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Starting Your Journey In Game Localization


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Starting Your Journey In Game Localization

  1. 1. Starting Your Journey In Game Localization Anthony Teixeira EN to FR Game Translator
  2. 2. Table of Contents  What studies?  Freelance vs. in-house  Preparation  Gaining experience  Finding work in-house  Finding work as a freelancer  More on networking  Start acting now!
  3. 3. What Studies?  Relevant university studies: - Audiovisual translation - Translation (general) - Languages and culture  If you’ve already graduated... - Lessons/Courses/Books online and offline - Seminars/Workshops - Consider taking a certification exam
  4. 4. Freelancing vs. Working In-House  Freelancing... - More freedom - Requires motivation/self-discipline - Getting established takes time - Possible better long-term income and security  Working in-house... - Stable income, no need to hunt new clients - More focused work - Limited financial prospects
  5. 5. Preparation  Learn about the ins and outs of the job (read articles/ebooks, take courses, etc.)  Build a solid CV/introduction highlighting relevant strengths  Gain experience with a few projects > Many potential employers and clients will ask you to take a test, be ready to deliver
  6. 6. Gaining Experience (Part I)  Offer free translation to indie devs  A few ways to get started: - Browse the Indie Game Localization group on Facebook - Contact indie devs directly - Offer to translate game mods, articles, fan sites, reviews, open source games, etc. - [!] Keep word counts reasonable
  7. 7. Gaining Experience (Part II) The LocJAM:  Online game translation contest, a chance to compare your skills to your peers  Free and open: No need to join the contest, you can translate and share your work anytime  Local study groups: Generally before/during LocJAMs. Great opportunity to learn & network
  8. 8. Gaining Experience (Part III)  Start in a different position in the game/localization industry  Many game translators started in testing, marketing, project management, etc.  Consider internships
  9. 9. Finding Work In-House  Specialized sites (games-career, Gamasutra)  General job sites (indeed, monster, LinkedIn)  Local job sites  Translation portals (Proz, TranslatorsCafé)  Dev websites, social media accounts  Networking, online and offline
  10. 10. Finding Work as a Freelancer  Check job postings on translation portals (Proz, TranslatorsCafé)  Contact specialized agencies directly  Freelance offers on job sites  Networking, online and offline
  11. 11. More on Networking...  Prepare business cards and an introduction  Join associations, attend meetings  Go to game/translation conferences, seminars  Also look for informal meetings around you  Use social media to interact with colleagues and game developers
  12. 12. Start Acting Now!  Define your goals and strategy  Look for communities around you  Join the IGDA LocSIG group on Facebook  Let’s connect   Slides and full-text version are available on:

Editor's Notes

  • University offering audiovisual translation studies (Europe):
    Certification exam: ATA (
  • Translation Tests: agencies (pass/fail, mostly objective criteria) vs. direct clients (shootouts, emphasis on style, more vague instructions)

  • Join groups for indie developers on LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. Too many to list here, but a quick search on the respective websites should return good results
    A list of open source games:
  • Check and the introduction I wrote here:
  • Always check payment practices before accepting work from agencies, for example with the Blue Board on Proz
    A few agencies to help you get started:
    All Correct
    Betafix Services
    Game Audio Factory
    Gorgone Productions
    Janus Worldwide
    Jinglebell Communication
    Keywords International
    La Marque Rose
    Pink Noise
    Pole to Win
    Studio Arkì
    T-recs studios