How I survive in ELT ppt


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How I Survive in ELT

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How I survive in ELT ppt

  1. 1. 8
  2. 2.  Belief Confidence Courage Calmness Determination Enthusiasm Focus Integrity Optimism PatienceScott W. Ventrella, The Power of Positive Thinking in Business Mrs. Najam-un-Nisa 19
  3. 3.  Look at pbms as challenges. Success often presents itself as an alluring challenge. Most problems are produced, or left unsolved, by half- used minds. Face pbms with keenness & from a new direction, each time. Don’t jump to the obvious solution. (‘This is the tallest peak!’ syndrome) Challenge what is accepted. You will find a whole new world of possibilities uncovered.
  4. 4.  Know the stage at which it is . Compartmentalize. Prioritise. Recognize the minor hassles from the major ones. Know what to worry about & what to take coolly. Take one step at a time. Deal with them in small bits. No knee-jerk reactions. No short-term patches. The real obstacles are not the pbms themselves, but the wrong approaches to finding the solutions.
  5. 5.  See a solution, where others see a pbm. There is a solution to every problem. Try to solve, not prolong. Ascertain the facts. Have an uncluttered mind. Cut out the extraneous. Identify the core. Face the issue head on. Take it on without breaking step. While with major pbm, stay detached. Intractable? Sleep over it . Let it work its way out.
  6. 6.  Free your mind from prejudices. Have an open mind. “Emptied, you hold.” Be receptive to ideas. Be quick to listen. Be slow to respond. Perceptions differ. What is right in your view may not be that. Don’t jump to conclusions. See the other person’s point of view.
  7. 7.  Accept your limitations. But be aware of your qualities & strengths. Change your beliefs, and you change your behavior. Change your behavior, and you change your results, and your life itself. Self-limiting beliefs are learned behaviors. Anything that is learned can be unlearned as well. List all negative beliefs. Replace them with the positive. Begin. Take the first step which is the most
  8. 8.  Life is not about how much you make but how you live it. How you make a difference is what will matter. Each one of us is a debtor. We have taken so much from the system. It is but fair that we pay back the debt, with interest and do it fast. Perhaps it is already late. Better hurry up.
  9. 9. What make/s you smile?