The Emerson Legacy 1.1


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The Emerson Legacy 1.1

  1. 1. The Emerson Legacy 1.1
  2. 2. adIt had been over three years since Natalie had been left at the altar by Andrew Carson after he had claimed to havestill been in love with her older sister. That day had always stuck in the young womans head. Was she angry with hersister? Of course not. Grace had no control over who fell in and out of love with her. Did she feel bitterness towardsAndrew? Well, maybe a little bit. Even after three years, she couldnt get past the fact that she had basically beendumped on her wedding day. She had not gotten the fairytale wedding that she wanted. There was never thepitterpatter of little feet a few years later. Natalie needed to change all that.
  3. 3. Even her eldest sister, Margaret, who liked living in luxury and liked the finer things inlife had finally broken down and had a baby boy whom she loved very much andspoiled incessantly.
  4. 4. Her other sister, Grace had had a little girl, which had been named Scarlett Ohara OSheaafter a character from one of her favorite novels, Gone With The Wind.
  5. 5. The two of them had happy families. Whos to say the same couldnt be said for her? Yes,it could be said for her. All she had to do was go out and find someone. She was well off.True, her house had only cost around ten thousand, much cheaper than the houses otherpeople lived in, but it could always be expanded if she were to have a few children.
  6. 6. Natalie went to her small office and opened up her laptop. Making herself comfortable, she began to research dating sites using theGoogle Search Engine. It wasnt the route she wanted to go, but one had to start somewhere. She didnt plan on registering, butperhaps she could gain some inspiration from the heartfelt stories on some of these sites.As she clicked through the search pages, she came across something that caught her eye. A legacy challenge? Shrugging, she clickedthe page and began to read. Her eyes grew wider and wider. This...this was perfect! This was just what she needed! Sure, she wouldhave to move. That was the only downside, but it would be worth it in the end. She was sure that her sisters could help her get settled.
  7. 7. Yes! Yes! Yes! Natalie shut her laptop, stood from the chair and made her way into herminiscule bedroom.
  8. 8. Looking her hair over, Natalie sighed. Ever since she was young, she always wished thatshe could have that long mass of curls that Grace had. Instead, her hair was as straightas a pin. The last time she had gotten it permed, it hadnt turned out the way shewanted it to and a week later it was back to its normal silky curtain-like sheen.
  9. 9. Once her hair was sorted, she stood up and walked towards her closet to choosesomething to wear. Something casual would do. She didnt want something that wouldmake her look like she was trying too hard.
  10. 10. Natalie chose one a rather short innocent looking indigo dress with flowers lining thebottom and a plain white shirt to go underneath it. She wanted to be comfortable whensearching for Mr. Right. However, there was no guarantee that she would find him rightaway and that suited her just fine.
  11. 11. After having sorted out her hair and her clothes, Natalie decided that she shouldperhaps invite her two sisters over and inform them of her decision and what sheplanned to do. She couldnt just do it in secret without telling them. Besides, she coulduse all the help she could get.
  12. 12. "You want to start a what?!" Margaret askedincredulously once greetings had been madeand everyone was comfortable in Nataliesbedroom."A legacy. I want to start a legacy," Natalierepeated. Margaret fell silent as Grace spoke."Are you sure, sweetie? I know youre lonelyand youre looking for that special someone, butlegacies are very hard work." Natalie rolled hereyes. "I know that, but what else am I supposedto do? You and Margs have your own littlefamilies Im starting to feel left out."Margaret and Grace exchanged glances andsighed. "Well...all right then," Margaret said."Well help you in any way that we can. Infact...there is a small house just down the roadthat some workers just finished building awhileback. Its not the ritz, but it should help you getstarted.""Remember...if you need us for anything, wellcome running," Grace promised. Natalie smiled."Thanks, but I think I should be able to make iton my own." There was that independenceshining through again, Natalies gumption toprove that she could do even the most difficultof tasks without the help of anyone.
  13. 13. Was this really it? Was this really the house she was supposed to live in? It had made thehouse she lived in before look like the Hilton. Yes, there was room to expand, but whoknew how long it would take until she gained enough money.
  14. 14. After paying interest on the house, there was only so much left over. She would have tofind a new job that paid more than what she had now in order to keep up the bills.
  15. 15. The inside of the house wasnt much better, but at least it wasnt too grimy. The wallpaper was quite niceand the floor was clean, although Natalie would have preferred separate rooms instead of just one largeroom with a separate one used as a miniscule bathroom.Having a love of art, Natalie decided that she wanted to decorate the house with her own designs and puta little life and color into this drab setting.
  16. 16. Natalie soon grew bored and decided to head down to the Crypt-O-Night nightclub. Perhaps she would be able tofind Mr. Right here.The first thing she did when she got to the club was head straight to the bar. While Natalie wasnt a heavydrinker, she could use some. What was it her sister Margaret called it? Oh yes, some "liquid courage".Its probably needless to say that while there were a lot of good looking men at Crypto-O-Night, Natalie did notfeel the least bit of attraction towards any of them.
  17. 17. The next day, Natalie paid a visit to her sister, Grace. The middle sister was doing very wellfor herself. Callahan and she had just finished turning the basement into a private livingarea that now had a purpose.
  18. 18. The two of them settled in the kitchen, each with a mug of coffee."So wheres Callahan?" Natalie asked curiously."I think hes giving Scarlett a bath," Grace said.
  19. 19. "Whos a messy girl!""Scarlett is!"
  20. 20. Natalie looked down at her coffee cup before looking up again. "So...I went to Crypt-O-Night last night."Grace looked up from her drink. "You did? How was it?"Natalie merely shrugged and sighed. "It was all right. I didnt meet anyone though."Grace looked at her sister sympathetically. "Itll just take some time. Youre still young. Im sure youll findsomeone."
  21. 21. Callahan walked in afterwards carrying Scarlett who looked adorable, her cheeks rosy. Shelooked so much like Grace, but had Callahans deep stormy blue eyes."Our little mess maker is all cleaned up," Callahan said fondly.
  22. 22. Grace took Scarlett and held set her on her lap. Callahan came from behind and drapedhis arms across Graces shoulders. Natalie smiled. They really looked happy together. Theyhad only been married for three years, yet their marriage was still going strong.
  23. 23. Once Natalie left, Callahan took Scarlett into her room to play with her toys before hecame back to the kitchen and picked Grace up, throwing her over his shoulder."To the bedroom!" he cried like someone about to charge into battle before running witha laughing Grace over his shoulder up the stairs.
  24. 24. Days passed without any sign that Mr. Right was near. Natalie went to work, came home, went out tosome of the towns most popular hotspots. Still...she hadnt had much luck in finding the man who wouldbe her husband.
  25. 25. Natalie had always had a sweet tooth. It helped that there was a bakery a few blocks from where she lived. Shewent to Jadore Bakery thinking that perhaps she would do nothing more than grab a slice of cheesecake.She was wrong. As she eyed the cheesecake, the bells atop the front entrance jingled, signaling another customer.Natalie, being a rather curious person, turned her head slightly. Her cheeks developed the soft tinge of a rose whenshe saw the handsome young man with shaggy blonde hair, grey eyes, and skin that was just a lighter tan than hers.He walked over to the display. The two of them exchanged glances before Natalie turned away shyly. Still...shecould feel his eyes upon her.
  26. 26. Thinking that he wasnt going to speak to her, Natalie made her purchase and left. But asshe walked out, she heard a voice. "Hey, wait."Natalie jumped and turned around. The man who had caught her eye earlier laughed."Yeah, sorry about that. I was just wondering if youre new here to Blue Water village."
  27. 27. Natalie held her hands behind her back and shuffled her feet nervously. "Yes, I am. Um...Im Natalie Emerson.""Natalie, eh? My name is Phil Haggerty," he said. "Well, Natalie. Welcome to Blue Water Village. I hope to see youaround some time." He looked her over causing Natalie to blush once again."O-Of course," Natalie said shyly. "I have to go now though. I have work tomorrow.""Oh, sure." Phil said. "See you some other time."
  28. 28. Once Natalie left, Phil walked to theback of the small bakery and sat downnext to a woman with dark brown hairand light blue eyes."Sorry Im late, baby," he said in ahusky tone of voice."Who was that?" the woman said.Phil waved his hand, dismissing thesubject. "She just wanted directions,thats all. Now then...where were we?"There was no talking after that. Yet,Phils mind was not on the womanbefore him, but on the blonde that hadjust left. She had looked so fresh andinnocent. Rather naive as well. Perhapshe could make good use of that.
  29. 29. Natalie invited her sister, Grace overa few weeks later."So you really did? You think youmight have met someone?!" Graceasked excitedly.Natalie stared down at her chesspiece. "I think I did. I mean, I justmet him, but he seems really nice.""Do you know his name at least?"Grace asked."Phil Haggarty," Natalie said."You should invite him to dinnertomorrow at my house. Margs willbe there too. Shed love to meethim."It was already on Natalies mind.
  30. 30. The next day after Natalie had gotten off of work, she looked in the phone books for Phils number. Luckily, he was listed andthere were no other Phil Haggartys making her search easier. There was more luck when it turned out that he was home."Er...hi...Phil? Yes, this is Natalie." She was surprised that he remembered her voice. "I was wondering if youd um...well...if youwanted to have dinner at my sisters house this evening." She feared that he would decline, but was glad when he accepted."Great! No no, Ill meet you there." She gave him detailed directions before bidding him good-bye for now.
  31. 31. Dinner at Graces house was quite...interesting to say theleast.Stuart, who was generally a very friendly person, was oneof the first to speak to Phil. "So...Phil. What is it you do fora living?""Im actually a Police Detective," Phil said a little smuglycausing Maragaret to glare at him before stabbing her forkinto her food and taking a bite."A Police Detective! How interesting!""What is it you do, Grace?" Phil asked unable to helplooking her over appreciatively, but he knew how to do sodiscreetly so that no one would notice."Oh, I used to be a History teacher, but when Grace wasborn, I had to quit my job in order to raise her.""Of course, I dont mind going to work," Callahan said,smiling fondly at his wife."I see..." Phil said before turning to Margaret who had yetto look at him and was merely glaring down at her plate."And what about you, Margaret?""Thats Mrs. Emerson to you," she muttered. "Im actuallya lawyer," she said. It was clear that Margaret didnt trustPhil one bit.
  32. 32. After dinner, the girls settled in Gracesbedroom for a little girl talk."He seems very nice," Grace said approvingly."I dont trust him," Margaret said bluntly.Both Natalie and Grace looked at their eldestsister. "But why?" Natalie asked."He has slimy written all over him," Margaretsaid not budging from her opinion of him."Hes not the sweet man you think he is.""You dont trust any man do you?" Graceasked Margaret."Thats not true!" Margaret snapped. "I trustCallahan. I trust Stuart. Its just everythingabout this guy screams womanizer.""Im sure Natalie is smart enough todetermine if he is or isnt right for her. Right,Nattie Bumpo?"Natalie nodded. "Of course."
  33. 33. The men settled in the living room, eachwith a beer in hand."You know, Stu. I dont think your wifelikes me very much," Phil said with achuckle."Eh, shell warm up to you, man," Stuartsaid waving the subject off." and Nat, huh?" Callahan saidtaking a sip of his beer."Yeah. Shes a sweet girl. We just clicked,ya know?"Stuart nodded. "It was the same with meand Margs. We met in college and neverlooked back.""And now your wife nags you, doesntshe?" Callahan threw his head back andlaughed."She does not nag me!" Stuart saidincredulously. "She" Hesettled back grumbling, leaving the othertwo men to laugh heartily.
  34. 34. After leaving Graces house, Natalie invited Phil back over to her house where they sat on the couch.This was Phils chance. He slipped his arms around Natalie and pulled her close. "You look so good tonight,"he whispered in her ear.Natalie bit her lip and smiled softly. "So do you."
  35. 35. Natalie was surprised when Phil laid her down upon the couch gently."Youre so beautiful. Let me show you how much I appreciate you!""Phil I--" But before she could protest, his lips were upon hers and there was no more talking for thenext few hours.
  36. 36. Sometimes certain actions have consequences as Natalie discovered three weeks laterwhen she ran into her bathroom after work to throw up. Now while Natalie had neverbeen pregnant before, she knew the symptoms. Phil and she hadnt exactly been careful.She should have known that this this would happen.
  37. 37. That next evening, Natalie invited Phil out todinner. Phil had accepted.So...she wants more, Phil thought licentiously.Guess she couldnt get enough of the ol Phil-meister."So, listen Phil. Theres something I need to tellyou.""Mmm...what is it sweet cheeks?" Phil askedtaking another bite of the delicious salmon."Well...Im pregnant," she said deciding not tobeat around the bush.Phil was silent for a few moments. Damnit! hethought. I thought this bitch was smart enoughto be on the pill. "I see.""Yes. So listen. I know we havent known eachother for long, but I dont want the child to growup without a father figure in his or her life."She better not be doing what I think shes doing,Phil thought. "I definitely agree.""You do? Thats great because well..."
  38. 38. Natalie set the box down on the table. "It was my mothers. She passed it onto me whenshe died."Phil eyed the ring warily. He didnt want this. He didnt want to be tied down to just onewoman. Especially not a pregnant woman.
  39. 39. Phil slid the box back to her. "Look, youre a nice girl and everything, but Im not themarrying type. I was just looking for a good time. I didnt expect you to get pregnant. Illsend child support money here and there, but I have big dreams that dont involve mebeing tied down if you know what I mean."
  40. 40. Natalies face fell. He...rejected her? H-He said no? Now what was she going todo? Sure, she had made a little moneyto expand on the house, but how wouldshe raise the child and go to work at thesame time? She couldnt afford a baby-sitter."I-I see," Natalie said her voice cracking."So...yeah...good luck and all. Ill send$100 every month to help pay for childsupport and all that." Phil was itching toleave now before this woman startedwith the dreaded waterworks.What will happen to Natalie now? Willshe find someone to help raise her childwith her? Someone who wont just useher for a piece of meat? Find out in ournext chapter!But first...a word from my simself!
  41. 41. Hello there, Lunas simself here! I hope you enjoyed thefirst chapter. I tried to make it interesting by giving thefounder a background and having her born from a family.I would like to extend an apology if any of the pictureslook sloppy, especially the posing. There were just timeswhen the poses would not do what I wanted them to doeven with all of the OMSPs that I have. Im very sorry forthat. I hope to get the hang of it.I also apologize if some things seem a little rushed and if Ijumped a little too much. Im still getting used to moredramatic plots. If anyone has any tips for me, I would loveto hear them.Many of you may ask, will Natalie ever get married? Theanswer to that...I cannot say for that would be spoilingand spoiling is bad when it comes to legacies or any sort ofsim challenge. I can guarantee though that the foundinggeneration will be a lot more interesting than it is usuallysupposed to be.I believe thats all from me. You may see me wanderingaround the hood a little bit, but as far as anyone isconcerned, Im just a regular sim with not one ounce ofpower.I hope you enjoy this legacy and if you have any questions,please feel free to express them