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Eticom Cloud Innovation Center at Andalucia "Preview"

Andalucía Cloud Center "preview " Presentation. Spain Cloud Competitiviness Day. Brussels. 2011

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Eticom Cloud Innovation Center at Andalucia "Preview"

  1. 1. Innovation Center Cloud Computing Andalucía Brussels. March 29, 2011 SPAIN Cloud & Competitiveness DayJorge MárquezCenter for Software Competitiveness, CEO#jmarquezpacios
  2. 2. Public-Private Partnership
  3. 3. Goals Accelerate Cloud adoption: ITC local sector QUALITY CLOUD Software Process Business Model Innovation Innovation Competitiveness facilitation: Andalusian SME
  4. 4. Location
  5. 5. Clients• SME: access “world class” solutions/services, no investment/installation/maintenance, pay per use. No location/size exclusion. (SaaS, Public/Private Clouds)• STARTUPS: create software products (social, business, games) accessing best development platforms and global markets. No talent limits. (PaaS, Community Clouds)• SOCIETY: sustainability, high qualification jobs generation for ITC sector, competitiveness for all economy sectors and Government in Andalusia.
  6. 6. Services Busineses Goverment Entrepenuers Software Center Cloud Center Productivity Tools EVANGELIZATION Demand CMMI / ISO MTFS, othersOffer TESTING LAB TRAINING 3ª Party On demand TRANSITION I+D+i Technolgy Business University Partners Partners
  7. 7. Services• Cloud Computing IT assessment/plan, Security & Architecture Expert Consulting.• Cloud Business Transformation. Organizational support.• Cloud Startups/Spinoffs innovation facilitation.• Cloud SME Catalogue: Solutions and Services.• Cloud Academy. Assessment and Development. Training.• Community Cloud (nebul_And): software dev/testing platform and improvement services.
  8. 8. Infrastructures • Virtualization: +1.000 servers • Computation, storage, multiplatform • Conectivity: fiber, radio
  9. 9. Centro Ángel Jordán Cloud innovation Software standards ITC Professional training
  10. 10. Focus on “restart” the business
  11. 11. eticom ITC Andalusia Association + 400 enterprises (SMEs) + 12.OOO professionals Training, Export, Standards Business TIC B2B event Cloud Innovation Center Mgmt
  12. 12. Thank you very much!Guillermo Martinez Jorge MárquezVice President CEOeticom AJ Center for Software #jmarquezpacios