WordPress vs Joomla Showdown


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I presented with Jaime Nacach on WordPress vs Joomla Showdown. These are our slides.

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WordPress vs Joomla Showdown

  1. 1. Digithrive.com
  2. 2. Phelan Riessen – Digithrive Phelan@Digithrive.com | @sdphelan Jaime Nacach – Bloominari Jaime@bloominari.com | @bloominari
  3. 3. • A content management system, or CMS, is a web application designed to make it easy for non-technical users to add, edit and manage a website. Not only do content management systems help website users with content editing, they also take care of a lot of "behind the scenes“. At minimum, should handle: • User login • Publishing posts and pages • Media upload
  4. 4. • Joomla! • Drupal • LightCMS • ModX • Bolt • Umbraco (.Net) • ExpressionEngine • TextPattern • Radiant CMS • CushyCMS • SilverStripe • Alfresco • Conttao (TYPOlight) • Concrete5 • Symphony • Ektron • Wix • Weebly • Godaddy • Homestead • Zesty (local) • Moonfruit • TYPO3 • Business Catalyst 1,250+ content management systems according to cmsmatrix.org
  5. 5. • WordPress used by 60.5% of all the websites with CMS • 22.7% of all websites. http://w3techs.com/technologies/details/cm- wordpress/all/all
  6. 6. Joomla Portfolio: http://community.joomla.org/labels/joomla-portfolio.html • Africa Cup of Nations Uses Joomla • Heathrow Airport Uses Joomla • GuarantyTrust Bank Uses Joomla • Peugeot Uses Joomla • Leonardo Di Caprio Uses Joomla • MTV Uses Joomla • ElVillarreal CF usa Joomla! • Mexico CIty (Govt website) Runs Joomla • Cultural Events in Bosnia Run on Joomla • Government of Greece Uses Joomla • MonacoYacht Show Uses Joomla • Barnes & Noble Uses Joomla • Exact Software Uses Joomla • EiffelTower Uses Joomla • U.K. Ministry of Defence Uses Joomla • High Court of Australia Uses Joomla
  7. 7. • AdvancedWordPress Facebook group – 8,000+ members • Joomla Forum and Community Portal • Forums on Extension’s websites • Joomla Help - help.joomla.org • Joomla Meetups • Joomla Community on Google+ - 4000+ members https://plus.google.com/communities/103500906097842801714 • Odesk, Elance & more
  8. 8. • Theme Roulette – Lists 13,000+ WordPress themes • ThemeForest.net - 2,468Wordpress Themes and 500+ JoomlaThemes • TemplateMonster – 1,871 • WordPress.org -2,641–The official WP repository of themes. All themes are released under the GPL and are free, though many are of low quality. • Independent WordpressTheme Companies ~ 2,000 – • Independent JoomlaTemplate Companies ~ 3,000 –There a quite a fwe companies who design unique Joomla, templates but most of the companies are just resellers. Unique designs by: Rocket Theme, Site Ground, Shape5, Joomla Art, Gavick , etc. • NewWPThemes and similar – 1196 • Mojo-Themes – 850 • Other Marketplaces < 200 • Individual Themes ~ 200 • http://thereisathemeforthat.com/how-many-wordpress-themes-are-there/
  9. 9. http://picksumipsum.co.uk http://zombieipsum.com http://baconipsum.com
  10. 10. • Many Joomla extensions add much more functionality than manyWP plugins • Most extensions can now be installed within the backend, no need to download • Joomla extensions directory are way better organized and more graphical • Some of the most popular extensions include: 8,320 Extension in the Joomla Extensions directory (Free + Paid) • Kunena – Forum extension • JCE –WYSIWYG Editor • JEvents – Events Mgt • VirtueMart – E-Commerce • JoomSocial and Community Builder • DocMan & Jdownloads – Doc Mgt • Akeeba Backup – Backup • Phoca Gallery • K2 – Content Extension • WidgetKit – Bundle of extension • Xmap – sitemaps • Advanced module manager • MijoShop – E-commerce • NoNumber – various great extensions • Frameworks:T3,Warp, Gantry • Sourcerer – Add Javascript, PHP into your Joomla articles
  11. 11. Newest and most important modern web design features • Adoption of Bootstrap Framework – Frontend andAdmin backend are fully mobile ready • Awesome new UI/UX backend design – Interface is more intuitive than post versions, with main buttons colored in green or red. • Streamlined 30 Second Install – Makes it much faster to install Joomla • Developer tools: LESSCSS Dynamic behavior, 1 CSS File to style website, Icomoon Font Icon, jQuery & Mootools • Frontend editing on live pages - Allows admins to edit articles directly form the live website, as well as select and modify modules that open on backend. • Advanced Menu builder - Many features to control output on your website • Full control over modules (widgets) appearance and accessibility • More: Banner management, contacts management, polls, template manager, and much more. Joomla’s current version: Version 3.3.3
  12. 12. • Pre-built SEO Features • SEO settings tab in Global Configuration. • SEO features in menu item: Page Display options tab and Metadata options tab • Metadata Options in Article Manager • URL rewriter can be turned on/off, uses .htaccess file for rewrite rules • Creating a Sitemap for Search Engines • Although not included, popular and free extensions such as Xmap will create an XML sitemap • Paid extensions such as Jsitemap Pro offer maximum sitemap customization, plus XML, HTML and XLS formatting, with additional tools to easily updated sitemap on Google webmaster tools • SEF (Search engine friendly) extensions • Allows one to custom-create urls for each web page, to manually choose the best words and structure to use for your website Search Engine Optimization on Joomla Websites
  13. 13. Main Navigation around Joomla
  14. 14. Main Navigation around Joomla - ARTICLES
  15. 15. What can be customized on a Joomla website? • EVERYTHING! Backend template, login screen, front-end • Specifically: Page templates layout, widgets (modules) Templates, Frameworks & CSS • Frameworks are basis for website design and customization. Popular frameworks includeWrap,T3, Gantry, Helix II (my favorite) and others • Templates are built on top of a framework’s base CSS style sheets and layouts • Template styles/presets allow for further customization within a chosen template • CSS style sheets and template files can be edited on backend editor
  16. 16. Components, Modules and Plugins • Components: Are complete apps/extensions installed on Joomla • Modules:Are smaller components that can be placed on various sections of your sites, like on sidebars, footers, etc.They’re the equivalent of widgets onWordpress • Plugins:Add functionality to your website, but don’t necessarily have a user interface for modify too many settings. Languages • Joomla provides the ability to use and manage multiple languages in the front end and backend
  17. 17. Joomla Security Intro Although Joomla is open source it’s very reliable and is constantly updated to avoid security breaches.There’s a big community that keeps it updated to keep it professional and secure. Top tips to keep your Joomla website secure • Back up early and often: Set up (and use and test) a regular backup and recovery process. • Update early and often: Promptly update to the latest stable version of Joomla! and any installed third-party extensions.This ensures that your site is protected from the newest vulnerabilities • Use a secure host: Use a high-qualityWeb host. • Use the community: Don't forget the truism, "If a deal is too good to be true, it is. MoreTips to keep your site safe: http://www.marcofolio.net/joomla/7_tips_to_optimize_joomla_security.html
  18. 18. Challenges of using Joomla • Not as intuitive to use asWordpress, • Higher learning curve (more skills required) • Creating a web page involves more steps (Connecting menu items to articles), yet more flexibility and customization. • Some of the best extensions are paid, but they’re well worth it. Benefits of using Joomla • 2nd most popular CMS platform • Thousands of app/extensions and templates • Large support and community forums • Advanced customization: Lots of different ways to customize and build the layout of your website • Front-end editing, easy to teach clients
  19. 19. “Joomla’s is too complicated” “Why don’t you use WordPress, trust me it’s much better” “Joomla doesn’t have as many features as other CMS” “Joomla is not for beginners” (that’s right) “Joomla is harder for clients to use” (true)
  20. 20. Phelan Riessen – Digithrive Phelan@Digithrive.com | @sdphelan Jaime Nacach – Bloominari Jaime@bloominari.com | @bloominari