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Daily thoughts ppt

  1. 1. There are two kind of people in the world Givers & Takers The takers may eat better but givers sleep better
  2. 2. Thought for the Day Learn from Zero Staying at the Back Giving own power & Support To those who are in front & Still being Egoless
  3. 3. If you focus on Results You will never Change Instead if you focus on Change You will get Results
  4. 4. Thought for the Day Always take extra care of 3 things in your life Trust, Promise & Relationships Because they don’t make a noise When they break but hurt the most.
  5. 5. Ability determines What you are capable of doing Motivation determines How much more you can do But Attitude determines How well you can do So have a Positive Attitude everyday
  6. 6. Thought for the Day Productivity is never an accident. Its always the result of Commitment to excellence, Intelligent planning & Focused Effort
  7. 7. Essence of Management Lies in Dropping the last Alphabet of the word MANAGE MENt – i.e Manage the Team Still better, drop the last two alphabets MANAGE MEnt – i.e Manage our own selves.
  8. 8. Thought for the Day Life sometimes takes unknown turn. Don’t be afraid to travel it. Someday that turn will take you to Untouched heights on the top of the World.
  9. 9. Worrying does not reduce yesterday’s sorrows But it empties today’s strength
  10. 10. Thought for the Day Time is the only Capital of the Human race Which he cannot increase as per his wish So ultimately It is the only capital which he cannot afford to loose. Spend your time carefully……
  11. 11. Challenges are High, Dreams are New The World out there is waiting for You Dare to Dream, Dare to try No Goal is too Distant, No Star is too High.
  12. 12. Thought for the Day People make mistakes. We are allowed to make mistakes. But the actions we take while in a rage will haunt us forever.
  13. 13. "Good Life starts only when You stop wanting a better One"
  14. 14. Thought for the Day If You fall don’t see The place where you fell But see the place where you slipped Success is all about Correcting the mistakes.
  15. 15. We Believe Erasers are for People who make errors But the Fact is Erasers are for the People Who are willing to correct their Mistakes Learn to Learn from you Mistakes.
  16. 16. Thought for the Day Success is a measure as decided by others. Satisfaction is a measure as decided by you
  17. 17. Challenges are High, Dreams are New The World out there is waiting for You Dare to Dream, Dare to try No Goal is too Distant, No Star is too High.
  18. 18. Thought for the Day Success is Neither Magical nor Mysterious Success is the natural consequence of Constantly applying basic fundamentals.
  19. 19. Treat everyone with  politeness Even those who are rude to you, Not  because they are not  nice But  because  you  are nice !!!
  20. 20. Thought for the Day All the right things are not possible always All the possible things are not right always Be true to both your mind and heart You’ll never go wrong.
  21. 21. Never  search   your   happiness in  others It   will    make   you feel    alone, Rather    search   it   in   yourself you    will   feel   happy Even    if   you   are   left    alone !!!
  22. 22. Thought for the Day Challenges are like Trees seen through a running train As you approach them They grow bigger Once you pass them They become smaller and Ultimately Vanishes…
  23. 23. Always  have a  positive  attitude in  life. There  is  something  positive in   every  person. Even   a stopped  watch is  right twice  a day
  24. 24. Thought for the Day Essence of  “Management” lies in Dropping the last alphabet of the word = “MANAGE MEN” Still better, Drop the last two alphabets = “MANAGE ME” – i.e. Manage Self
  25. 25. Happiness    always   looks   small When   we   hold   it   in   our    hands. But    when    we   learn   to share    it, We    realize   How Big    and   Precious   it   is!
  26. 26. Thought for the Day Destiny is simply the strength of our desires If we cry at troubles it grows double But if we laugh at trouble it disappears like a bubble
  27. 27. Never   cry    for   any   relation   in     life Because    the one who makes you cry   does   not   deserve   your tears And    the    one   who    deserves Will   never   let   you    cry.................
  28. 28. Thought for the Day If you have 8 hours to chop down a tree with a blunt axe, It is wise to spend 6 hours in sharpening the axe. Work Smarter & Not Harder
  29. 29. A Single Finger which Wipes out your Tear  During Your Failure Deserves more Appreciation than 10 Fingers which comes together To clap for your Victory
  30. 30. Thought for the Day When building a Team Always search for the people Who love to Win If you cant find any, Look for the people Who hate to loose
  31. 31. An Arrow can be Shot Only by dragging it Backward So whenever Life Pulls You Backward Don’t Worry It is an indication of a path Leading You towards Victory
  32. 32. Thought for the Day People who Never do any more than they get paid for Never get paid for any more than they do Expect less Give more…
  33. 33. Life is an echo, All comes back The Good, the Bad, the False, and the True. So, Give the World the Best you have & The Best will come back to u.
  34. 34. Thought for the Day The past has gone, forget about it, The future will come. What you do in present will predict future. If you want the best of your future – make the best of the present.
  35. 35. Don't compare yourself with anyone in this world. If you do so, you are insulting yourself
  36. 36. Thought for the Day Everything is Pre-Written And Nothing can be Re-Written So Live the Best And Leave the Rest
  37. 37. You are not responsible for What people think about you. But you are responsible for What you give them to think about you
  38. 38. Thought for the Day If you find yourself walking alone on a new untrodden path Don’t give up nor withdraw yourself from the path. Go On & Reach your dreams The reason why you find yourself alone is the World is following you
  39. 39. Without your involvement You can't Succeed. With your involvement You can't Fail.
  40. 40. Thought for the Day A Simple Way for Happy Living Forget Two Things in Life First : The good you do for others Second : The Bad others do to you
  41. 41. You may get delayed To reach your Targets.  But every step you take Towards your target is EQUAL to Victory.
  42. 42. Thought for the Day It is better to loose your Ego To the one you love Than to loose the one you love Because of your ego
  43. 43. An Arrow can be Shot Only by dragging it Backward So whenever Life Pulls You Backward Don’t Worry It is an indication of a path Leading You towards Victory
  44. 44. Thought for the Day Excellence has always been achieved By those who dared to believe That something inside them is Superior to the Circumstances
  45. 45. We are not defeated but we are finished Only when we give up and quit So never give up Because winners never quit And quitters never win
  46. 46. Thought for the Day The Shortest solution of every problem Is to minimize the distance Between your knees and floor. Those who kneel down to God Can stand up to anything!
  47. 47. Life is like having a cup of tea. You sit by the side of the window, lift the cup and take a careless sip, Only to realize, somebody forgot to put the sugar. Too lazy to go for it you somehow struggle through the sugarless cup. Until you discover un-dissolved sugar crystal sitting at the bottom... --That's Life---
  48. 48. Thought for the Day The Road of Life Twists and turns And no Directions are ever the same Yet our lessons Come from the journey And not the destination
  49. 49. Victory is always possible for the person Who refuses to stop fighting
  50. 50. Thought for the Day The Greatest Barrier To success is the fear of Failure
  51. 51. Expecting the world to treat you fairly Because you are a good person is like Expecting the lion not to attack you because you are a vegetarian
  52. 52. Thought for the Day The most determinative sentence To be followed in life ~ The race is not yet over Just because You haven't Won it Yet
  53. 53. Do or die is an old saying Do it before you die is the latest saying
  54. 54. Thought for the Day Sincere effort is always Rewarded For every Confident step Taken against Failure Success comes one step closer by itself.
  55. 55. “STRUGGLE” This word makes you tired, irritates you and sometimes demoralizes you But it gives you the elegant reward of life time called “SUCCESS”
  56. 56. Thought for the Day Delay is the enemy of Efficiency Waiting is the enemy of Utilisation So Don’t delay anything and Don’t wait for anything
  57. 57. Life is a collection of changes so don’t avoid changes. Take every change as a challenge, Some change give success and some act as the stepping stone to success
  58. 58. Thought for the Day You can never have everyone praise you, Nor will everyone condemn you. Never in the past, Not at present, and Never will be in the future.
  59. 59. We live in our dreams but dreams may die Don’t get shattered & never every cry. Because the world is big and has lots to give So pick up a new dream and walk ahead – that’s the way to live
  60. 60. Thought for the Day Good Life starts Only when you stop Wanting a better One
  61. 61. Luck is not in your hands, But work is in your hands Your work can make luck but luck cannot make your work So Always trust yourself more than your luck
  62. 62. Thought for the Day Life is an echo, All comes back The Good, the Bad, the False and the True. So, Give the World the Best you have & The Best will come back to You.  
  63. 63. Satisfy the person who expects from you Rather than surprising the person who never expected anything from you.
  64. 64. Thought for the Day Chance Favors the Prepared Mind.
  65. 65. A clever person is the one who believes only half of what he hears A brilliant person is one who knows which half to believe
  66. 66. Thought for the Day You can’t direct the wind, but you can adjust your sails .
  67. 67. Be true to your self and others. Don’t try to appear better or lesser or greater than what you are Because it is better to be hated for what you are rather than to be loved for what you are not
  68. 68. Thought for the Day Even a Correct Decision is Wrong When it is taken too late
  69. 69. Never lose hope in people you care for Because they may have been the reason why your heart aches But who knows They might also have been the reason why your heart beats
  70. 70. Thought for the Day Vision without action is Day Dream & Action without a vision is a nightmare
  71. 71. Never be proud not depressed for what you are and the position you hold in the society Remember after the game of chess is over the king and pawns go in the same box
  72. 72. Thought for the Day Two Aspects of Life : If We become too Sentimental It is too hard to lead life & If we become too practical It is too tough to respect relations
  73. 73. Birth was not your choice Death will not be your choice But yes the way you live your life Between these two terminals is only YOUR choice
  74. 74. Thought for the Day Good Life starts only when You stop wanting a Better One
  75. 75. Life is not worth living Until you have some one to die for And life is not worth dying Once you have someone to live for Strange but true.
  76. 76. Thought for the Day Be nice to people on your way up, Because you will meet them On your way down
  77. 77. Give thousand chances to your enemy To become your friend But never give a single chance to your friend For becoming your enemy
  78. 78. Thought for the Day We Believe Erasers are for People who make errors But the Fact is Erasers are for the People Who are willing to correct their Mistakes Learn to Learn from you Mistakes. It is an indication of a path Leading You towards Victory
  79. 79. No sound in this world can be more louder than silence And if someone cannot understand your silence, They can never understand your words
  80. 80. Thought for the Day No one knows less than The one who Thinks He knows all !
  81. 81. Always be the reason of someone’s happiness Never be just a part of it. Always be a part of someone's sadness But never be the reason for it
  82. 82. Thought for the Day One who lacks the courage to start, Is already finished .
  83. 83. Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat
  84. 84. Thought for the Day The future is purchased by the present !
  85. 85. Being a good person is like being a goal keeper – No matter how many goals we save People will remember only the ones we missed
  86. 86. Thought for the Day Life Is 10% What Happens To Us And 90% How We React To It
  87. 87. Coincidence decides Whom you meet in you life, Your heart decides Whom you want to stay in your life Destiny decided Who will get to stay in your life
  88. 88. Thought for the Day People don’t fail They give up !
  89. 89. Some day some how Whatever you prayed for will come true It may not be in the exact package you wanted But it will be what God thinks is the best for you
  90. 90. Thought for the Day Life Isn’t Worth Living Unless You’re Willing To Take Some Big Chances
  91. 91. Ask the successful person how to finish a work but Ask the experienced person how to start the work
  92. 92. Thought for the Day Live As If There Is No Tomorrow, Learn As If You Were To Live Forever
  93. 93. Even if you are on the right track, You will get run over If you just sit there So keep moving towards your goal
  94. 94. Thought for the Day We make a Living by what we get And We make a Life by what we Give
  95. 95. The best way to succeed in life is to act on the advice we give to others
  96. 96. Thought for the Day Learn To Get In Touch With Silence Within Yourself, And Know That Everything In This Life Has A Purpose
  97. 97. Think about all that you speak But don’t speak about all that you think You will never get a second chance to make a first impression
  98. 98. Thought for the Day Success is more Attitude than Aptitude !
  99. 99. We live in our dreams but dreams may die Don’t get shattered, never ever cry The world is big and has lots to give. Pick up a new dream that’s the way to live.
  100. 100. Thought for the Day Once you start believing in Yourself There’s absolutely nothing that You can’t do.
  101. 101. Although tongue weights very little Only few people can hold it.
  102. 102. Thought for the Day The important thing is Not to stop questioning.
  103. 103. Life itself cannot give you anything unless you really work for it Life just gives you time and space Its up to you to fill it as much as possible.
  104. 104. Thought for the Day Imagination is more important than knowledge
  105. 105. A Strong and a positive attitude creates more miracles than any other thing because Life is 10% how you make it and 90% how you take it
  106. 106. Thought for the Day Failure is the path of least persistence !
  107. 107. Four things never come back The triggered bullet, The spoken word, The wasted time and the neglected opportunity So think twice act wise…
  108. 108. Thought for the Day Trouble Is A Part Of Your Life – If You Don’t Share It
  109. 109. Real attitude to live life :Laugh like you have never cried, Play like you have never lost Love like you have never been hurt And live today like there is no tomorrow
  110. 110. Thought for the Day Every Human Being Should Be Taught That His First Duty Is To Take Care Of Himself
  111. 111. Laugh so hard that even sorrow smiles at you Live life so well that even death loves to see you live Fight so hard that even fate accepts its defeat.
  112. 112. Thought for the Day Life Is Like Riding A Bicycle, You Don’t Fall Off Unless You Plan To Stop Peddling
  113. 113. A Paper flying in air is due to luck But a bird flying in air is due to its efforts So let’s be a bird and Struggle with the hurdles to be successful.
  114. 114. Thought for the Day Do Not Dwell In The Past, Do Not Dream Of The Future, Concentrate The Mind On The Present Moment
  115. 115. Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery and Today is a gift That is why we call it as “Present”
  116. 116. Thought for the Day It Is Not The Length Of Life, But The Depth Of Life That Matters
  117. 117. The way to get started is To quit talking and begin doing
  118. 118. Thought for the Day The Tragedy Of Life Is Not That It Ends So Soon, But That We Wait So Long To Begin It
  119. 119. Victory is not the property of brilliants It is the crown for those Who bow in front of hard work and confidence
  120. 120. Thought for the Day It Is Our Choice And Not The Opinion Of Good Or Evil That Determines Our Character
  121. 121. Greatest gift you can give to someone is your time Because when you give someone your time You have given them a portion of your life that you will never get back
  122. 122. Thought for the Day The Greatest Test Of Courage On The Earth Is To Bear Defeat Without Losing Heart
  123. 123. Never pray for an easier life Pray to be a stronger person Never pray for tasks equal to your power But always pray for Power equal to conquer your tasks
  124. 124. Thought for the Day A Man Would Be A Fool To Take His Luck For Granted
  125. 125. Winners are too busy to be sad, Too Positive to be doubtful Too optimistic to be fearful And Too determined to be defeated Have a winning attitude always….
  126. 126. Thought for the Day The Way To Develop The Best That Is In A Person Is By Appreciation And Encouragement
  127. 127. To achieve something which we never had before We need to do something better Which we have never done before
  128. 128. Thought for the Day Even If You’re Not Responsible For Your Situation, You’re Certainly Responsible For Your Reaction To It
  129. 129. Never change your originality for the sake of others Because in this world No one can play your role better than you
  130. 130. Thought for the Day When You Were Born, You Cried And The World Rejoiced, Live Your Life In Such A Way So That When You Die The World Cries And You Rejoice
  131. 131. Sometimes road traveled turns out to be more beautiful than the destination reached Enjoy leading your life No matter what it turns out to be
  132. 132. Thought for the Day Promise Yourself To Live Your Life As A Revolution And Not Just As A Process Of Evolution
  133. 133. Don’t Let yesterday Take up too much of today
  134. 134. Thought for the Day Time Is The Coin Of Your Life It Is The Only Coin You Have And Only You Can Determine How It Will Be Spent
  135. 135. Money may not talk but its absence screams
  136. 136. Thought for the Day If We Think Happy Thoughts, Life Will Be Happy, If We Think Miserable Thoughts, Life Will Be Miserable
  137. 137. No body notices what you do until you don’t do
  138. 138. Thought for the Day All Animals Except Man Knows That The Ultimate Point Of Life Is To Enjoy It
  139. 139. To Believe in something in which every one believes is "BELIEF" But To believe in something in which nobody believes is "CONFIDENCE"
  140. 140. Thought for the day The desire to succeed is meaningless In Absence of the Will to prepare!
  141. 141. It is better to Fail in Originality than to Succeed in Imitation!!!
  142. 142. Thought for the Day First - Do Not Regret Having Lost Yesterday Second - Do Not Fear That You Will Lose Tomorrow Third - Enjoy Today
  143. 143. Never Pray for an easier life, pray to be a stronger person Never pray for tasks equal to your power, But pray for power to conquer your tasks!!!
  144. 144. Thought for the Day If We Don’t Change, We Don’t Grow, If We Don’t Grow We Aren’t Really Living
  145. 145. There is only 1 difference between dream and aim. Dream requires effortless sleep whereas aim requires sleepless efforts. It is up to you – what to choose!!!
  146. 146. Thought for the Day Don’t Cry Because It’s Over, Smile Because It Happened
  147. 147. Life is like a Flute It may have several holes and emptiness but if we work on it the same flute produces magical melodies Think positive It makes wonders
  148. 148. Thought for the Day The Beginning of All And End Of All - Life Should Not Be To Get Rich, But Enrich The World
  149. 149. When your are successful They will call you lucky However, it is not luck that makes the leader But the leader who makes the luck
  150. 150. Thought for the Day Our Own Life Is The Instrument With Which We Experiment The Truth
  151. 151. Time is always with the people who have courage to fly Not with the people who stand on ground and watch the sky Keep up the spirit of life
  152. 152. Thought for the Day Life Is Easier Than You’d Think, All That Is Necessary Is To Accept The Impossible, Do Without The Indispensable, And Bear The Intolerable
  153. 153. The illiterate in the 21st Century wont be those who cannot read or write but those who cannot change
  154. 154. Thought for the Day There Is Only One Success – To Be Able To Spend Your Life In Your Own Way
  155. 155. It is not always you get to hit the iron when it is hot But it is an achievements when you hit the iron so hard that it gets hot
  156. 156. Thought for the Day Learn From Yesterday, Live For Today, Hope For Tomorrow
  157. 157. Definition of Status It is the money we spend which we don’t have to buy the things we don’t need to impress the people we don’t know Strange but true
  158. 158. Thought for the Day Life Is Not A Problem To Be Solved, But A Reality To Be Experienced
  159. 159. No and Yes are short words which need long thought. Most of the troubles in life are the result of saying Yes too soon or No too Late
  160. 160. Thought for the Day Risks Must Be Taken, Because The Greatest Hazard In Life Is To Risk Nothing
  161. 161. Nothing in nature is for itself Rivers don’t drink their own water Trees don’t eat their own fruit Sun doesn’t give heat for itself Moon doesn’t ever go on honey moon Flower don’t spread fragrance for themselves Living for others is the way of life
  162. 162. Thought for the Day Change And Growth Takes Place When A Person Has Risked Himself And Dares To Become Involved With Experimenting With His Own Life
  163. 163. The worst thing in life is attachment, It hurts when you lose it The best thing in life is loneliness It teaches you everything when you loose it you get everything
  164. 164. Thought for the Day If Life Doesn’t Offer A Game Worth Playing, Then Invent A New One
  165. 165. Life may not be the way we want But we can live it as best as we can There is no perfect life but we can fill it with perfect moments
  166. 166. Thought for the Day There Are Three Ingredients In The Good Life : Learning, Earning And Enjoying What You Do
  167. 167. To be born with a personality is an additional gift from parents But to die as a personality is an achievement of our own
  168. 168. Thought for the Day Life Consists Not In Holding Good Cards But In Playing Well Those You Hold
  169. 169. Time is a rare luxury which can never be purchased at any cost So when someone spends it for you It defines the depth of care and love for you
  170. 170. Thought for the Day What Matters More in Life Is Not Where We Are, But In What Direction We Are Moving
  171. 171. Memories play a very confusing role They make us laugh when we remember the times we have cried together But they make us cry when we remember the times we laughed together
  172. 172. Thought for the Day There Are No Mistakes, No Coincidences, All Events Are Blessings Given To Us To Learn From