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Benefits of the Azure cloud


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The cloud is all the rage. Does it live up to its hype? What are the benefits of the cloud? Join me as I discuss the reasons so many companies are moving to the cloud and demo how to get up and running with a VM (IaaS) and a database (PaaS) in Azure. See why the ability to scale easily, the quickness that you can create a VM, and the built-in redundancy are just some of the reasons that moving to the cloud a “no brainer”. And if you have an on-prem datacenter, learn how to get out of the air-conditioning business!

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Benefits of the Azure cloud

  1. 1. Benefits of the Azure cloud James Serra Big Data Evangelist Microsoft
  2. 2. About Me  Microsoft, Big Data Evangelist  In IT for 30 years, worked on many BI and DW projects  Worked as desktop/web/database developer, DBA, BI and DW architect and developer, MDM architect, PDW/APS developer  Been perm employee, contractor, consultant, business owner  Presenter at PASS Business Analytics Conference, PASS Summit, Enterprise Data World conference  Certifications: MCSE: Data Platform, Business Intelligence; MS: Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions, Design and Implement Big Data Analytics Solutions, Design and Implement Cloud Data Platform Solutions  Blog at  Former SQL Server MVP  Author of book “Reporting with Microsoft SQL Server 2012”
  3. 3. Agenda  Cloud Overview  Azure Overview  Hybrid Cloud  Demo: Azure IaaS  Demo: Azure PaaS
  4. 4. Are you in the air conditioning business? You are if you have an on-prem datacenter!
  5. 5. “Cloud is a given. CIOs no longer ask whether they should use cloud, but rather how.”* “55% of CIOs indicated they would source all their critical apps in the cloud by 2020.”*** Reduce costs and inefficiencies Increase revenue with existing assets Create new business models *”Cloud Evolves From Point Solution To Strategic Enabler Of The New Connected Economy,” Forrester, Liz Herbert, January 2015 **Forrester, 2014 ***Smith, David Mitchell et al. Predicts 2014: Cloud Computing Affects All Aspects of IT. Gartner, Inc. December 4, 2013. ****IDC, CIO webinar, 2014 Business is powered by the cloud “Traditional on-premises data storage is four times the cost of cloud storage.”** “Seventy percent of CIOs will embrace a cloud-first strategy by 2016.”**** Improve efficiency Enable innovation Transform your business
  6. 6. We want you to be at the center of application innovation
  7. 7. The next strategic opportunity is here How do you use technology innovation… Mobile Big dataCloud Social Customer growth Embrace new models Increased productivity Real-time insights to architect business innovation? ?
  8. 8. Who manages what? Infrastructure as a Service Storage Servers Networking O/S Middleware Virtualization Data Applications Runtime ManagedbyMicrosoft Youscale,make resilient&manage Platform as a Service Scale,Resilienceand managementbyMicrosoft Youmanage Storage Servers Networking O/S Middleware Virtualization Applications Runtime Data On Premises Physical / Virtual Youscale,makeresilientandmanage Storage Servers Networking O/S Middleware Virtualization Data Applications Runtime Software as a Service Storage Servers Networking O/S Middleware Virtualization Applications Runtime Data Scale,Resilienceand managementbyMicrosoft Windows Azure Virtual Machines Windows Azure Cloud Services
  9. 9. Cloud & IT Strategy SaaS (Software as a Service) Public Cloud Platforms Physical Virtual ?
  10. 10. • On-demand self service • Pay for what you use/Measured service • Multi-tenant/Resource pooling • Rapid elasticity/Hyper-scale • Broad network access Virtualization is not a private cloud! 5 Tenets of Cloud Computing
  11. 11. Cloud is a new way to think about your datacenter Servers Services
  12. 12. Costs and time to market impact responsiveness to business strategy and opportunities… • Provide the ability to experiment and innovate • Low barrier of entry and quick time to market • New workloads and uses for IT • Iteration speed (fail fast) • Shift from CAPEX To OPEX Agility is Main Reason Customers Move to the Cloud
  13. 13. HARDWARE COST SOFTWARE LICENSE COST CORE SERVER LABOR COST Providing managed capacity to support a workload WORKLOAD-SPECIFIC LABOR Specific workload-related operational costs FACILITIES COST Lights, power, cooling, floor space, per workload IMPLEMENTATION COST Planning, project, configuration and deployment costs per workload Innovate Experiment Invest Cost Savings Will Shift to Innovation
  14. 14. Hyper scale Infrastructure is the enabler 100+ Datacenters across 30 Regions (22 Generally Available) Worldwide  Top 3 networks in the world  2.5x AWS, 7x Google DC Regions  G Series – Largest VM in World, 32 cores, 448GB Ram, SSD… Operational Announced/Not Operational Central US Iowa West US California East US Virginia US Gov Virginia North Central US Illinois US Gov Iowa South Central US Texas Brazil South Sao Paulo State West Europe Netherlands China North * Beijing China South * Shanghai Japan East Tokyo, Saitama Japan West Osaka India South Chennai East Asia Hong Kong SE Asia Singapore Australia South East Victoria Australia East New South Wales India Central Pune Canada East Quebec City Canada Central Toronto India West Mumbai Germany North East ** Magdeburg Germany Central ** Frankfurt North Europe Ireland East US 2 Virginia United Kingdom RegionsUnited Kingdom Regions US DoD East TBD US DoD West TBD * Operated by 21Vianet ** Data Stewardship by Deutsche Telekom We add more servers every day than the total number of servers we added in all of 2011
  15. 15. Cloud Services Load Balancer WEB ROLE INSTANCES Tables/NoSQL TYPE Y STORAGE SOLUTIONS Database CACHE Blobs/Files TYPE X QUEUE Virtual Machines VIRTUAL MACHINES STORAGE BLOBS / FILES (Virtual Disks) … Windows Linux SQL GalleryLoad Balancer VIRTUAL NETWORK COMPUTE Virtual Machines Get full control over a server in the cloud and maintain it as your business requires. Cloud Services Managed Virtual Machines with specific web and worker roles that are stateless Batch For running large scale parallel and high performance computing (HPC) applications Scheduler Create jobs that run reliably on simple or complex schedules to invoke any type of service. Remote App Access Windows apps that run within the Service on VM’s from any device and any location. NETWORKING Virtual Network Provision and manage VPNs in Azure and securely link to your on- premises IT infrastructure. Express Route Connect on-premises and cloud data centers directly through dedicated, non-internet lines. Traffic Manager Load-balance incoming global traffic across multiple services running in multiple data centers. IDENTITY & ACCESS Active Directory Identity and access management for cloud applications and ability to link to on-premises Server AD. Multi-Factor Authentication Safeguard access to data and apps with additional physical layer of security control. MEDIA & CDN Content Delivery Network (CDN) Cache content for your apps at 100’s of edge locations to improve user experiences. Media Services Range of services that support video on-demand and live streaming workflows. WEB & MOBILE Web Apps Managed web platform, get started for free and scale as you go using many tools/ languages. Add backend capabilities to mobile apps, with native client support on most device platforms. Mobile Apps API Management Publish and Manage APIs to developers, partners and employees securely and at scale. Create and surface your app logic as APIs for other services and apps to consume. API Apps Logic Apps Build/execute business processes by linking your own custom API’s with an API Gallery/Marketplace Notification Hubs Deliver millions of cross platform push notifications from any application backend, anywhere. GALLERY DEPLOY YOUR CODE APP TYPES Load Balancer API MARKETPLACE… API APP WEB APPLOGIC APP MOBILE APP Windows Phone iOS Android Nokia X Windows Store iOS Android HTML5/JS APP INSTANCES App Service STORAGE & BACKUP Backup Managed service that handles backup/restore of Windows Server machines/backup agent. StorSimple Automated, policy driven solution to extend on-premises primary storage for backup / DR. Site Recovery Coordinate replication and recovery of System Center private clouds Storage Blobs & Files Store binary application data and web content – store for dedicated and shared virtual disks for VM’s Import/Export For massive data transfer – ship encrypted disks to move data in/out of blob storage. DATA SQL Database Managed relational database service with high availability and selectable performance levels. DocumentDB Store/retrieve millions of JSON objects from a highly scalable NoSQL document database. Redis Cache Make applications scale and be more responsive under load by keeping data closer to app logic. Search Managed, scalable search service for your apps, create tunable search results and ranking models. Tables Massive scale for semi-structured key/value type data in this schema-less NoSQL store. ANALYTICS HDInsight Big Data (based on Apache Hadoop) analytics that integrate easily with Microsoft Office. Machine Learning Mine historical data with compute power to predict future trends or behavior. Stream Analytics Process data streams in real-time to discover and react to trends. Data Factory Ingest data from multiple sources to combine into a cloud based Data Warehouse. Event Hubs Ingest, persist, process millions of events per second from millions of devices. Ingest, persist, process millions of events per second from millions of devices. Mobile Engagement DEVELOPER SERVICES Visual Studio Online Store code, plan and track projects, build, deploy and test apps in the cloud collaboratively. Application Insights Analyze app usage, availability and performance to detect issues and solve problems proactively. MANAGEMENT Automation Run durable PowerShell scripts to automate frequent, long running, complex Azure tasks. Portal Web based experience to provision, control and monitor all Azure services. Operational Insights Analyze and troubleshoot on- premises IT infrastructure without using instrumented code. Key Vault Safeguard and control keys and secrets in cloud scale hardware security modules. HYBRID INTEGRATION Biztalk Services Build EDI and Enterprise App Integration (EAI) solutions in the cloud. Hybrid Connections Connect apps in Azure with on- premises resources without a VPN or dedicated line. Service Bus Messaging capabilities (pub/sub, queues) and on-premises to cloud connectivity solution. Storage Queues Simple message queue for application de-coupling architecture for scale out. Store / Marketplace Find and manage other services provided by third parties. VM Depot Find free open source VM images that you can download and run in Azure Virtual Machines. COMMERCE
  16. 16. Operating System Data Development Tooling DevOps Application Templates
  17. 17. Azure Stack Power of Azure in your datacenter
  18. 18. The Azure Platform Strategy Public, Global, Shared DatacentersMicrosoft Azure Stack & Cloud Platform System Security& Management SaaS (Software as a Service) O365, CRM, VSO etc… + 3rd Party SaaS Solutions Public Cloud Platform Hybrid Operations Security& Management Hybrid Operations
  19. 19. ** - Only Web Apps is in TP1, * - not in TP1
  20. 20. Geo-storage replication  3 copies locally, another 3 copies in different region  Built-in high availability  Build-in disaster recovery Defend against regional disasters Geo replication
  21. 21. Scale VMs
  22. 22. Scale VMs PowerShell script
  23. 23. VM Gallery Images via Azure Marketplace Certified pre-configured software images (734)
  24. 24. Azure Quickstart Templates Free community contributed templates (336)
  25. 25. Reads are completed at the primary Writes are replicated to secondaries Single logical database Write Write Ack Ack Read value write Ack Critical capabilities:  Create new replica  Synchronize data  Stay consistent  Detect failures  Failover  99.99% availability High-availability platform
  26. 26. Scale DTU’s
  27. 27. Scale DWU’s
  28. 28. Setup Disaster Recovery
  29. 29. How will the cloud affect my job?  Do you enjoy calls at 3am that the server is down?  Would you rather work on building solutions than waiting for something to break?  Think how valuable you will be if you have gain experience moving workloads from on-prem to the cloud  We will still need DBA’s, but won’t need to build and manage IT infrastructure (transition to cloud architect)
  30. 30. Q & A ? James Serra, Big Data Evangelist Email me at: Follow me at: @JamesSerra Link to me at: Visit my blog at: (where this slide deck will be posted via the “Presentations” tab)