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Now He Makes $350,000 A Month But 5 Years Ago He Was A Homeless Drunk!


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Now He Makes $350,000 A Month But 5 Years Ago He Was A Homeless Drunk!

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  2. 2. Yesterday I went to a training event here in the Atlanta area to learn how to to makeeven MORE MONEY online then the $300 - $1,000 per day that Im currently making inhome based business using blogging and internet marketing.This was an event that was marketed and promoted by the two dynamic ladies that you seeabove, Nicole Cooper (who happens to be one of my dear friends) and Tracey Walker.And it was Nicole Cooper (the one on the left), who actually introduced me less than a 8weeks ago to this simple 3 step formula that now allows me to works less but make hundredsof dollars per hour showing other people the exact same 3 step formula.So as most of you guys know Ive been teaching online marketing for a while but Im the firstto admit that theres a lot of stuff I dont know!One of the things thats always amazed me is internet marketing... because you see thats notexactly the same as online marketing.Online marketing is more about branding and identity whereas internet marketing is moreabout traffic, leads and income generation.So lately my interest has been in internet marketing because again some ofthe SMARTEST folks in internet marketing are making some of the BIGGEST INCOMES!Lets take this guy for example...
  3. 3. His name is Dave Sharpe. Now Dave Sharpe is one of those "smart" internet marketers that I was just mentioning to you. Dave makes over $350,000 a month and is co-owner of one of the fastest growing internet companies in the WORLD! But Dave didnt grow up as this rich, privileged kid... its actually quite the opposite. He came from a life of struggle and defeat... You see Dave use to be homeless. He use to be an alcoholic...He basically had hit rock bottom in his life, with no where else to turn but up and in early 2008thats exactly what he did.He made a decision to change and every since then hes been completely clean and sober, andhas been on a mission to inspire others who are battling the struggles of life.
  4. 4. Dave found internet marketing and became an entrepreneur and has impacted andinfluenced people in more than 170 countries around the globe... including me!You see, I had the privilege of meeting Dave Sharpe yesterday at the event I was at.Dave Sharpe is the co-founder and President of the company I work with: EmpowerNetwork.And I want to say that although there are now more than 95,000 members with EmpowerNetwork, that there were roughly only 75 at this training session yet he took the time to fly into meet us to share his story!I mean seriously... WHO DOES THAT???Check out this video on Daves AMAZING transformation.Ready to get started and so you can change your own destiny? Then go here so you and I canstart working together now! Your life can change anytime you want it to...All you have to do is make the decision to get started!Success & Blessings!Pam Lawhorne
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