Ansible: Orchestrate your Infrastructure

Jeremy Coates
Jeremy CoatesFounder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Magma Digital Ltd
Orchestrate your Infrastructure
Magma Digital Ltd
Jeremy Coates
Who am I?๏ Jeremy Coates, MD at Magma Digital Ltd
๏ Founder of PHPNW
๏ Manchester Digital Association Council
๏ @phpcodemonkey
What is
use it?
๏ Only install on controller machine
๏ Requires: Python 2.6+, Paramiko (ssh), PyYAML, Jinja2
๏ RedHat: yum install ansible
๏ Debian: apt-get install ansible
๏ OS X: brew install ansible
๏ All: pip install ansible or from source
๏ Nothing much!
๏ SSH server
๏ Python 2.4+ and simplejson module
๏ Or just Python 2.6+
๏ Essentially any *nix distro in last decade
First 10 minutes
๏ Command line usage:
• ansible -i hosts -m ping all
• ansible webserver -m setup
• ansible -i /path/to/hosts -m <module>
[options e.g -vvvv] <host pattern>
• Default checks /etc/ansible/hosts
• -- check && -- diff
Inventory: Hosts
web ansible_ssh_host= ansible_ssh_port=2222 ansible_ssh_user=vagrant
web2 ansible_ssh_host= ansible_ssh_port=2201
db ansible_ssh_host= ansible_ssh_port=2202 ansible_ssh_user=vagrant
Inventory:Dynamic hosts
๏ Plugin scripts for:
• Amazon EC2
• Digital Ocean
• Linode
• Vagrant
• + others
๏ Or create your own CMDB (Configuration Management DB)
Playbooks๏ Commandline doesn’t scale: Playbooks do
๏ Playbooks are YAML
๏ ansible-playbook -i hosts playbook.yml
Sample Playbook
- hosts: localhost
user: root
motd_warning: 'WARNING: Use by ACME Employees ONLY'
- name: setup a MOTD
copy: dest=/etc/motd content={{ motd_warning }}
Playbooks๏ Language of playbooks relatively familiar to devs
๏ Targets - groups of tasks / vars etc.
๏ Vars - nice and obvious!
๏ Tasks - actions using modules / vars
๏ Includes - re-usable components
Playbooks Speed
๏ Playbooks default to 5 forks
• -- forks <N> to vary this
๏ async: <seconds> for long running processes
๏ poll: <seconds> check the progress
๏ Tags: target sections of play books
๏ Roles: convention to enable reuse of playbooks
Playbooks…๏ Looping: with_items:, with_fileglob:
๏ Conditional processing: when: ansible_os_family == ‘RedHat’
๏ Task Delegation: delegate_to: <host> or local_action:
๏ Vars: hostvars, groups, inventory*, environment
Playbook Templates
๏ Jinja2 template engine. Has access to any ansible facts
๏ Comments: {# a comment #}
๏ If/else: {% if 'authorativenames' in group_names %} {% else
%} {% endif %}
๏ Loops: {% for ip in ansible_all_ipv4_addresses %} {% end
for %}
Modules๏ Over 100 modules already exist
• Swiss army knife of machine management: ansible-doc
๏ Write own modules in any language, including PHP
๏ Module output key=value or JSON
๏ Runs on the machine to be configured
๏ Larger deployments (auto-scaling server farms etc.)
๏ Auto-update when repo changes
๏ Requires cron
Related?๏ ansible-vault - encryption for sensitive yaml files
๏ Ansible Guru - support subscription ($99/month)
๏ Ansible Tower (AWX) - commercial version
• Web console, REST API
• 50 machines from $2500/year (depending on support level
๏ Vagrant - Ansible provisioner module
Twitter: @ansible
IRC: #ansible (freenode)
Google Group: ansible-project
Ansible Weekly Newsletter:
Ansible Configuration Management:
(Daniel Hall: Packt Publishing Nov ’13 ISBN 978-1-78328-081-0)
๏ Jeremy Coates, MD at Magma Digital Ltd
๏ Founder of PHPNW
๏ Manchester Digital Association Council Member
๏ @phpcodemonkey
Simply Orchestrate
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Ansible: Orchestrate your Infrastructure