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iHCP - iPad Apps & Pharma Marketing for Physicians

Describes how iPad marketing strategies can help health care professionals make more informed decisions, improve patient care, and assist patients while still in the waiting room.

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iHCP - iPad Apps & Pharma Marketing for Physicians

  1. 1. A New Age of Physician Marketing 973.392.4896 – -
  2. 2. This is the New Normal Stanford School of Medicine has just announced that incoming students in the Class of 2014 will get an iPad as part   Delivery of health eMagazine of their welcome kit. The for disease state information School cited that: “iPad allows students to view and annotate   Prepare patients for the course content electronically, procedures by showing them pictures of staff they will facilitating advance preparation encounter. as well as in-class note-taking in a highly portable, sharable and   Social media practice-based searchable format.” content for brands or disease groups 973.392.4896 – -
  3. 3. If you’re not early, then you’re late When my patients want to see their labs or Apps are already being x-rays I can show it to them immediately! developed and adopted by - Sudeep Bansal, M.D. Calgary Scientific, imc2, Internal Medicine TeraRecon, University of   Calgary Scientific’s ResolutionMD Notre Dame, Stanford Mobile app has approved by Health Medical School and others Canada for diagnostic use by physicians St. Louis Children’s Hospital uses iPad for three purposes:   Synchronized delivery of electronic Education, distraction, and branded support program materials preparation   Social media practice-based content for brands or disease groups 973.392.4896 – -
  4. 4. Apps for Physicians More than 60 percent of physicians who participated in a new survey have shown interest in Apple's recently announced iPad, and one in five already intend to purchase one. - Apple Inside   Create Anticipation Physicians are early personal technology adapters, as a result they   Reinforce Brand Message are already heavy users of smartphones. Nearly 80 percent of   Detailed analytics of physician physicians use such devices—up use provides invaluable insight to from 54 percent a year ago. internal stakeholders 973.392.4896 – -
  5. 5. Apps for Sale Force Immense Benefits   Eye catching presentations make for longer face time   Closed loop marketing system tracks presentation trends and audiences   Rep-delivered interactive detail   Secure transmission with no optimizes marketing efforts competitor access   Ease of development allows for   Ease of update and removal of expired collateral scalable pilots 973.392.4896 – -
  6. 6. Physician & Patient Engagement   Use the iPad to teach patients. Leverage multimedia resources such as patient videos, animations, diagrams, charts, etc. to teach patients about specific diseases and conditions.   Use the iPad to take notes. Who needs a clipboard? Even if you’re not using an electronic health record (EHR) or electronic medical record (EMR) in your office, you can still use the iPad to take some notes. The application in which the notes are taken can be branded and equipped with an intuitive medical language database. Perhaps after the note is complete, the app recommends sites to visit or prescriptions to learn more about. Think taking notes while WebMD is reading and interpreting the text.   As a physical exam tool. Use the iPad to conduct mini mental exams and other diagnostic evaluations. Need them to remember 3 objects? Provide them with visual aids. Performing a psychometric evaluation? Skip the paper and go straight to the iPad. 973.392.4896 – -
  7. 7. Improve Waiting Room   Let patients check their e-mail and browse the web while they’re waiting. They’re probably already doing that with their smartphones. Provide them a device that’s bigger and easier to use.   Mount the iPad on the wall and use it for some of the things described above. This way, it won’t fall or walk away. Plus, you could use it as a digital photo frame.   Allow patients to use a medical iPad calendar to schedule their next appointment. The app then requests email, or knows their email address by entering their name, and sends a reminder to the address.    Games. Do you treat children? Let them play some games on the iPad. They will love visits to the doctor’s office! They’ll be asking their parents, “Can we please go to the doctor’s office today? Please?” 973.392.4896 – -
  8. 8. Patients Learn   Allow patients to use the iPad to learn about health/wellness as they’re waiting for the doctor. Could you imagine what it would be like to walk into a doctor’s office and to find an iPad on the chair? The screen could say: “pick me up and learn how to improve your health.” Then, it could go through an interactive educational module with the patient while he/she waits for the physician to enter the room. Patients could also read the latest medical/health news on the iPad.   Allow patients to retrieve their personal health record or PHR information from the Internet. You probably don’t want to hand them your tablet PC that contains your EHR/EMR data, but maybe you’ll be OK handing them an iPad that’s connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi. 973.392.4896 – -
  9. 9. App Functionality   View webcast   Read Article   Testimonials   Subscribe to Updates   Tell a Colleague   View prescribing information   Links to pharmaceutical sites   Link to branded site   Material Download   Link to Search for Hospitals 973.392.4896 – -
  10. 10. A New Age of Physician Marketing Ready? 973-392-4896 973.392.4896 – -