Zane's BC - Day 1


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Zane's BC - Day 1

  1. 1. Welcome everyone to a Devereaux Legacy spin-off: ~Wishful Thinking~ Zane Devereaux's Bachelorette Challenge. I was originally intending to have this all broody, sad and all “poor Zane” and such, but so far it has been anything but. So instead, this challenge will be rather comedic. In the actual Legacy, Zane is unable to get married, even though he's a Family Sim, because he's the Grim Reaper. In the story, he's also madly in love with Tina Traveller, even though she doesn't really deserve it. However, seeing as this is all a dream (do you youngsters remember Dallas? Yeah. Like that.), the bachelorettes are all people who reside in my version of Pleasantview. In other words, kinda random, but mostly familiar, Maxis Pre-Mades. So, without further ado, welcome to Day One of Zane's Wishful Thinking Bachelorette Challenge: Meet and Greet. ***
  2. 2. “That should just about do it,” Zane said as he put a cover on one of the previously bare light bulbs. The switch between his old manor to Thaddeus' was quite the undertaking. Thaddeus had trashed the place and it had sat that way for the entire time Thaddeus was away at...wherever it was; Jezebel and Ruth didn't go into detail. Zane stepped down from the chair he had been standing on and looked around, pleased. He and the Hula girls had really cleaned the place up nicely. Tina helped a bit as well, but she didn't work well with the sisters, so Zane had to find things for her to do in different areas of the house. But, now it was done. It was much smaller than his old Gothic estate, but it was much more cheerful and he felt it suited him better.
  3. 3. The sisters, on the other hand, were less than pleased with the situation. “Zane,” Ruth said, “you have to know that Thad isn't going to stop with just the house switch.” Zane held his hands out, helplessly. “Ruth, there is nothing I can do. Besides, he promised-” “Promises mean nothing to Thad!” “What's done is done. Besides, I like this place so much more. It feels more like a home.” Tina had remained uncharacteristically silent throughout the entire process. She still hadn't given Zane her decision, but it was assumed that she had opted to stay on the Dead Realm with him.
  4. 4. He was unsure of how to feel about her observational silence, but he opted to let her be; especially since they were in much closer quarters. Tina had her own room, away from everyone else, and he figured she would come around in time. Not for the first time, Zane wished that he had a normal life. He knew there was no point on dwelling upon it, but still, he liked to wish and wonder. In fact, his mind started wandering to those fantasies as he laid down upon the couch and read a book.
  5. 5. After a short time of reading however, he found that the words kept slipping and sliding beneath his gaze. He blinked a few times but it didn't help much. Between having to go to the Mortal Realm to shop for things for the new house as well as the stress of the entire situation, Zane felt something that he hadn't felt since he became immortal: Tired. He blinked a few more times and finally gave in. He closed his eyes, with the intention of just resting them for a few moments. ***
  6. 6. Zane grinned happily as he looked around at his surroundings. He absolutely loved this place and he was so very glad to call it home.
  7. 7. The best part about the house was the fact that nothing abnormal ever happened inside of it. It was a house that was filled with love and laughter and he always felt so much lighter and so much more at home whenever he entered it. With a whistle and spring in his step, Zane walked up the driveway to go talk to the other inhabitants within.
  8. 8. He entered the door and smiled slightly. They were all there; all the completely normal people that he had ever had the pleasure of knowing.
  9. 9. There was the easy going Lilith Pleasant.
  10. 10. The kind and forgiving Cassandra Goth.
  11. 11. The fresh faced and unmarried Lucy Burb.
  12. 12. The sweet and innocent Meadow Thayer.
  13. 13. The unique looking Sandy Bruty.
  14. 14. The demure Samantha Carter from the SG-1 team.
  15. 15. And of course, always and forever, his best gal, the love of his life, Tina Traveller.
  16. 16. Before he was able to address his roommates, Tina walked over to him and began speaking. “So, yeah, Zane. This is a dream.” “Wait, what? It is?” “Of course silly! Did you honestly think that all of these random strangers would voluntarily come together and fawn upon you?” “Well, no, I suppose not,” he replied softly. “Besides, you're in love with me, so why would you bother having a Bachelorette Challenge?” “Is that what this is? Oh dear, that is not normal.” “Yeah, and seeing as this is a dream, dreaming about seven ladies rubbing up on you is kinda perverted.” “But-” “But, you can have fun with it, I suppose. I mean, it's not like I'm not going to win this, right?” “Of course, Tina!”
  17. 17. He thought about what Tina had said for a moment and then he smiled. “You are right, even if this is a dream, it would not be all together unpleasant to have some fun with it. Would you care to dance with me?” “You want me to dance with you? Really? Zane, what part of 'Secret Friends' don't you get? It means that I don't want anyone to know that we're friends so people don't think badly of me. Come on, I know you're smarter than that; look at all the good grades you got for me when you did my homework!” Zane paused and shook his head, as if to clear a bad thought out of it. Tina had a smile on her face. “Zane, you're so cute and I absolutely adore you! But we don't want to the other girls to get jealous, so you might want to talk to them, even though we both know that it's me you're in love with.” He smiled happily and walked away.
  18. 18. Zane is so cute, Tina thought. I just adore him to pieces!
  19. 19. He sat upon the couch and observed the other women chatting with each other. So what if it's a dream? He thought to himself. It could be a much worse one. Besides, this can't be that abnormal, is it? I still have hormones, after all. I would also have a healthy sex drive if I actually had... He abruptly stopped that train of thought. If he could control his dreams, even if only a little, he didn't really want to explore where those errant thoughts would go. It might prove to be rather...embarrassing. He smiled happily to himself and decided that he really should talk to the other women. It would only be fair to chat with them a little bit before he chose Tina over all of them.
  20. 20. He began to make his rounds around the room and he noticed that immediately a couple of the women followed him. “Hiya Zane!” Meadow said. “I just want to give you an innocent tickle. You don't mind, do you? I'm an adult, so it's all good!” She reached over and poked him in the ribs, which made him laugh. “When you're done with Meadow, I want to dance with you,” Lucy said as she watched Meadow enviously. “Look at that tush! Just lean a little bit more over this way, cutie, and I'm gonna pinch it!” Sandy grinned.
  21. 21. After being tickled by Meadow, and successfully avoiding a Death Grip pinch by Sandy, he turned to Lucy and began to dance with her. “You're so much of a better dancer than Alexander,” Lucy informed him with a smile. “Alexander? You know him?” “Well, duh! It always seems like I'm paired with him, no matter what dimension we're in!” “Lucy, you can do so much better!” “The same could be said for you.” Zane was startled by her comment. Finally, he simply said, “I have no idea what you're talking about,” and he walked away.
  22. 22. “Hey Cassandra,” he said amiably to the dark haired woman, “would you like to dance together?” “Why are you talking to me, Devereaux? I know you can't possibly think that even in a dream that I would forgive your family for what they have done to mine!” “But, they,we, didn't do any-” “Leave me alone!” she snapped. Zane shrugged, and left her alone.
  23. 23. “Finally I get to talk to you! So, tell me Zaney-poo, are you outgoing enough to do the hot tub dates in the nude?” Sandy asked as she reached to put her arm around his waist. Zane held up his hands to fend her off. “Ah, no, not really.” “Not even in a dream?” He could feel himself blush. “Especially not in a dream.” “Hm. Pity,” was her reply as he made his escape.
  24. 24. He only made it a few steps before Carter got a hold of him. “You know, Zane, studies have shown that situations of intense stress can lead to bad dreams as well as sore muscles. I would recommend that you just relax a little bit,” she told him as she rubbed his back. It is official, he thought, there is seriously something wrong with me.
  25. 25. As Zane was receiving a very satisfying backrub from Carter, Lilith approached Cassandra and out of the blue poked her meanly in her chest. “Why did you need to be so mean to Zane?” “Ow! Did you...did you just poke me?!” “Yeah. I did. What are you going to do about it Sally-girl? Huh? Nothing because you're a Nancy priss, that's why! No wonder Don Lothario left you at the altar!”
  26. 26. The only response Cassandra gave to Lilith was a sound back hand across the face. As Lilith stood there reeling from the blow, Cassandra stuck out her tongue and walked away.
  27. 27. “OH NO YOU DIDN'T!” Lilith shouted as she jumped upon Cassandra's back and proceeded to beat the ever living tar out of her. It appeared to Zane that he was, alarmingly, the only one in the room who was concerned by the random fight that had just broken out.
  28. 28. “And take that!” Lilith shouted in triumph as she finally knocked Cassandra to the ground. “Oh, and by the way, you know how they say that black is slimming? Yeah, they were lying. Your butt looks huge!”
  29. 29. Cassandra rubbed her backside. “It's just the cut of the dress that makes it look that way you red haired demon!” “Yeah, keep lying to yourself like that bubble butt!” Zane decided that he had enough. “Um, ladies, I do believe it is about time for us to eat. Perhaps you would like to join the rest of us for some dinner?” “Cassandra could afford to skip a few meals.” “It's the cut of the dress!” Zane shook his head and headed for the buffet table.
  30. 30. As everyone followed, Lilith took a moment to smooth out her hair. “Well, I'm sure that made a positive impression on Zane. He likes aggressive women.”
  31. 31. Zane was silently pleased that Tina had taken it upon herself to sit down next to him. She didn't speak to him, though. Then again, all conversation was overridden by the one that was taking place at the other end of the table.
  32. 32. “Lucy,” Cassandra said in a sickeningly sweet tone, “could you please tell Lilith that I hope that she chokes to death on her meal?”
  33. 33. Lucy looked over at Lilith, who was shoveling food into her mouth like it was her last meal. “Lilith, Cassandra says that she hopes you choke to death on your food.”
  34. 34. Lilith sat up and chewed her food contemplatively as she thought of a response. “Lucy, would you please tell Bubble Butt that I hope she dies in a fire?”
  35. 35. “Lilith says that-” “Yeah, I heard her. Tell her that I said that old memes are old.” “Hey screw you! You were mean to Zane, so I was just teaching you a lesson in manners.”
  36. 36. A pensive look was on Zane's face as he listened to the conversation. “Yes, I cannot claim to be an expert on women. However, I am pretty sure that this is more of a result of a damaged psyche than anything else. Major Carter, I know you are not that kind of doctor, but perhaps you might be able to give some insight on as to why I seem to be dreaming about women cat fighting?” “Ooo, I think they are going to fight again after dinner. Perhaps I should give them some fighting tips so they can be more efficient,” was Carter's reply as she watched the other women, fascinated. Zane felt his eyelid twitch and he sighed.
  37. 37. Darkness fell as they were finishing up dinner. The girls all stood up and began milling about, mostly leaving their plates upon the table for Zane to clean up. As he was doing so, he noticed a regretful look on Cassandra's face. When he heard Lilith crying behind him, he figured that was the reason: he thought Cassandra was feeling bad for being mean. “Hey, Cassandra,” he began softly, trying to be consoling, “it's going to be okay. Maybe we can talk a bit later?” Cassandra looked up sharply at him. “What the hell are you talking about? Lilith is crying because I told her that I can't tell the difference between her freckles or pimples. Then I kicked her. Why are you talking to me?” She sniffed disdainfully and stalked out of the room.
  38. 38. He shrugged and began walking to the kitchen with the plates. As he passed by Tina, he gave her a wry smile. “It looks like you and I are the only sane ones in this house.” Tina said nothing as she watched him pass by her.
  39. 39. His brow knitted slightly as he washed the dishes. When he turned around, he saw Tina grinning at him with a loving look in her eye. He smiled sweetly at her as she grabbed another plate of food.
  40. 40. It appeared that Tina was not the only one who wanted to have more than one plate of food. Major Carter was eating another salad as Tina sat down next to her, giving her a cool look. “Why are you here?” Tina asked. “The same reason you are, I suppose. We are, essentially, a figment of Zane's imagination; a conglomeration of his subconscious paired with people that he has most likely come across in his waking life. It is interesting to note that-” “Blah blah blah. I mean, why are you here? Don't you have something going on with Jack O'Neill?” Carter raised an eyebrow. “My relationship with Colonel O'Neill is nothing more than of the professional sort.” Tina rolled her eyes. “Yeah, right. Well, I'm gonna win this thing, so I suppose it doesn't matter.”
  41. 41. Meanwhile, in the living room, Zane was dancing a bit to the stereo with the hopes that some of the other women would join him. Unfortunately, it appeared that Sandy was the only one who noticed as she sat upon the couch cheering Zane on. “Yeah baby! Shake it! Shake it some more! Hey Zane, why don't you come over here so I can get a better look at your cute little tush.” Zane whirled around to her with a blush. “I am sorry. I can not even begin to fathom why you are here. It is not like-” and he stopped himself. Be nice, he told himself, she is probably a very lovely person on the inside. One mustn't be so shallow. He smiled at the blonde woman. “Would you like to join me?”
  42. 42. “Would I ever!” Sandy cried with glee and she rushed to Zane's side. “Oh! I would, too!” Meadow called, running in to join them. Sandy ignored the other woman as she began to shake her bottom in Zane's direction. “Don't be shy. You can look. All this and more can be yours if you choose me!” “Uh, yes, that is very, um...nice,” he said, trying to smile. He felt he was failing miserably, though. “Darn skippy it is!” Zane wondered what the other women were up to. He had the feeling that they were all hanging out in the kitchen.
  43. 43. Well, all of them that is, except for Lilith and Cassandra. They were upstairs in the loft. “Hey Bubble Butt. I'm looking at the dictionary here and right next to 'Ugly' is a picture of you,” Lilith smirked. “Hey Pointy Nose, you see this dart? Yeah, I'm pretending that the dartboard is your face and I'm throwing this right between your eyes!” “Witch!” “Demon!”
  44. 44. Eventually, it was time to go to bed. Zane thought it was amusing that even though this entire endeavor was apparently a dream, he still felt the need to dream about going to sleep. “I must be more exhausted than I thought,” he murmured to himself as he crawled into the bed. He was vaguely aware that the girls had somewhere to sleep as well, but he hadn't gotten a chance to see exactly where. In the end, he figured that it wouldn't matter. If they went to sleep or not, that was up to them. He thought it might be a while before they retired, though...
  45. 45. ...especially considering that he heard another fight brewing upstairs. ***
  46. 46. The next morning, Zane woke up to find that all the girls were already prepared for the day and they were killing time by playing some of the various games that were available in the loft.
  47. 47. He was promptly welcomed, and he was invited to sit down and join in the “Don't Wake the llama” game. Though he had never played it before, or any game for that matter, he found that he was rather good at it. After a couple of rounds, Zane leaned back at looked over at Lucy. “Hey, Lucy, I was wondering if I could talk to you?” Lucy looked over at him, surprised, but then she nodded. “Sure,” she said and they both stood up and walked a bit to the side.
  48. 48. “What's up?” She asked him. “What did you mean when you said before that I could do so much better?” Lucy threw her head back and laughed. “Oh come on. You know exactly what I am talking about. Here, I'll give you a hint: What you think is best for you might not necessarily be the best for you. Get it now?” Zane ran his hand through his hair. “You mean like with you and Alexander Goth?” Lucy laughed again. “Aw, he's not that bad. The Alexander that you know is different; however, universally he's not that bad. I know this, so I can tolerate him. But, that is not what I am referring to.” “Then what are you talking about?” “Zane, you know the answer, but you just keep denying it. It will come to you eventually. I'm positive.” She laughed again and sat back down at the Llama table.
  49. 49. Instead of rejoining the game himself though, he spied Lilith and realized that he hadn't had a chance to talk to her. Putting on a smile he walked up to her and began with, “Hi Lilith-” “BORED! I wanna beat up Cassandra!” she shouted at him and walked away. Stunned, he watched her walk away.
  50. 50. With a shrug, he approached Carter. “So, Major Carter, I understand that you travel to other worlds via the Stargate. That is absolutely fascinating! I am also led to believe that you have accidentally traveled to other time lines and dimensions. I, myself, am vaguely familiar with the other dimension theory-” “I don't know where you get your stories from, Zane, but my team and I study deep space telemetry and nothing more. Other worlds and dimensions are stories that are best left to the tabloids,” Carter said in a practiced tone. “Um, okay...” he responded with a shrug.
  51. 51. Next, he spied Cassandra glaring at Lilith. He walked up to her and put on his biggest, most cheerful smile. “Hi Cassandra. I realize that perhaps we had gotten off on the wrong foot, but I was wondering if we could possibly-” “Why do you keep talking to me? I have informed you again and again that I am not interested in having any sort of conversation with you! Are you some sort of masochist?” “No, I do not think I am-” “Well, you sure could have fooled me. Go away.”
  52. 52. He glumly walked down the stairs when he realized that the other girls were far more entertained by the games than with talking to him. He brightened up when he saw Tina, though. “Hi Tina,” he began softly. “Ew! Don't talk to me. I don't like you like that! I never really did! I just-” He violently shook his head and clenched his teeth.
  53. 53. He smiled to himself as he looked around.
  54. 54. The girls had all gathered together in the living room so he could make his announcement. Announcement? He questioned himself. It felt mean, what he was supposed to do, but the flow of his dream was forcing this upon him.
  55. 55. He stood in front of them as they all looked at him with a smile. “So, I guess I am supposed to eliminate one of you and apparently I am to do so until I am down to only one. It is an odd ritual, but there is nothing I can do about it. I am afraid to say that, at least for today, it was an easy decision.”
  56. 56. “Yeah, you hear that Bubble Butt? It was an easy decision because he thinks that you're ugly,” Lilith gloated to Cassandra. “Lilith, you are the one who I am going to eliminate today,” Zane said with finality.
  57. 57. Stunned, Lilith's mouth dropped open. “Me? Why?!”
  58. 58. “Why? Because this is the longest conversation I've had with you!” “But, but, CASSANDRA-” “I am sorry, I really am. But-”
  59. 59. Lilith stomped over to the computer to prepare her move out phase. “Whatever. You're going to be lonely for the rest of your life, so I don't even know why you're even bothering to dream that you could have a happy life,” she snarled as she stood up. Zane and everyone else waved goodbye, but she ignored them, so very pleased with the dig she got in on Zane, even though he chose to ignore it.
  60. 60. As she was walking out the door, an inexplicable bolt of lightning crashed down upon her.
  61. 61. Lilith looked up at the cloudless sky, the smell of burnt clothes and hair drifting up her nose. “That...was unnecessary,” she had time to squeak before she popped out of existence. ***
  62. 62. “I...HAVE...THE POWER!” Keith shouted as he started dancing on the chair he was standing upon.
  63. 63. “I do not believe it is very ethical for you to Smite a Sim when the situation is unwarranted. That kind of power should not rest in a mortal's hands. Otherwise they might become corrupt,” Daniel Jackson said in a holier-than-thou tone of voice. “WOOT! I got to Smite someone!” Keith shouted, still dancing, completely ignoring the annoying archeologist.
  64. 64. “So Teal'c, I'm not entirely sure that I'm comfortable with Carter being in this challenge. It completely goes against her nature.” “I believe it was a random occurrence, O'Neill.”
  65. 65. “I am also certain that Major Carter will compete to her fullest potential. She is not one to back down from a challenge. I am quite certain that she may win this.”
  66. 66. A strange look passed across Jack O'Neill's face. “Carter? Win the competition? Carter? Naaah. I way.” Teal'c only smiled in response.
  67. 67. Jack was silent for a few moments before he spoke again. “You know, Teal'c, I don't know how we would handle that situation. But, I am very sure of one thing.” “And what would that be, O'Neill?”
  68. 68. “If that guy doesn't quit dancing around, I'M going to find a way to zap him with that box!” *** Thanks for reading! Scores so far: Meadow (Family): 72/12=84 2 Bolts Friend Carter (Knowledge): 36/16=42 2 Bolts Tina (Popularity): 24/9=33 2 Bolts Cassandra (Family): 16/6=22 1 Bolt Sandy (Romance): 16/-3=13 1 Bolt Lucy (Popularity): 9/0=9 1 Bolt Lilith (Popularity): -1/0=-1 1 Bolt I had to force Zane to do at least one chat with everyone, otherwise Cassandra and Lilith would have been tied for last place; seriously, all they did was fight the entire time, and I don't know why. It wasn't jealousy as Zane hadn't even talked to them. Oh well. It gave me the endless giggles. As for Meadow's score...I have no idea. I searched through all of my pictures and I had nothing really of those two. They must have hung out at some point when I was trying to stop Cass and Lilith from fighting. Again, all scores started at 0. Hope you enjoyed this and Day Two should be out soon!