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Specialists in polyester.


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Catalogue Poliéster Melció

  1. 1. PRESENTATION As a general manager of Poliester Melció it’s a pleasure for us to introduce our new catalogue, result of the years of experience and dedication of the whole human equipment that are part of this company. In this new catalogue we want to show, in addition to what we have been offering so far, new products directly related to the environment and sustainable development, such as air filters, decantation tanks, compact water-treatment plant,... always adapting to the emerging market demands. Just to remind you that we are prepared to implement any project, idea or need that arises. IN POLIESTER MELCIÓ WE CAN DO ALMOST ANYTHING. Thank you for the trust placed in us. MELCIÓ SOLÀ PORTÉ General Manager of Poliester Melció, SL
  2. 2. pRODUCT LIST Vertical Tanks Horizontal Tanks Metallic Structures Special Tanks Complements for Tanks and Structures Coatings and Waterproofings Swimming Pools Fish Farms Decanters and Silos Air Purification NEW Cattle Material Wine Tanks Standard Tanks Special Pieces Measures according to capacity
  3. 3. VERTICAL TANKSFlat-bottom vertical tanks of different diameters made with the suitable resin tocontain any liquids.White painted, with level band, manhole, outlet flange, lifting hooks of elevation andanchorages. It is possible to add any other complement. Oil reactors Tanks with polyester feet Accumulators of chemical products Broad-based tanks Several standard models Large capacity tanks for chemical products (70.000l.)
  4. 4. HORIZONTAL VATHorizontal tanks made with the suitable resin to contain all type of liquids. Whitepainted, with level stripe, manhole and outlet flange of total emptying. It ispossible to add any other complement. Vat for maceration of wine Vats for machinery Vat with supporter feet for surface Vat of small tow Vat with large capacity of surface Vat for basements Vat of transport with breakwater Reinforced vats to bury
  5. 5. STEEL STRUCTURESRectangular tanks with metallic structure can adapt to any measure requested by ourclients.Very used as water storage system for fight-fighting team in parking and basements,as compact filter systems... Interior of the structure Assemblies great capacity Exits on planeThe metal framework is made with square tube 40x40x4 with anticorrosive treatment and painted with RAL color to determining 70.000l compact filter system with shed of built-in bombs
  6. 6. sPECIAL TANKSSample of some special tanks made according to the needs of his function andplacement. Tanks for fire engine bodywork Tank for hotel basement with diverse water outlets Deposits for cooling of wine cellars Sauna tank Tanks for stairs hollow Tank of tanker truck Regulatory tank
  7. 7. cOMPLEMENTS FOR TANKS AND STRUCTURES Wanting to fully satisfy the needs of our clients, we add any additions requested for tanks and structures.Filling tube, outside or Screwed mouth Support table for tanks Exit of bridle Supports for blenders of Dry level inside reactors Access ladderTop stainless lid Aerator Rectangular stainless Oval stainless emergency Elevation ears / anchor- emergency mouth mouth ages Special covers Output PVC Cover with water seal Conical bottom of total Conical bottom of total Conical bottom of total emptying. Skirt Feet emptying. Polyester feet emptying. Polyester lined metal feet
  8. 8. REVESTIMIENTOS E IMPERMEABILIZACIONESPolyester coatings are the best solution for wall repair and pieces that suffer theaction of physical, mechanical and chemical agents, leaving a waterproof finish, smooth,seamless, washable, which impedes the adhesion of chemical products such as fats,oils, acids, and microorganisms such as mosses, mildew and bacteria.We have mobile units to carry out any project or repair for any national or Europeanlevel. Cold-storage room Roof Channels Terraces Vehicles Pit of workshop for oil Before Work cisterns Insulated boxes After Window box Shower Trays Aquariums
  9. 9. POOLSThere is a wide range of possibilities within the world of manufacturing pools. Withpolyester we carry any project respecting the chosen design of our clients.We can cover pools with polyester as an antidampness and antiescape insurance withspecified paint finish, or for further application of gresite, tiles, stone... Separate pool Sources Stairs Polyester finish Gresite finish Pool with beach Water Park Currently we have the newest possibility to manufacture, made-to-measure, the iron-framed pool, ideal for placement on terraces and penthouses.
  10. 10. FISH FARMSManufacture of any type of tank for the fish containment, always adapted to theneeds of our clients.Sample of some of the works carried out in several nationwide fish farms. *nEW Polyurethane insulated pool Pool 30.000 l. Various Tanks
  11. 11. DECANTERS AND SILOS Silos made of polyester are especially recommended for providing a number ofDecanters or thickeners tanks are cylindrical tanks with conical base surface, withmetal legs, available in different diameters and heights. With soothing bell and advantages such as resistance to corrosion, perfect escape, interior completelyThomson dump made entirely of polyester. smooth, prevents condensation, visible level of content, external temperature resistant... We have silos of different sizes, indicated to contain grain, salt, fodder… Decanter Silos
  12. 12. AIR PURIFICATION *neWCylinder filled with pine bark, for filtering the air. Inlet humidified air with airpulverization water-sprinklers. Withdrawal tray of the remaining water combined tothe outlet. Inner tube air inlet Upper part Tubing accessories for junction Ship inlet pipe jointed to ventilators Air filter
  13. 13. LIVESTOCK EQUIPMENTManufacturers of quality products for years, guaranteed by the use of resins withstabilizer of light, and resistant to passage of the time and weather. V-shaped vent Plane vent Normal window Standard Door (Possibility of camera or splitted) Corral gate Purine hatch with or with- out guides Loading shovel Window with camera (5cm.) Farm windows
  14. 14. WINE TANKSLong years of experience making tanks for the wine sector support us. Vertical tanks of total emptying, thermometer, sample faucet, rectangular stainless lid, top stainless lid and stretch level. Several models and accessories
  15. 15. STANDARD TANKSCylindrical or rectangular tanks painted white, with or without lids, particularly suit- Measuresable to contain potable water. It’s characterized by its lightness, strength and easytransport. RECTANGULARS Capacity (l.) Length Width Height 100 67 52 44 300 117 73 49 500 132 87 58 1000 128 95 87 CYLINDRICAL Capacity (l.) Diameter Height 100 46 69 200 59 91 Rectangular Cylindrical 300 74 96 500 95 100Oval tanks created specially for narrow passageways with strip manhole and stretchlevel. 700 108 108 1000 115 132 1500 160 104 2000 160 121 3000 160 180 OVALS Capacity (l.) Length Width Height 600 128 70 90 1000 128 70 160 Oval 1500 128 70 240
  16. 16. SPECIAL PARTS We have the necessary equipment for the imple- mentation of any polyester project. Abac Hotel Planter Skylight T4 Madrid Artificial stone Molds for concrete Channel junction box All-terrain vehicle bodywork Bench Jardiland Replication Theater piece panels Globe Buddhist temple piece Technical piece Technical piece Water Park Engine cover sheets Aquariums Autowater planter Restoration mold Technical Molds Piece with metal anchorages Coating monastery channel
  17. 17. mEASURES ACCORDING TO capaciTYLITRES DMTR 500 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 8000 10000 12000 15000 18000 20000 25000 30000 40000 50000 65 170 325 90 90 170 325 480 100 75 150 280 400 525 650 120 95 190 280 370 460 550 130 80 160 250 320 400 470 150 120 180 240 290 360 470 200 110 140 170 200 270 340 400 550 590 650 250 220 260 340 380 420 560 650 300 300 390 450 600 750
  18. 18. POLIÉSTER MELCIÓ, S.L. C/ Major, 163 25100 ALMACELLES (LLEIDA) Telephone: 973 74 04 96 Mobile: 629 14 47 74 Fax: 973 74 22