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SOA Summit 2014

  1. 1. Better Business Results with Open Source Integration Kenneth Peeples JBoss Technology Evangelist
  2. 2. Agenda for SOA Summit ● Overview of Open Source Integration with Data Virtualization ● ● 2 Preview of JBoss Middleware Integration Offerings Integration examples that will help you get started RED HAT JBOSS MIDDLEWARE
  4. 4. Red Hat is… “By running tests and executing numerous examples for specific teams, we were able to prove […] not only would the solution work, but it will perform better & at a fraction of the costs.” MICHAEL BLAKE, Director, Systems & Architecture 4 RED HAT JBOSS MIDDLEWARE
  5. 5. Better Business Results through Open Source Integration Overview of Open Source Integration with Data Virtualization
  6. 6. SOAs and abstraction Decoupling is the key concept in SOAs achieved through abstraction based on service interfaces Business processes and services make use of business information Business information is exposed to business services as data services 6 RED HAT JBOSS MIDDLEWARE
  7. 7. Bridging the Gap The need to bridge data gaps in a more straightforward, streamlined and scalable way is due to: ● ● Growing need for consolidated views of information ● 7 More and more data Drive toward interoperability and standards RED HAT JBOSS MIDDLEWARE
  8. 8. Data Services through Data Virtualization Key requirements of data services ● ● Expose integrated information in one or more desired formats, even if the original data are in different formats Expose information through one or more consistent, standard interfaces, even if the original data are accessed through different interfaces The requirements are achieved by ● ● 8 Modeling to define the required format of data, integrated from the underlying sources A query engine for processing these abstract definitions efficiently, exposing the integrated information through one or more interfaces RED HAT JBOSS MIDDLEWARE
  9. 9. Data Virtualization essential to a SOA Data Virtualization provide the necessary interface to data for all business services. Data Virtualization: ● ● ● Expose all data through a single uniform interface Provide a single point of access to all business services in the system Expose data using the same paradigm as business services - as "data services" ● ● Provide a uniform means of exposing/accessing meta-data ● Provide a searchable interface to data and meta-data ● Expose data relationships and semantics ● 9 Expose legacy data sources as data services Provide uniform access controls to information RED HAT JBOSS MIDDLEWARE
  10. 10. Data Virtualization and SOA Goals ● ● ● ● ● 10 Create an enterprise data foundation for streamlined development, better integration and more efficient data governance Improve delivery of consistent, complete information from any data source to the application and business processes Externalize business knowledge buried in applications and databases Expand automation, moving beyond reports to active analysis and decision-making Build business processes in code that are actually followed by the organization RED HAT JBOSS MIDDLEWARE
  11. 11. What is Data Virtualization? Data Virtualization provides a service that: ● Encapsulates data-oriented logic ● Enable loose coupling between the application and the data stores ● Manages real-time connectivity to data stores ● ● ● 11 Offers a higher level of data abstraction compared to interacting directly with data stores Provides appropriate views of data Allows views of data to be cached based on performance requirements RED HAT JBOSS MIDDLEWARE
  12. 12. Translators and Resource Adaptors A translator ● ● ● provides an abstraction layer between the run time engine and physical datasource Knows how to issue query commands into source specific commands Execute them using the resource adapter A Translator also defines the capabilities of a particular source, like whether it can natively support query joins (inner joins, cross joins etc) or support criteria. A Translator along with its Resource Adapter must be configured on a Source Model 12 RED HAT JBOSS MIDDLEWARE
  13. 13. Translators and Resource Adaptors (Continued) A Resource Adapter provides the connectivity to the physical data source This also provides way to natively issue commands to the source and gather results Translator capabilities define what processing each translator/source combination can perform. For example, most relational sources can process joins and unions, whereas when processing delimited text files these operations cannot be performed by the resource adapter or the "source" (in this case, the file system). 13 RED HAT JBOSS MIDDLEWARE
  14. 14. Modeling Environment for Data Virtualization Virtual Databases contain two primary varieties of model types - source and view. Source models represent the structure and characteristics of physical data sources, whereas view models represent the structure and characteristics of abstract structures you want to expose to your applications. Models used for data integration are packaged into a virtual database (VDB). The models must be in a complete and consistent state when used for data integration. That is, the VDB must contain all the models and all resources they depend upon. Source models must be configured with a Translator and a Resource Adapter with them before a VDB is tested in Designer or deployed for data access 14 RED HAT JBOSS MIDDLEWARE
  15. 15. Runtime Environment for Data Virtualization ● ● Optimize performance ● Manage data security ● Take advantage of run-time system management features ● 15 Connect to multiple, heterogeneous data sources Audit data service usage RED HAT JBOSS MIDDLEWARE
  16. 16. Better Business Results through Open Source Integration Preview of JBoss Middleware Integration Offerings
  17. 17. Innovate faster, in a smarter way A family of a lightweight, enterprise-grade products that are ideal for open hybrid cloud environments. 17 RED HAT JBOSS MIDDLEWARE
  18. 18. There is a better way – Red Hat JBoss Integration Product Line Red Hat JBoss A-MQ ● A small-footprint, high-performance messaging platform ● ● Product Page – Developers Download the Code - Red Hat JBoss Fuse ● A small-footprint, flexible enterprise service bus (ESB) ● ● Product Page – Developers Download the Code - Red Hat JBoss Fuse Service Works ● A service design, development and integration platform that enables organizations to transition to an open hybrid cloud ● ● Product Page – Developers Download the Code - Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization (Only Open Source Data Virtualization product on the market) ● A lean, virtual data integration that unlocks trapped data and delivers it as easily consumable, unified, actionable information ● ● 18 Product Page – Developers Download the Code - RED HAT JBOSS MIDDLEWARE
  19. 19. Integration Everywhere 19 RED HAT JBOSS MIDDLEWARE
  20. 20. JBoss Data Virtualization v6 20 RED HAT JBOSS MIDDLEWARE
  21. 21. What does Data Virtualization software do? Turn Fragmented Data into Actionable Information Data Virtualization software virtually unifies data spread across various disparate sources; and makes it available to applications as a single consolidated data source. DATA CONSUMERS BI Reports The data virtualization software implements 3 steps process to bridge data sources and data consumers: ● ● ● 21 Connect: Fast access to data from diverse data sources Compose: Easily create unified virtual data models and views by combining and transforming data from multiple sources. Consume: Expose consistent information to data consumers in the right form thru standard data access methods. SOA Applications Easy, Real-time Information Access Virtual Consolidated Data Source • • • Data Virtualization Software Consume Compose Connect Oracle DW SAP Hadoop DATA SOURCES RED HAT JBOSS MIDDLEWARE Virtualize Abstract Federate Siloed & Complex
  22. 22. Turn Fragmented Data into Actionable Information Mobile Applications ESB, ETL BI Reports & Analytics SOA Applications & Portals DATA CONSUMERS JBOSS DV Design Tools Standard based Data Provisioning JDBC, ODBC, SOAP, REST, OData Consume Dashboard Unified Virtual Database / Common Data Model Compose Unified Customer View Unified Product View Easy, Real-time Information Access Unified Supplier View Optimization Caching Virtualize Abstract Federate Security Connect Native Data Connectivity Metadata DATA SOURCES Hadoop 22 NoSQL Cloud Apps Data Warehouse & Databases Mainframe RED HAT JBOSS MIDDLEWARE XML, CSV & Excel Files Siloed & Complex Enterprise Apps
  23. 23. JBoss Data Virtualization: Supported Data Sources Enterprise RDBMS: • Oracle • IBM DB2 • Microsoft SQL Server • Sybase ASE • MySQL • PostgreSQL • Ingres Enterprise EDW: • Teradata • Netezza • Greenplum 23 Hadoop: • Apache • HortonWorks • Cloudera • More coming… Office Productivity: • Microsoft Excel • Microsoft Access • Google Spreadsheets Specialty Data Sources: • ModeShape Repository • Mondrian • MetaMatrix • LDAP RED HAT JBOSS MIDDLEWARE NoSQL: • JBoss Data Grid • MongoDB • More coming… Enterprise & Cloud Applications: • • SAP Technology Connectors: • Flat Files, XML Files, XML over HTTP • SOAP Web Services • REST Web Services • OData Services
  24. 24. Key New Features and Capabilities for v6 ● Data connectivity enhancements – – NoSQL (MongoDB – Tech Preview) and JBoss Data Grid – ● Hadoop Integration (Hive – Big Data), Odata support (SAP integration) Developer Productivity improvements – – Enhanced column level security, – ● New VDB Designer 8 and integration with JBoss Developer Studio v7 VDB import/reuse, and native queries Simplify deployment and packaging – – ● Requires JBoss EAP only; included with subscription Remove dependency with SOA Platform Business Dashboard – 24 New rapid data reporting/visualization capability RED HAT JBOSS MIDDLEWARE
  25. 25. ● JBoss Data Virtualization – Use Cases Self-Service Business Intelligence The virtual, reusable data model provides business-friendly representation of data, allowing the user to interact with their data without having to know the complexities of their database or where the data is stored and allowing multiple BI tools to acquire data from centralized data layer. Gain better insights from Big Data using JBoss Data Virtualization to integrate with existing information sources. 360◦ Unified View Deliver a complete view of master & transactional data in real-time. The virtual data layer serves as a unified, enterprise-wide view of business information that improves users’ ability to understand and leverage enterprise data. Agile SOA Data Services A data virtualization layer deliver the missing data services layer to SOA applications. JBoss Data Virtualization increases agility and loose coupling with virtual data stores without the need to touch underlying sources and creation of data services that encapsulate the data access logic and allowing multiple business service to acquire data from centralized data layer. Regulatory Compliance Data Virtualization layer deliver the data firewall functionality. JBoss Data Virtualization improves data quality via centralized access control, robust security infrastructure and reduction in physical copies of data thus reducing risk. Furthermore, the metadata repository catalogs enterprise data locations and the relationships between the data in various data stores, enabling transparency and visibility. 25 RED HAT JBOSS MIDDLEWARE
  26. 26. There is a better way – Red Hat JBoss Integration Product Line JBoss A-MQ A small-footprint messaging platform, eliminating batch delivery “JBoss A-MQ for real-time messaging” Additional Capabilities JBoss Fuse (Includes JBoss AMQ) A Integration/ESB platform for integrations that can extend outside the data center “JBoss Fuse for integration/ESB requirements” Additional Capabilities JBoss Fuse Service Works (Includes JBoss Fuse) 26 A Service design, development and integration platform that enables responsive and innovative enterprise “JBoss Fuse Service Works for integration/ESB+SOA+Orchestration+Governance requirements” RED HAT JBOSS MIDDLEWARE
  27. 27. JBoss A-MQ v6.1 New in 6.1: ● ● Full support of AMQP 1.0 – provides wire-level compatibility across connections Improved high availability (HA) – embedded message store for shared-nothing HA 27 RED HAT JBOSS MIDDLEWARE
  28. 28. JBoss Fuse v6.1 New in 6.1 • Full support of AMQP 1.0 – provides wire-level compatibility across connections • Vast library of connectors – over 200 out-of-the-box-connector via Apache Camel • Managed integration routes - start, stop, measure and trace Camel routes on-premise or in the Cloud • Improved high availability (HA) – embedded message store for shared-nothing HA 28 RED HAT JBOSS MIDDLEWARE
  29. 29. JBoss Fuse Service Works v6 Enables organizations to Simplify integrations and focus on business innovation 29 RED HAT JBOSS MIDDLEWARE
  30. 30. SwitchYard Application Overview Composite Service ComponentBinding Composite Reference-Binding Service-Binding Component-Service Component 30 Component-Reference RED HAT JBOSS MIDDLEWARE
  31. 31. Design Time and Run Time Governance 31 RED HAT JBOSS MIDDLEWARE
  32. 32. Better Business Results through Open Source Integration Integration examples to help you get started
  33. 33. Sample 1: Big Data with Data Virtualization ● Determine if sentiment data from the first week of the Iron Man 3 movie is a predictor of sales Problem: – ● Cannot utilize social data and sentiment analysis with sales management system Consume Compose Connect Solution: – JBoss Data Virtualization Leverage JBoss Data Virtualization to mashup Sentiment analysis data with ticket and merchandise sales data on MySQL into a single view of the data. 33 Consumer 2 : DV Dashboard to analyze the aggregated data Objective: – ● Consumer 1: Excel Powerview to analyze the aggregated data Hive SOURCE 1: Hive/Hadoop contains twitter data including sentiment RED HAT JBOSS MIDDLEWARE SOURCE 2: MySQL data that includes ticket and merchandise sales
  40. 40. Sample 2 : Travel Triage 40 RED HAT JBOSS MIDDLEWARE
  41. 41. Sample 3: Home Loan v1 41 RED HAT JBOSS MIDDLEWARE
  42. 42. Sample 3: Home Loan v1 (Continued) 42 RED HAT JBOSS MIDDLEWARE
  43. 43. Closing
  45. 45. Question and Answer Session 45 RED HAT JBOSS MIDDLEWARE
  46. 46. References Data Virtualization Datasheet et Fuse Service Works Datasheet eet Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization for financial services Whitepaper Red Hat JBoss Fuse Service Works technology overview Whitepaper nology-overview Turn data into actionable information with Red Hat JBoss Middleware Whitepaper ith-red-hat-jboss-middleware 46 RED HAT JBOSS MIDDLEWARE