PBS Tech Con 2011 API Workshop


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At the 2011 PBS Tech Con in Las Vegas, Edgar Roman gave a presentation on the PBS Interactive APIs.

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PBS Tech Con 2011 API Workshop

  1. 1. PBS Interactive API Workshop Edgar Román, Senior Director, Application Development, PBS April 8, 2011
  2. 2. Overview•  TV Schedules API•  COVE API
  3. 3. Agenda : TV Schedules API•  Getting Started•  Understanding the models•  Typical usage walkthrough•  What’s next?
  4. 4. WPT Examplehttp://wptschedule.org/schedulenow.php
  5. 5. Getting Started: TV Schedules•  How do I get a key? Fill out this form: http://open.pbs.org/pbs-api-key-request/•  What kind of data is returned? –  Read-only REST API or XML RPC –  Returns XML or JSON•  How is it protected? –  Simple key based authentication
  6. 6. Understanding the models Provider (e.g. Cable Vendor) Head End A Head End B Station (e.g. Cable Operator) (e.g. KRWG) Feed 1 Feed 2 Feed 3 Feed 4 (Channel)Listing X Listing Y Listing W Listing Z
  7. 7. Typical usage walkthrough Start with a Zip code (Optional)getHeadEndsByZipTagged getStationsByZip Find a Head End (Cable Operator) Pick a Station getStationsByHeadend Select a Feed (Channel) getFeedsWithMetadata getAirdatesByFeed Pull Listings
  8. 8. Complete Example (using unreadable font)http://tvschedules.pbs.org/tvschedules/api/rest/stationFinder/getHeadendsByZipTagged?zipcode=20818&apikey=YOUR-API-KEYhttp://tvschedules.pbs.org/tvschedules/api/rest/stationFinder/getStationsByHeadend?headendID=324045&apikey=YOUR-API-KEYhttp://tvschedules.pbs.org/tvschedules/api/rest/tvSchedules/getFeedsWithMetadata?tvDataNames=WETA&headendID=324045&apikey=YOUR-API-KEYhttp://tvschedules.pbs.org/tvschedules/api/rest/stationFinder/getStationsByZip?zipcode=20818&apikey=YOUR-API-KEYhttp://tvschedules.pbs.org/tvschedules/api/rest/tvSchedules/getFeedsWithMetadata?tvDataNames=WETA&apikey=YOUR-API-KEYhttp://tvschedules.pbs.org/tvschedules/api/rest/stationFinder/getAirdatesByFeed?feedID=9854&startTime=2010-09-15T00:00:00&endTime=2010-09-15T02:00:00&apikey=YOUR-API-KEY
  9. 9. getHeadendsByZipTagged?zipcode=20001
  10. 10. getStationsByZip?zipcode=20001
  11. 11. Agenda : COVE API•  Getting Started•  Understanding the models•  Available Methods•  Typical usage walkthrough•  How to play video•  Authentication•  What’s next?
  12. 12. Getting Started: COVE API•  How do I get a key? –  Tell you in a bit•  What kind of data is returned? –  Read-only REST API –  COVE API only returns JSON•  How is it protected? –  Hefty authentication mechanism (So no jQuery access)•  How can I get video? –  Returns only RTMP links, so roll your own HTML player
  13. 13. Understanding the models WCFE Producer A (Mountain Lake PBS)Program X Program Y Rustic Living Video 1 Video 2 Video 3 Camp Little Pine
  14. 14. Methods•  Programs http://api.pbs.org/cove/v1/programs/•  Videos http://api.pbs.org/cove/v1/videos/
  15. 15. /cove/v1/programs•  Getting all the programs http://api.pbs.org/cove/v1/programs/•  Getting metadata about one program http://api.pbs.org/cove/v1/programs/408/
  16. 16. /cove/v1/programs/408 - sample
  17. 17. /cove/v1/programs - filters•  Getting all national programs http://api.pbs.org/cove/v1/programs/?filter_producer__name=PBS•  Getting all station programs http://api.pbs.org/cove/v1/programs/?filter_producer__name=KRMA
  18. 18. /cove/v1/videos•  Getting all the videos http://api.pbs.org/cove/v1/videos/•  Getting metadata about one video http://api.pbs.org/cove/v1/videos/36032/
  19. 19. /cove/v1/videos - filters•  Typical query filters –  Only Available Videos (not expired) –  Of type: Episode, Clip, Segment, Promotion –  That belong to a particular program –  In a compatible encoding format•  Typical output adjustments –  Give me associated images –  Sort by most recent airdate –  Give me 20 at a time
  20. 20. /cove/v1/videos – sample queryhttp://api.pbs.org/cove/v1/videos/?filter_availability_status=Available&exclude_type=Chapter&filter_program=455&filter_mediafile_set__video_encoding__eeid=MPEG-4 500kbps&fields=associated_images&order_by=-airdate&limit_start=0&limit_stop=20
  21. 21. Typical usage walkthrough•  App starts and pulls a list of all relevant programs•  Once user selects a program, the app should query for a short list of relevant videos•  If a user selects a video, the app generates the html needed to stream
  22. 22. How to play video•  The COVE API doesn’t provide HTML to play the video (yet)•  Your app has to construct the HTML based on guidelines at: http://projects.pbs.org/confluence/display/coveapi/How+to+Render+Videos
  23. 23. Sample HTML – Simple link•  From the video JSON, extract: tp_media_object_id•  Use: http://video.pbs.org/videos/<tp_media_object_id> Or http://video.weta.org/videos/<tp_media_object_id>
  24. 24. Sample HTML – Partner Player•  From the video JSON, extract: tp_media_object_id<iframe id="partnerPlayer" frameborder="0"marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" scrolling="no"style="width:512px; height:328px;" src="http://video.pbs.org/widget/partnerplayer/<tp_media_object_id>/?player=<playerstring>w=512&h=288&chapterbar=true&autoplay=false"></iframe>
  25. 25. Sample HTML – Partner Player Result
  26. 26. Authentication•  Every call to the endpoints must be authenticated•  Based on OAuth, but is not Oauth –  Two-legged OAuth actually•  Sample implementations provided on the documentation site•  Front-end a jQuery app using AJAX calls
  27. 27. •  Active station collaborative efforts to improve existing products and knowledgebase –  Share ideas –  Compare tricks of the trade –  Solve common problems –  Early product access•  April: COVE API Collaborative Competition –  Participants: KLRU, KPBS, Iowa PTV, TPT, KET, KCTS, WGBH, Maine PBN, CET, NHPTV•  Coordinated product building activities with openPBS community•  Visit spiblog.pbs.org to learn more and find out about future collaborative opportunities
  28. 28. How to get COVE API keys•  Fill out this form: http://open.pbs.org/pbs-api-key-request/•  Will start giving out keys after incubation lab (early May)•  Check back often in the incubation labs for new API features and functionality
  29. 29. What’s next?•  Easy authentication –  Supporting jQuery•  Provided HTML for video playback•  More exciting queries –  Tell me what you want!
  30. 30. Links from this presentation•  This presentation http://open.pbs.org/post/2011-techcon-slides/•  COVE API Docs http://projects.pbs.org/confluence/display/coveapi/Welcome•  COVE API url http://api.pbs.org/cove/v1
  31. 31. Questions and Comments•  Edgar Román emroman@pbs.org