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Hudson Continuous Integration for PHP


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Presentation given at BarCamp Blackpool as a precursor to a practical demonstration of Hudson, Phing, PHPUnit etc.

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Hudson Continuous Integration for PHP

  1. 1. Hudson for PHP
  2. 2. Jeremy Coates MD Magma Digital Ltd Founder PHPNW @phpcodemonkey
  3. 3. Continuous Integration? Regular build / deployment of code Enables automated documentation building, testing, style checking Dashboard / control panel to monitor state Related to Unit Testing & other Agile development practices
  4. 4. Why CI? Improve quality of code, across development teams. Open development, good peer pressure Ensure consistency of style, reduce maintenance cycle overheads Remove human nature laziness, it's automatic! Prove it builds & deploys regularly, shorter development cycle
  5. 5. Why CI? /cont Each developer integrates at least daily Those integrations are verified by the CI build job Issues are reported after the build, opportunity to make right in short time span
  6. 6. Why CI? /cont Automate the hard / boring build steps Risk management Deployment automated, at least every day Visibilty increases across development team Confidence in build and software quality increased
  7. 7. Workflow Developer commits code to VCS CI Server detects changes CI Server checks out / updates code, runs tests, analyses code CI Server feeds back to development team
  8. 8. CI Servers Bamboo Cruise Control (phpUnderControl) Hudson Own Scripts, linking tools
  9. 9.
  10. 10. More Resources 2009/11/09/continuous-integration-for-php- using-hudson-and-phing/ continous-integration.html
  11. 11. Jeremy Coates MD Magma Digital Ltd Founder PHPNW @phpcodemonkey