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Annotation Of Local Advert Three


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Published in: Travel, Entertainment & Humor
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Annotation Of Local Advert Three

  1. 1. Bright colours to A painting of the The painting is The dress is well detailed make the painting artist herself. signed by the. so it looks interesting to stand out. artist look at. 2010 - Cafe Rustica, Tufnel Park, London 2010 - Displaced, Exhibiton at Watermans art centre. The address 2010 - A Moving Exhibition, Vyner Street Gallery, London of the event 2010 - Luxury Goods, Courtyard Theatre, London to show where 2010 - Red Threatening sky theatre play ,London it was held. 2010 - Darband 89,Ginglik, London 2009 - Retrospective exhibition, RISC, reading 2009 - Take a second look , exhibition with Tim Lewis at the London Canal Museum 2009 - Luxury goods, Foundry bar , London 2009 - Peykan 88 , Notting hill art club, London 2009 - Edinburgh Iranian festival, Edinburgh 2006 - Eastern Echos, exhibition with Saima Rsheed, Bhavan Centre 2006 - Desire No Shackles , DLast Studios, Chicago 2006 - BBC family history day, British library, London 2005 - Group exhibition, Art zone, Edmonton 2004 - Hejab, solo exhibition, Promenade gallery, Hornsey , London 2002 - Solo painting exhibition, Haft Samar gallery, Tehran 2001 - solo painting , haft Samar gallery , TehranDate of the event held so it is clear tosee when the event took place. A timeline of the artist’s work of art.