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  1. 1. Maximize the Customer Experience to Improve Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty and Profitability August 9–10, 2010 Atlanta, GA Customer Experience Management Training 2010 Learn How to Design a Performance-Driven and Memorable Customer Experience YOU WILL LEARN TO: Develop a DEFINE YOUR CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE INTENT Purposeful, Identify the customer’s wants and needs to design your approach towards enhanced customer experience and improved profits Deliberate and UNDERSTAND “EXPERIENCE DISCONNECTS” FROM THE CUSTOMER PERSPECTIVE Measurable Learn how poor experiences influence customer satisfaction and ways to avoid under-delivering on consumer expectations Customer LEARN HOW TO ENGAGE EMPLOYEES IN EXPERIENCE CREATION AND DELIVERY Experience Enable employees to work towards creating memorable customer experiences UTILIZE KEY METRICS TO MONITOR AND MEASURE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Incorporate customer and employee performance metrics into your existing performance management system for improved results www.ASMIweb.com/Customer
  2. 2. DAY ONE Monday, August 9, 2010 CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE MANAGEMENT TRAINING 2010 WHO should attend: 8:00 Registration and Continental Breakfast All C-Level, VP’s, Managers 9:00 and Directors of: BE PROACTIVE WITH THE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Build a business case for enhancing customer experience Customer Experience Integrate experience into product design Customer Service, Identify and communicate the ROI of the computer experience Care and Support 10:15 Customer Loyalty, Satisfaction and Retention Break and Refreshments Training and Development 10:30 LIVE YOUR CUSTOMER’S EXPERIENCE TODAY Strategy and Development Determine your current customer touch points Communications Understand touch point transactions Operations Map the current state experience Technical Support 12:00 Sales Lunch Break 1:00 ANALYZE THE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Objectively assess the current customer experience Place yourself in the mind set of the customer Utilize customer data and determine new methods of generating customer profiles 2:15 Break and Refreshments 2:30 ENABLE THE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Integrate the human factor in enabling and promoting the customer experience Educate employees on the value of the customer experience and engage them to act Build a supportive reward and recognition system 4:30 Day One Adjourns 2
  3. 3. DAY TWO Tuesday, August 10, 2010 CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE MANAGEMENT TRAINING 2010 8:30 TOP five reasons Continental Breakfast to attend: 9:00 1 DESIGN THE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Sell the value great Recognize the difference between physical and emotional customer experience experience design has on profitability Segment experiences by customer types and customer values Prioritize touch point experiences and avoid technology traps Measure the ROI of 10:15 Break and Refreshments 10:30 2 enhancing the customer experience in both products and services USE A HANDS-ON APPROACH TO CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE 3 Integrate the customer Take the knowledge learned so far and apply it using a experience into product hands-on approach design and marketing Create your own experience design Set experience standards along the way Develop employee 12:00 Lunch Break 1:00 4 performance metrics into existing performance management initiatives EXECUTE THE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Engage employees on 5 Generate buy-in from the executive suite down to the shop floor the value of the customer Communicate the need for a memorable customer experience experience with a reward with your employees and recognition system Maintain focus and engagement through the customer experience process 2:45 Break and Refreshments 2:30 MEASURE EXPERIENCE ACHIEVEMENT Set experience performance metrics for the customer and the employee Refer to Balanced Scorecards and performance monitoring systems to track measures and metrics Utilize historical data to improve your customer experience 4:30 Day Two Adjourns 3
  4. 4. About the Speaker CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE MANAGEMENT TRAINING 2010 SPONSORSHIP Roy A. Barnes Opportunities: Former Senior Vice-President – Customer Experience and As a conference and training Development, Marriott Vacation Club International, Principal– Blue provider, The Performance Space Consulting Institute is an expert in bringing together leaders to share Mr. Barnes is currently head of Blue Space and discuss best practices Consulting, an Orlando-based consulting firm and innovations. We connect specializing in strategic planning, customer experience design and change management. decision-makers with respected solution providers. As the former Senior Vice-President for Customer Experience and Development with Marriott, Roy was responsible for global strategic management and customer vacation experience strategy for Marriott Vacation Club International (MVCI), the leisure/vacation ownership division The Institute offers four of Marriott International. different pre-designed sponsorship packages: A twenty year veteran of the hospitality business, Roy led successful efforts both within Marriott International and MVCI to improve operations and process management and performance accountability at all organizational Event Co-Sponsor levels. He co-directed efforts at Marriott International on Sales 2000, a Session Sponsor top to bottom restructuring of the Sales and Marketing effort as well as leading the process re-engineering work with MVCI’s Customer Luncheon Sponsor Relationship Management effort, Exhibit Booth Sponsor Mr. Barnes is well acquainted with all aspects of the organizational challenges of customer focused business transformation. For more information on sponsorships or to get started, contact Meredith Mason at 202-739-9707 or Meredith.Mason@ PerformanceInstitute.org 4
  5. 5. In-House Training CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE MANAGEMENT TRAINING 2010 One of the more popular vehicles for accessing the Institute’s educational offerings is the delivery of on-site trainings and management facilitations. Bringing a training or facilitation in-house gives you the opportunity to customize a program that addresses your exact challenges and provides a more personal learning experience, while virtually eliminating travel expenses. Whether you require training for a small group or for an organizational-wide initiative, the advanced learning methods employed by the Institute will create an intimate training atmosphere that maximizes knowledge transfer to enhance the talent within your organization. CUSTOMIZATION We realize that not all obstacles can be overcome by applying an “off-the-shelf” solution. While many training providers will offer you some variation of their standard training, the Institute’s subject matter experts will work with you and your team to examine your programs and determine your exact areas of need. The identification of real life examples will create a learning atmosphere that resonates with participants while at the same time providing immediate return on your training investment. Using interactive exercises that employ actual projects or scenarios from your organization, instructors can address specific challenges and align the curriculum of each session to your objectives. While the majority of on-site trainings are focused on smaller groups, the Institute also has the ability to accommodate organizational-wide training initiatives. Utilizing multiple instructors, the Institute has the capacity to deliver courses to groups of up to 300 participants per day. AREAS OF EXPERTISE On-site delivery of single courses, certification programs and entire packages of specialized courses are available in the following areas: Strategic Planning Performance Reporting Project Management Program Evaluation Lean Six Sigma Administrative Management Workforce Management Change Management Budgeting and Forecasting Balanced Scorecard Contracting For more information about in-house training options available to you please contact Jennifer Mueller at 202-739-9619 or email her at Jennifer.Mueller@PerformanceInstutite.org 5
  6. 6. Logistics & Registration CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE MANAGEMENT TRAINING 2010 VENUE AND HOTEL: QUALITY ASSURANCE Customer Experience Management Training 2010 will ASMI strives to provide you with the most productive be held at The Westin Buckhead Atlanta. A continental and effective educational experience possible. If after breakfast, lunch, and refreshments will be provided each completing the course you feel there is some way we can day of the event. improve, please write your comments on the evaluation form provided upon your arrival. Should you feel dissatisfied with Conference Address: your learning experience and wish to request a credit or The Westin Buckhead Atlanta refund, please submit it in writing no later than 10 business 3391 Peachtree Road, NE days after the end of the training to: ASMI: Corporate Atlanta, GA 30326 Headquarters; 805 15th Street NW, 3rd Floor; Washington, (877)992-9521 D.C. 20005 A limited number of rooms have been reserved at The Westin Buckhead Atlanta at the prevailing rate of $169.00 Note: As speakers are confirmed six months before the until July 8, 2009. Please call the hotel directly and event, some speaker changes or topic changes may occur in reference code “Customer Experience” when making the program. ASMI is not responsible for speaker changes, reservations to get the discounted rate. but will work to ensure a comparable speaker is located to participate in the program. TUITION If for any reason ASMI decides to cancel this conference, The tuition rate for attending the Customer Experience ASMI accepts no responsibility for covering airfare, hotel Management Training 2010 is as follows: or other costs incurred by registrants, including delegates, Rates Early Bird* Regular Rate sponsors and guests. Conference *1299 $1399 DISCOUNTS AND PAYMENT * For the Early Bird Rate, please register by May 31, 2010. • All ‘Early Bird’ Discounts must require payment at time of registration and before the cut-off date in order to receive any discount. GROUP DISCOUNTS • Any discounts offered whether by ASMI (including team discounts) must also require payment at the time of registration. For more information on group discounts for Customer • All discount offers cannot be combined with any other offer. Experience Management Training 2010 please contact • Discounts cannot be applied retroactively Dave Yerks at 760-637-5045 or email him at David.Yerks@ASMIweb.com Payment must be secured prior to the conference. If payment is not received by the conference start date, a method of payment must be presented at the time of registration in order to guarantee your participation at the event. 6
  7. 7. Logistics & Registration CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE MANAGEMENT TRAINING 2010 to register Call Fax this Form to Visit 877-992-9522 866-234-0680 www.ASMIweb.com/Customer Registration Form Yes! Register me for Customer Experience Management Training 2010 Please call me. I am interested in a special Group Discount for my team Delegate Information Name Title Organization Dept. Address City State Zip Telephone Fax Email Payment Information: Check Purchase Order / Training Form Credit Card Credit Card Number Expiration Date Verification no. Name on Card Billing Zip Please make checks payable to: The Performance Institute CANCELLATION POLICY: ASMI will provide a full refund less a $399 administration fee for cancellations requested four weeks prior to the event start date unless cancellation occurs within two weeks prior to the event start date. If a cancellation is requested less than two weeks prior to the event start date, no refund will be issued. Registrants who fail to attend and do not cancel prior to the event will be charged the entire registration fee. All cancellations must be requested through the cancellation link found in your attendance confirmation email. Please note that cancellation is not final until you receive a cancellation confirmation email. I have read and accepted the Cancellation Policy above. ACKNOWLEDGED AND AGREED By: __________________________________________________________________________________________ Date: _______________________ Priority Code: B317-WEB 7
  8. 8. ASMI’s vision In this challenging economic landscape, organizations must develop and execute innovative strategies to survive and thrive. Performance and process improvement methodologies give managers the tools they need to run leaner, more efficient businesses. The mission of the American Strategic Management Institute (ASMI) is to connect business leaders with best-in- class practices and training to address management challenges and improve results. ASMI has grown into one of the nation’s most innovative training providers, combining market research and industry insight to deliver experiences and tools to inspire leaders and grow businesses. Through virtual sessions, national summits, training programs and consulting services, ASMI brings together leaders to share insights, ideas and actions to transform organizations. Areas of Focus: Performance Management: Using business analytics to drive strategy Process Improvement: Leaning processes for efficiency and quality improvement Financial Management: Budgeting and forecasting for better decision-making Project Management: Managing projects to deliver results on time, within scope and in budget Leadership Development: Building leadership skills to manage in times of change and conflict Services: Virtual Training Briefings 90-minute training sessions for the latest tools and techniques to deliver results. National Summits National events allowing business leaders to share best practices and strategies for success. Training Programs Methodology-based training modules in management competencies, offered publicly or custom-designed for your organization. Consulting Services Field experts who can bring bold change to your workforce, planning processes. ASMI Corporate Headquarters 805 15th Street, NW, 3rd Floor Washington, DC 20005 Ph: 877-992-9522 Fax: 866-234-0680 www.ASMIweb.com