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Passive voice game


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Practice passive voice

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Passive voice game

  1. 1. Passive voice. answers present simple progressive perfect past future modals active passive infinitive
  2. 2. The car _________ every week. answers washes Were washed Is washing Is washed Was washing wash Has washed Has been washed Was been washed washed Is washed
  3. 3. The lights ___________ on two hours ago. answers Was switched Is switched switch Have switched Was switching Were switching Were switched switches switched Are switched
  4. 4. The postcard _________ already __________. answers Has been sent Was sent Has sent Is sent Has been sended Was sended Have been sent Was being sent Has being sent Was being sending
  5. 5. The exhibition _________ next Monday. answers Is visited Was visited Will be visiting Has visited Have visited Will being visited Are visited Were visited Will visit Will be visited
  6. 6. Cheese ___ in factory. answers make makes Will make Is making Was making Is made Are made made Is being made Was made
  7. 7. We _______ the coffee yet. answers Haven’t being brought Hasn’t been brought Aren’t brought Aren’t being brought Haven’t been brought Haven’t brought Wasn’t brought Weren’t brought Will be brought Won’t be brought
  8. 8. A cup of tea _________ by Sheila now. answers Is drunk Is being drunk Are being drunk Will be drunk Is drinking Has been drunk Has found Have been drunk Is being drank Was drunk
  9. 9. Penicillin ____ by Alexander Fleming. answers discovers Is discovering discover Is being discovered Will discover Were discovered Has discovered Have discovered Was discovered discovered
  10. 10. Tomorrow she ___ to the party. answers Will invite invites Is being invited invite Was inviting Have been invited Has been invited Will be invited Will be inviting Be invited
  11. 11. When I came in, the guitar ______________ by him. answers Have been played Is being played Was being played Will be played Were being played Was played Were played Is played Has being played Has been played