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A Simple Social Media Platform


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A platform to connect user data from exercises to their friends on social networks. At the same time acting as a CRM system for the club owners to deliver better service and increase long-term client retention.

Published in: Business, Technology
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A Simple Social Media Platform

  1. 1. A Simple Social Media Platform for a Fitness Club Gym Data Server/crm Share Social All the exercise data Share my result on and measurements will be transferred to a social networks, realtime or later. Media server. System will monitor any comments and replies to my activities. People can access the club’s server over the web and manage Goals their data, set sharing options, etc. For the Store Send personal goals or club owner the server Get social media Personal profiles competitor challenges acts as a CRM activities back to Brand’s Fan Pages to the equipment. database to track their system. To have a Branded Allocations Gym equipment logs clients behavior and complete log of me in with RFID tag progress. Helping to events. Users can Results can be posted and sends all the data find and satisfy hidden track their peer to personal profile or to club’s server where needs, thus increasing responses in one the club’s Facebook it can be accessed long-term client place. The club application that lets me over the web. retention. owners can mine compete against other trend info from the people or set public social chatter and goals. This can be improve their done automagically RFID Tracking offerings. every time new results come in. Identify myself with I can check my RFID tag when using progress and edit The application posts gym equipment. setting. status updates to users feed, promoting the fitness club to the friends of the user.