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So your content strategy is on its way to reality. What's next?


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This presentation covers what companies should be thinking about after they have done a content strategy and they are looking toward the future and a new vision.

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So your content strategy is on its way to reality. What's next?

  1. 1. So your content strategy is on its way to reality. What’s next? Pam Noreault ACI Worldwide @pnoreault@LavaCon
  2. 2. Contact Information • • • pnoreault - Twitter • Pam Noreault - LinkedIn @pnoreault@LavaCon
  3. 3. Session objectives • • • • • • • • Metrics and measurements - Proving ROI Integrating other departments and company acquisitions Streamlining processes and workflows Implementing multi-channel publishing Implementing on-demand publishing Improving content quality Generating revenue Integrating customer research, feedback, and ideas into content
  4. 4. Session assumptions ● Selected a content authoring standard like DocBook or DITA ● Purchased a CMS or are seeking funding for one ● CMS includes a publishing engine with branded multiple outputs
  5. 5. Proving the ROI • Business impact – increased sales or revenue, improved selfhelp, reduced support calls • Overall project release time - time saved and calculated cost • Documentation project costs • Content reuse - Measure the amount of content reused rather than rewritten and costs saved • Translation cost savings • Automating manual processes - Measure the before and after, calculate cost DITA Metrics 101 by Mark Lewis DITA Metrics 101 Companion Workbook
  6. 6. Reach out to others Socialize to get other areas of business using the CMS: ●Training ●Marketing ●Corporate Communications ●Support ●Legal ●IT ●Development
  7. 7. Streamline processes Empower others to analyze: ● Automate other manual processes (reviews, publishing?) ● Tweak automated processes ● Eliminate processes that make no sense ● Add guidelines where necessary and eliminate others
  8. 8. Streamline workflows Look at the following to simplify and standardize workflows: • Topic • Image • Review • Publishing Goals • Reduce overhead • Eliminate barriers to success • Eliminate manual processes • Keep it simple
  9. 9. Multi-channel publishing Definition: Publishing the same content to several deliverables, such as PDF, HTML5, and help. ●Prioritize the outputs and brand them ●Stop focusing on the small things (page breaks, spacing, etc.) ●Start focusing on simple branding via CSS ●Start focusing on HTML5 which resizes to display on cell phones, tablets, and PCs
  10. 10. On-demand publishing ● Start simple ● Pilot a small project ● Roll out one piece at a time (you don’t need the kitchen sink) ● Charge customers for it
  11. 11. On-demand publishing ● Ideas ○ ○ ○ ○ Simple - Online form builds a map file. Someone builds the output from map file and emails PDF. Intermediate - Online form builds a map file, online form builds CSS, someone builds HTML5, and posts for download. Advanced - Online form builds a map file, online form builds CSS, kicks a batch file to build HTML5, batch file publishes for download. Ultimate - Cloud-based publishing engine with a GUI front end for customers.
  12. 12. Improving content quality • • • • • • Consistency Reuse Style enforcement Concise writing Modern delivery methods User interactivity Bottom Line - Customer research to find out what your customers need. Not what they want.
  13. 13. Measuring content quality Content Measurement Tom Comerford Intelligent Content Conference 2013 SlideShare is an invaluable source of knowledge for our industry.
  14. 14. Generate revenue from content ● Customized content for customers ● Multi-channel publishing with customized content ● On-demand publishing ● Training materials for customers ● eLearning for customers ● Interactive content support portal ● Customized support portal based on what the customer purchases
  15. 15. Customer engagement • • • • • • Customer engagement is key Focus groups to generate innovative ideas Feedback groups Customer research to learn customer needs Online feedback mechanisms Beta testing groups Steve Jobs did not design by focus groups. How can you get ahead of the curve if your customer feedback mostly consists of today's popular ideas?
  16. 16. Key takeaways 1. Constant improvement - measure it and tout it 2. Customer engagement is critical and not optional 3. You are never finished
  17. 17. Contact information Pam Noreault Twitter: pnoreault LinkedIn: Pam Noreault