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The 4Ps of Mobile Marketing


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How to integrate mobile in your marketing campaigns - presentation at Mobile Marketing Forum, Bucharest 16th May

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The 4Ps of Mobile Marketing

  1. 1. How To Integrate Mobile In YourMarketing CampaignsMobile Marketing ForumBucharest 16th May 2013Dan VirtopeanuManaging Partner
  2. 2. Marketing 4P Are Still Valid
  3. 3. Mobile’s 4P In Marketingermissionarticipationresenceower
  4. 4. First P - Presence
  5. 5. Presence: Local Shipments
  6. 6. Mobile Is The Most Used Technology
  7. 7. Smartphones & Tablets• 5 millions smartphones in Romania (90% connected)• 0,6 million tablets (50% connected)• Right now, the smartphone community is the size of Facebook community.=
  8. 8. Presence Quick Facts150 times a day61% - Mobile Phone is the first thing to notice44% - Mobile is the first thing to notice whenwake up and last thing they see at nightNomophobia: the fear of being without amobile phone
  9. 9. Exaggerated Presence
  10. 10. Presence Reshapes RetailCarrefour Mobile App changes the items in the shopping list uponthe location to match the order of the items in the shopping aisles
  11. 11. Second P - PermissionCritical in any direct marketing actionSuccess proven by different brands like Gillette, BMW, GirlsWalker and ad networks like Blyk, Qustodian
  12. 12. Third P : ParticipationMobile is the only ubiquitous media deviceBest Mobile Marketing Campaign Carling Black Label (over 10 milparticipants)Lay’s over one million flavor suggestions via mobile
  13. 13. Fourth P - Power
  14. 14. The Fourth Life Of The Mobile Phonevoice text internet apps
  15. 15. Mobile Reshapes News Business49% read news onmobile phone
  16. 16. Mobile Reshapes HealthMore than half of US smartphone owners use their device astheir pocket doctor.
  17. 17. Power From The BrandsIkea set up furniture app won twice as best marketing appNivea mobile sunscreen alarm – send sms alerts when need shade orstronger sunscreenNivea sun alarm – wake you up early if is sunny, let you sleep more if is badweatherTomi Ahonen – MMA Forum New York 2013
  18. 18. Integrate Mobile In Campaignsalesngagementwareness
  19. 19. Display Campaigns For CPGAwareness focused campaigns are typically more effective than directresponse campaigns - 2012 study worldwide
  20. 20. How To Integrate Better Mobile?Adapt to device and contextUse unique featuresMeasure and refine
  21. 21. Case Study For AwarenessNokia Lumia Campaign – winner Australianmobile awards 20122:20 visit duration79.3% new visitors
  22. 22. Mobile & Shopping
  23. 23. Mobile & SalesMobile is the missing link between all the media and store10 billion mobile coupons will be redeemed in 2013Impact 10 times higher than online/physical coupons (Juniper 2013)Available on any mobile phoneCoupon delivery using any mobile tool: SMS, App, BrowserEasy to redeemMMA Survey Immediacy of Mobile Shopping: in convenience stores and gasstations 66% shop within the hour
  24. 24. Mobile & SalesMobile virtual trials DirectopticShoppers who try eyeglasses have 41% higher conversion rate and spend12.5% moreAxe Wake Up Girl increased sales 300%Macy’s In Store GPS: a new way to fight the decrease of the impulse buy atcheck out
  25. 25. Engagement CampaignsAll media (TV, print, outdoor, online, radio) can engage audience using mobiletools: QR Codes, OCR apps, SMS.Coca Cola Chok Chok Chok won the best mobile marketing campaign at MWC2013
  26. 26. Engagement CampaignsFrom the real world we can engage audience on social networks using mobile(likes, shares, check-in, post photos)Granata Pet (Foursquare on the street)Diesel (in store likes on Facebook)
  27. 27. SmartPhone – Best Engagement Device
  28. 28. Mobile & MarketingMobile’s 4Ps in marketing: Presence, Permission, Participation, PowerGood integration of mobile in the marketing campaigns helpsawareness, boost sales and drive best engagement
  29. 29. Q&A