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Commentluv Premium Review & Bonus


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Go to this link to know more - - CommentLuv Premium is quite a popular WordPress plugin which will help comment socializing and make your posts viral. It contains great anti spam qualities and it helps in protecting you from human spam. It offers greater control and helps in adding Twitter names to the readers’ comments.

CommentLuv Premium is claimed to have been downloaded more than 500,000 times. There are many blogs which can provide you with state-of-the-art backlink features when you install CommentLuv Premium. A 30-day money back guarantee is also offered.

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Commentluv Premium Review & Bonus

  1. 1. How CommentLuv Premium Can Help You WithYour Online BusinessBacklinks are the key to making your blog successful. They canbring in much needed traffic. The comments made to your blogpost are not merely signs that your blogs are interesting but theyare indications that people are coming to you from other places.They are also a means of generating links to your site. How canthat happen? That’s what great plugins such as CommentLuvPremium are here for.The success of any blog, particularly if yours is a marketingblog, lies in how many people are drawn to it and how they areled to sign up for your products or services. A plugin such asCommentLuv Premium can fill your blog with the missingfeatures. It can help your online business by making your blogincrease its social networking capabilities. It is flexible and hasloads of features that could make your blog viral.
  2. 2. What CommentLuv Premium Can Do To Your BlogCommentLuv Premium can install all the social sharing optionssuch as in Twitter, Google+ and Facebook, facilitate smoothcommenting, and even perform functions such as sending athank you email message to readers who commented anddirecting them back to your site, or redirecting readers who’vejust posted a comment on the blog to a page in your websitethat will lead to them performing a call to action. Get moreFacebook Likes, Twitter followers and Google+ Plus Ones.
  3. 3. Comprehensive Plugins Available Within CommentLuvCommentLuv can work well when your blog is converted to aDofollow blog. Installing KeywordName, a plugin available withCommentLuv, can help since KeywordName offers readers theopportunity for generating links that are specific to anchor text. Itconverts the keywords into hyperlink. CommentLuv Premium alsocontains the GASP plugin which requires readers to check a box.This can easily deal with bot spam.There are other plugins available with CommentLuv Premium aswell, which means you that do not have to go hunting for otherextra plugins which could massively slow down your blog andmake pages lethargic to load.
  4. 4. Comment Redirect and ReplyMeComment Redirect is one of the major features ofCommentLuv Premium. This can redirect new readers toone of your site’s pages through which a sale could bemade or a call to action performed. The ReplyMe featureis another tool within this plugin that thanks commentingreaders through an email message. The message has alink which leads users back to your site.
  5. 5. To Sum UpCommentLuv Premium is one indispensable plugin foryour blog. It is hugely popular among bloggers andInternet marketers, a testament to itsresourcefulness. Once you’ve got CommentLuvPremium running you don’t need any other plugin.Just watch your blog get more and more popular.To Get The Most Value Out Of CommentLuvPremium, Click The Link BelowCommentluv Premium Bonus