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Live Life


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Live Life the way it should be

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Live Life

  1. 1. The Day Saw the beginning, So did I A new world is waiting for you, murmured the silence around Life is a joy if you feel it Life is a horror if you felt it Life is fun if you had it Life is sorrow if you lived it Life is GREAT if you said it
  2. 2. If Opportunity doesn't knocks, build the Door
  3. 3. He will pick you up
  4. 4. You seem to be alone here
  5. 6. Patience is the ability to let your Light shine after your fuse has blown
  6. 7. Together 2,3,4,5,6 and on Creates Life worth living
  7. 8. To find a fault may be easy But to do something better is difficult
  8. 9. Mind is Oil Heart is Thread Light is Soul Reflection is Reality
  9. 10. Guard your inner feelings From others Let layers of walls guard you Of any misfortunes
  10. 11. He is a beauty on any ground Rugged, hard or soft
  11. 12. If you can Dream it, you can do it
  12. 13. If you say it cannot be done, Do not interrupt any one willing to do it
  13. 14. Clouds are dark Night is darker Black is colour covers all Light is Hope and Hope is what You should have Today you lost, even yesterday, even Day before and so on but Tomorrow is Hope you will WIN all Over. LIVE Life as it should be LIVED