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MindQ Testing Training Center in Hyderabad
offers the most comprehensive high quality job oriented testing tools training
program at ameerpet, Hyderabad.

Our testing tools course is aimed at fresh graduate pass outs or
Experienced IT Professionals who want to switch into testing tools industry. our comprehensive and intensive hands on testing
tools training program covers every thing from fundamentals to sufficiently
advanced concept to make a person confidant enough to enter the world
of Quality testing.

Not only our testing tools course makes one learn about the concepts and methodologies, but also efficient
means of employing the software tools. Once students complete testing tools
course they get opportunity to work as Quality assurance engineers, performance
engineers, Software testers and technical managers with various organizations
after completing our testing tools training course.

QA online Training with job placement assistance with live projects, real time scenarios, Live Led face to face training. Mock interviews conducted every week by software testing training professionals. Register for FREE DEMO and to know more about QA Testing Training Course details.

Our Services:
• Customized course contents in accordance with your requirements.
• Live Online Training.
• You Can Attend First 1 or 2 Classes As Demo Classes After You Satisfied With The Classes Then You Can Pay The Fee .
• Training Material Support .
• We assist you in Resume Preparation
• Tests and FAQ s from interview point of view.
• Software installation facility on your desktop for practice.

Note : If You Are Unable To Reach My Contact Number Then Please Send Your details To My Mail ID

Contact Number : +91-9502991277

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