATFORM o Brands are getting a steady flow of downloads from the iTunes Store and through banners on their websites. o On average downloads increase by about 25% each month.
  16. 16. THE FUTURE OF MCOMMERCE IS ROOTED IN PHYSICAL RETAIL Online Shopping Mobile Physical Retail
  20. 20. We’d love to help you engage with your most loyal customer on mobile. Talk to us to find out what we can do! 020 7749 7211